About the song

the early Bee Gees – a sound that evokes sunshine, youthful energy, and a certain innocent charm. Today, we turn our attention to “Timber!”, a track released in 1963 that showcases the Gibb brothers’ burgeoning talents in their native Australia.

This single, predating their international acclaim, offers a glimpse into the band’s formative years. Here, we hear the signature blend of their voices – Barry Gibb’s clear, vibrato-laden lead intertwining with Robin and Maurice’s sweet harmonies – a sound that would later become their trademark.

But “Timber!” isn’t just about the vocals. The arrangement, though simple, is infectious. A driving beat lays the foundation, punctuated by crisp guitar chords and a catchy melody that burrows into your head.

Lyrically, the song is a straightforward declaration of love, sung with the wide-eyed enthusiasm of teenagers. The use of the metaphor “timber!” – a cry used by lumberjacks when a tree is about to fall – is a playful and endearing way to express the overwhelming feeling of being smitten. The young Gibb brothers sing of being brought to their knees by a girl, their hearts metaphorically falling for her with each glance.

“Timber!” might not be the most complex song in the Bee Gees’ catalog, but it holds a certain significance. It’s a time capsule, transporting us back to a simpler era in their career. Here, we witness the raw potential of the brothers Gibb – their vocal prowess, their knack for crafting catchy melodies, and their youthful exuberance. It’s a song that’s both innocent and energetic, a testament to the unadulterated joy of music-making in their early days.

So, as we delve into “Timber!”, let’s keep in mind the context. This isn’t the disco-fueled Bee Gees we’d come to know later. This is a band at the very beginning of their journey, brimming with talent and brimming with heart. It’s a delightful snapshot of a group poised for greatness, and a song that continues to charm with its simplicity and youthful spirit.