Top 5 Best Baseball Bags: Rawlings, Franklin or DashSport (2021 List)

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Best Baseball Bags

Many people think that the baseball bag is unnecessary and can put their baseball equipment in whatever bag they have. However, it is not until they reach the field that they realize how big the bag is to get on and off the field efficiently.

If you are still on your way to find the best baseball bags for your upcoming season, congrats, because you are doing it right, we have the top 5 best choices of the best baseball bags with the detailed reviews and buying guides for all levels.

Top 5 Best Baseball Bags in 2021 

#1 Best Overall: Rawlings Remix Youth Tball and Baseball Backpack Bags

Rawlings AMARTBBK-B Remix Youth Tball Backpack, Black
  • Ideal For Youth TBALL Players, this...
  • Ultimate Functionality - this...
  • Stylish, Sublimated Bag Graphic...
  • Perfect Size of 15" x 12" x 6",...
  • Made of durable 400D Polyester

The first item in our list of the best baseball bags is Rawlings Remix Youth Baseball Backpack Bags. This item is the best choice in all aspects: price, brand, quality, and material.

Firstly, this item is the ideal choice for players who are looking for a convenient and comfortable backpack with style. This backpack comes with so many easy-to-access pockets, including the mesh for bats or water bottles.

The material of this bag is 400D Polyester, which is very durable and water-resistant. Also, it comes with a big size of 15x12x6inch. Therefore, it is enough to carry all baseball essentials, and you can also use it as a school or travel bag.


  • Reasonable price
  • High-quality material
  • Convenient pocket
  • Multi-functional bag


  • Not very sturdiness
  • Not for heavy equipment

Overall, this bag is one of the best baseball bags for youth to wear on every training day or bring to the school league.

#2 Best for Catchers: Bownet Commander Bag

Bownet Commander Bag, Black, 38inch H x 17 inch W x 12 inch...
  • 14 different pockets to organize...
  • Removable Personalization panel for...
  • Molded Semi-hard case for helmet or...
  • Fits 3 big barrel full size bats on...
  • Big Trax Wheels with rubber tread...

The next item in our list of the best baseball bags is the best choice for catcher gear. And it is the Bownet Commander Bag. At the first look, you will be impressed by the professional appearance of this bag.

Bownet designed this bag for professionals. Therefore, it is much more expensive compared with a similar item. However, it comes with a brilliant design that is not too big but still enough to hold every piece of equipment for your upcoming season.

Moreover, this bag is user-friendly. It will not take you more than 10 seconds to access the pocket. And the Big Trax Wheels make it easy to transport over grass and road.


  • Durable and high-quality material
  • Convenient and solid construction
  • Smart design for all baseball equipment


  • It is pricey

In the bottom line, this item is more suitable for intermediate to advanced baseball players who always have to bring a lot of equipment. For a beginner, it is not necessary.     

#3 Best for Youth: DashSport Baseball Bag Youth Backpack

Baseball Bag Softball Backpack - DashSport Bat Bag | T-Ball...
  • FITTED FENCE HOOK – made sturdy...

Are you looking for the best baseball bag for youth? If you are, we suggest that you should choose the DashSport Baseball Bag Youth Backpack.

What we like most about this backpack is the lightweight waterproof fabric. With this material, your kids can confidently wear in all weather condition with no worrying about the gear inside. Moreover, this bag also comes with comfortable padded back and shoulder straps to protect your kid’s shoulder and backbone.

For baseball, this bag is big enough for the season. It comes with roomy inside compartment and so many easy-to-access pockets for snacks, sunglasses, and phone. And the secure straps will keep the bats in place.


  • Inexpensive and well-made
  • Plenty of room
  • Safe and supportive


  • Small side pockets

In the bottom line, this bag is enough for your children to bring all of their baseball equipment to the field.  

 #4 Most Reviewed: Athletico Baseball Bat Bag

Athletico Baseball Bat Bag - Backpack for Baseball, T-Ball &...
  • IMPROVED STORAGE – Along with a...

If you ask the most famous baseball bag among players, the answer must be Athletico baseball bat bag. People love this bag for its quality design.

Firstly, this bag comes with 600D polyester material, which is very durable and waterproof. Therefore, it can deal with the harsh condition on the field. Moreover, it is very breathable and comfortable to wear with no pain, no backpack hurt.

And last, Athletico’s backpack consists of a large main storage compartment and so many extra pockets. Therefore, you can store keys, smartphones, wallets, and more.


  • Reasonable price
  • High-quality material
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Convenient accessibility


  • Low-quality zips

Overall, this backpack is enough for beginners and amateur baseball players to practice baseball every day.      

#5 Best in Budget: Franklin Sports MLB Batpack Bag

Franklin Sports MLB Batpack Bag - Youth Baseball, Softball...
  • VENTILATION: Top side mesh...
  • EASY USE FENCE HOOK: Convenient j...

We recommend the Franklin Sports MLB Batpack Bag for people looking for the best baseball bags with a small budget. This item is very cheap, but its quality is more than you can expect.

Firstly, Franklin design this backpack with plenty of storage room, which is enough to hold the baseball helmet, batting gloves, cleats, and so many other accessories. And it comes with ventilation mesh for more breathable. Therefore, it can protect your gear better.

Moreover, the hook is straightforward to use, and the pockets are easy to access. However, the mesh at the bottom of the bat is small for the water bottle.


  • Low price
  • Plastic hook
  • Easy and convenient to carry
  • Plenty of compartments


  • Small side mesh
  • Bat top is loose

Overall, we highly recommend this backpack for beginners to intermediate players to bring their baseball equipment along.    

Features to Consider When Buying the Best Baseball Bags

Finding the best baseball bags can be not as complicated as you expect if you know all the features below:

1. Choose the Bag Style

The baseball equipment bags come in various styles. And based on your requirements you should choose the most suitable style.

1.1 Bat Bag

The Bat bag is the traditional bag that is almost similar to the duffel bag. The bat bag is a simple tote bag with a short handle for you to carry. Thanks to its design, this bag is long and skinny enough to accommodate your bats.

However, this is a one-way carry bag, which may not be convenient in some exceptional cases.

1.2 Handheld

The strongest point of the handheld bag is easy-carrying. And it is all thanks to the compartments. Besides, this bag comes with traditional duffel-style handles and over-the-shoulder straps.

Therefore, you have more carrying options than the bat bag. Overall, this bag is a classic choice for moving in a short distance.

1.3 Wheeled

The wheeled bag is a bat bag with wheels. As you can see, this style is the best choice for bringing a lot of heavy equipment on your journey. It will save your time and effort to have the best performance on the field.

The wheeled bag often comes with metal runners along the bottom of the bag. These runners help to support the bag and the wheel. Also, these bags are very convenient because they have so many pockets and compartments for extra gear.

1.4 Backpack

If you don’t have many items to carry, you can consider buying a backpack. It is very compact and lightweight. The mesh sides will help you carry the bats, and the inner of the bag is wide enough for some essential tools.

The strongest point of this bag is comfort. The backpack comes with two straps that deliver the weight evenly on your shoulders. Also, the padding makes it softer, so it will not leave pain on your shoulder.

2. Choose the Material

The material of the basketball bag is varied among brands and items. However, in our experience, the best material for the best basketball bags is thick Polyester. And it could be best if your bag’s material is waterproof because it can protect your tool better.

Meanwhile, the best inner material is soft yet durable mesh with as little detail as possible. Therefore, you can quickly put things in and take things out without damage them.

3. Other Features

3.1 Choose the Size

The size of the best baseball bags depends on the number of equipment that you need to carry. And your number of required equipment depends on your position on the field. Therefore, before choosing the size, you must identify your position and your needed equipment for the exact measurements.

3.2 Pocket Design

The primary purpose of the best baseball bags is to help you bring your baseball equipment with ease. Hence, it must come with convenient pockets so that you can easily organize your gear. Recently, most of the baseball bags have sectioned or zippered pockets that are very simple to access.

3.3 Appearance

After making sure that all of the features above make you happy, you can look at the bag’s appearance. And they are colors, layout, graphics in detail. Baseball players often prefer choosing the bag that matches with their gear and their outfit.


What are the best baseball bags for beginners? 

As a beginner, we suggest that you don’t have much equipment. And your equipment is often handy, lightweight, and simple to control. Therefore, you should select a backpack or bat bag. It is unnecessary for you to by the wheeled bag in this case.

How much does baseball bag cost you?

It can cost you some dollars, but it can also cost you hundreds of dollars. The price of the baseball bag depends on the brands, materials, design, and functions. If you are looking for the best baseball bags on some e-commerce sites, you can find some big deal.

Is the expensive baseball bag worth it? 

Usually, the expensive baseball bag comes from reputable brands with better quality. However, you should choose the most suitable bag for your training but not the most expensive one. For example, if you are a beginner, you don’t need a wheel bag. But if you are a senior with so much equipment, you should not buy a backpack.

How long could the best baseball bag last? 

The durability of the bag depends on the bag itself and also the way you use it. We think the baseball bag could last for one to three years depends on the above features.

Final Words

The bag is not virtual equipment like shoes or gloves. However, if you want to keep your shoes and gloves in the best condition, you must prepare the best baseball bags. And it is how baseball bags affect your performance.

When it comes to the best baseball bags, you should pay attention to the size, design, material, and more. And we hope that our reviews and buying guides in this article will help you to make the final choice.

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