Top Best 9 Baseball Cleats For Wide Feet and Flat Feet (2021 Reviews)

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Best Baseball cleats

For baseball players, the success of tactics counts not only experience but also cleats. Cleats are crucial parts of the shoes which ensure stability, protection as well as support for movements by the players, no matter which position they are posing.

Knowing the importance, footwear manufacturers flood the market with abundant choices of cleats. As soon as we type the keyword on searching, there are thousands of options exposed which confuses us. By this article, I introduce you to a more succinct list of best baseball cleats. The collection includes diversity regarding prices, models, and concentration.

Top 9 Best Baseball Cleats 2020 Reviews 2021

Below are succinct reviews on the best 9 cleats that I have sorted from the nowadays market. They are diverse according to the separate needs of separate individuals.

#1 Mizuno MIZD9 Baseball Cleats

Mizuno (MIZD9 Men's 9-Spike Advanced Franchise 9 Molded...
  • Rubber Studs: provides comfort and...
  • Low cut design
  • Baseball specific cleat pattern
  • Full length midsole: heal to toe...
  • Great for artificial turf fields

Coming up with the race of cleats, Mizuno recently released the series of 9-spike which is amazing. These MIZD9 cleats are the best.

The maker had reinforced overall support by an outside rubber sole, inside padded built-in bottom as well as cushioning. Therefore, the wearer feels truly comfortable and empowered from inside out. The rubber spikes, unlike hard plastic ones, build great traction over the court, grassy terrains, or concrete surface. The traction is guaranteed secure so that no slipping or hard feeling arisen.

The design is low cut to release liberty of ankle movement. Also, the padded arch promises support on the lower ankle, reduces as many injuries as possible.

As can be seen, I mentioned padded quite a several times. The inside pads help a lot but also, they made the interior space narrower. Thus, I suggest wearer choose for a half size bigger than normal.


  • Breathable synthetic 
  • Low cut for ankle flexibility 
  • The specific 9-spike pattern for baseball
  • Great cushion


  • Look wide 
  • Small form

#2 Adidas Men’s Icon Bounce Baseball Cleats

adidas Men's Icon Bounce, White/Grey/Grey, 10 M US
  • Lace closure
  • Nubuck upper with perforations
  • Stealtrax outsole plate;...
  • Flexible Bounce midsole cushioning
  • Molded Stealtrax TPU outsole plate...

Adidas Men’s Icon Bounce Baseball Cleats deserves a spot in your consideration list. We have been led that Adidas is more to trainers, running shoes, and fashion. It is true but the maker also possesses amazing techniques to help wearers feel as much comfortable inside the shoes than any others.

These Men’s Icon cleats appear with better outsoles and tongue, at my first observation. The outsole looks promising for slipping prevention or imbalance. You can also notice the tongue with thoughtful straps to fix laces in position, also, it is well padded with perforated patterns. The design of the tongue assures to reduce the pressure of the lace while keeping your feet breathable. Isn’t it amazing? I have looked around and only found either thin breathable tongue or well-padded ones, but both. That is brilliant which any player seeking comfort deserves.

Besides, the cleats offer mental spikes for excessive traction, low cut for flexibility, and also slim fit. The slim fit would need your attention as people with wide feet might feel squeezed.


  • Breathable upper
  • Reinforced toe
  • Lightweight 
  • Padded tongue
  • Lace strap


  • Narrow width
  • A bit costly

#3 New Balance Men’s 3000 V4 Metal Baseball Cleats

New Balance Men’s 3000 V4 is a great example if you adore this maker. For cleats, they offer metal spikes which are known great for traction. Besides, I also want to compliment their thoughtful design. 

These cleats are fashionable. The off-white appearance fascinates any teenagers.

The mixing of materials turns out to be so clever that the footwear reaches a new level of comfort. You have leather all over the body of the shoes to keep your feet always embraced and also, the quality is endurable. Besides, the combination of synthetic cheeks and mesh upper also offer breathable footwear that all players love. The two later materials also help to reduce the overall weight of the shoes.

The low cut gets reduced in pads but added thin and embraced ring around so the arches are still comfortable and firmly kept. Observing the first lace hole, you also see that there are 3 reinforced holes for adjusting tightness.


  • Flexible low cut
  • Embracing ankles
  • Mesh upper
  • Leather and synthetic mix
  • Great fit


  • A bit costly

#4 New Balance Men’s 3000 V4 TPU Molded Baseball Cleats

New Balance Men's 3000 V4 TPU Molded Baseball Shoe,...
  • Synthetic/Mesh Upper
  • Comfort Collar
  • Fresh Foam midsole cushioning...
  • Bootie Construction

In case some tournaments hardly allow mental spikes but you love the Men’s 3000 V4 so much, try the molded version.

I see here another New balance with basically the same brilliance but also little changes to make the shoe suit competition.

Firstly, to minimize the weight, the cleats are almost synthetic and a little mesh for the upper. Therefore, the shoes are promisingly breathable and comfortable to wear.

It is low cut, which most players adore, but the bootie design enhances ankle support. The slim fir color and ergonomic pads inside will keep your feet embraced but not so squeezed.

Besides, the toe also gets reinforced so that players can be free to strategic and risky moves, no worries paid for the fear of wearing out front cleats.


  • Foam midsole
  • Lightweight 
  • Synthetic and leather 
  • Bootie design 
  • Embraced and breathable
  • Reinforced toe


  • A bit costly
  • Wide width

#5 Mizuno Men’s 9 Spike Advanced Erupt 3 Baseball Cleats

Mizuno Men's 9 Spike Advanced Erupt 3 bk-wh, Black/White, 12...
  • Groundgrip aggressive stud design...
  • Proflex allows for forefoot to flex...
  • Full length midsole for maximum...
  • Perfect for multiple sports
  • Groudgrip works great on clay or...

In the series of 9-spike cleats by Mizuno, there are Erupt 3 baseball cleats that also caught my attention.

Mizuno Advanced Erupt 3 is a pair for multiple sports including baseball. The spikes are dense and short to keep the irritation at bay. The traction is guaranteed but I would like to recommend these shoes only for practice or non-professional competition as the spikes, not a tactic.

In return, comfort the shoes offer is amazing.

The shoes offer full-length sole and built-in mid-sole that ensures extra cushioning for intense practice. Also, the sole says lasting forever.

I also adore the construction with the flexible front foot, breathable holes, and extra padded tongue.

I guess these are all you need for hours of training and running and so on.


  • Versatile 
  • Enhanced ground grip 
  • Rubber sole
  • Extra cushion and pads
  • Flexible


  • Bulky look 
  • Run small 

#6 New Balance Men’s L4040v4 Metal Baseball Cleats

If speed and simplicity are what you are focusing on then don/t miss out on the New Balance Men’s L4040v4. These mental cleats offer you great traction, stability, and motivation for greater speed.

What these shoes aim at is just leaving out unnecessary details, focusing on comfort, and fostering your performance. The soles run full but slim, otherwise, it still offers enough cushion. The drive-y design keeps up with speed and meshes upper, holes around the front make sure your feet cool amid movements.

To be fit, the shoes offer holes for adjusting the tightness, straps fixing lace, and padded collar. By so, you no need to worry about looseness.


  • Full mid-sole
  • Nubuck upper
  • Lightweight and simple
  • Adjustable tightness
  • Straps for tongue


  • Not much support for safety

#7 Adidas Men’s Adizero Afterburner V Baseball Cleats

adidas Men's Adizero Afterburner V Baseball Shoe, Black/Gold...
  • Sprintskin upper is a revolutionary...
  • Bootee construction for a sock-like...
  • Ironskin toe cap provides superior...
  • Litestrike EVA midsole is lighter...
  • Sprintframe plate with external...

Adidas Men’s Adizero Afterburner V brings a strong vibe of power and trendsetter. The look is impressive with golden strips and powerful black while the simplicity of the shape surely does its job to attract. 

But rather than that, these shoes work.

The simplicity in design allows the wearers to take control over the shoes straightforward, both at breaking-in or amid the game. The cushion, or here is the sole, stretches along from heel to toe, where there is a toe cap.

The cleats appear short, bold, and small, which I highly appreciate as they will not hinder your moves or cause less on flat concrete surfaces.

To offer comfort, these shoes also offer to mesh upper and embracing a slim collar.


  • Toe cap 
  • Stylish appearance 
  • External heel 
  • Embraced low cut 
  • Lightweight 
  • A tuck for easier wearing


  • Slim fit

#8 Adidas Performance Men’s Wheelhouse Mid Baseball Cleats

adidas Performance Men's Wheelhouse Mid Baseball Cleat, Core...
  • Low cut baseball with rubber spikes
  • Combination synthetic leather and...
  • Rear foot compression molded...
  • Molded rubber outsole for traction...
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate sock liner

Unlike the above Afterburner V, these Adidas Performance Men’s Wheelhouse offers boldly bulky molded spike, with the shape of the mid collar.

The bulky look may lead you to the thought that these shoes are heavy but they are surely not. The bulky look is only to ensure padded inside and great cushioning they offer wearers.

The brilliance of these cleats is a mixture of leather and nubuck to reach endurable quality while keeping a lightweight and breathable feeling. 


  • Solid and embracing 
  • Highly supportive
  • Leather and nubuck 
  • Reinforce toe cap
  • Straps for laces


  • Bulky look 

#9 Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Cleats

adidas Men's Shoes | 5-Star Baseball Cleats,...
  • SPRINTSKIN upper is a revolutionary...
  • Lightweight, supportive, breathable...
  • Anatomically molded EVA insole...
  • SPRINTFRAME plate offers the...
  • Heel cup locks the foot in place

What I can say from the Adidas Freak X Carbon cleats are extra toe cap reinforcement, breathability, and great fit.

The shoes are made of synthetic but the look is greatly high-end. Additionally, toe caps appear very solid and indestructible.

I love the slim sole, which is full length but very straightforward so that wearer feels control over the footwear.

I am also impressed with molded spikes. They are round and bold, unlike conventional molded cleats we have seen from the beginning. These spikes ensure better traction and stability. With the bold shape, they last for longer, too. 


  • Adjustable tightness
  • Reinforced toe cap
  • Slim sole
  • Lightweight


  • Not much cushion

Features of Best Baseball Cleats for You 

Whatever you plan to buy, you have got to know what are your options then decide what suits you the best. So, in the buying guide, I will show you what features you should pay attention to while shopping for baseball cleats as well as presenting available options.

1. Spikes You Need

Pikes are the most important feature to shop as they decide how you cleats work. At the moment, they come in four types each of which presents pros and cons.

Very popular and loved spikes now are metal since they offer great penetration to soft surfaces like grass or mud. As well as on concrete or flat hard terrains, metal spikes also perform impressive traction. However, metal spikes also contain risks of slipping or imbalance if the contact between the surface and the sole is not solid enough. Besides, these spikes are only allowed in high school or non-professional competitions.

Molded spikes are also sought for stability. They are widely accepted in tournaments of every level. Molded spikes present traction as well as stability to wearers. The rubber spikes also promise a more comfortable feeling and traction on whatever surface.

There are also interchangeable cleats which are available for both metal and rubber molded spikes. It is easily seen that these cleats are convertible, convenient, and quite price-efficient. Nevertheless, changeable cleats are surely not as stable as fixed spikes.

Turf shoes are also a kind of cleats where spikes are shorter and denser. The turf shoes provide the least traction compared to the other three. However, it brings the greatest comfort. Players opt for turf shoes only to practice when comfort is considered more than efficiency.

All four spikes obtain different features that each player will ask for at different times or games. To choose the most suitable, you need to understand what you are bound to wear the shoes for. What spikes do the organizers allow? Do you need optimal performance or comfort? How is your experience and what does your position prefer?

2. Sizes Which Fits You 

The size of the cleats matters significantly. It is not like running shoes or common basketball trainers where you care more about speed and traction. With cleats, size is needed to guarantee support, comfort as well as stability as you will run on a layer of spikes.

I advised you to choose a size smaller than your size as you will not want to swim inside the shoes. It must be a tight fit so your feet can hold on the whole force you put on the sole and the spikes.

There is a tip to choose the right size which is looking for the size of both men and women’s collection. There are more sizes to choose and they are all made the same. 

3. Materials That Comfort You 

The material of the shoes also needs serious concern. At the moment, you have either leather or synthetic. There could also mesh and artificial leather but not so many.

Leather is solid, stable, and very durable. Usually, leather shoes are high-end because they offer great feeling as long as you can break into. However, leather is also weak in breathing.

Synthetic, on the other hand, is more breathable. The material is also considered more economic for both consumers and makers. The material is easy to break in, so also easier to run large. 

4. Ankle Support as Extra 

There are a few side features but I still want you to know. You can opt for low, mid, or high ankle cleats. Normally, this detail rarely affects the performance or even the quality of practice. Nevertheless, the difference in ankle level also makes a point.

With mid or high collars, the ankle gets more support and more hidden to injuries. Especially with players who are already with weak ankles, wearing high collars will keep them safe from concussions.

Low ankles, on the other hand, offer more flexibility and of course, more comfort. 


How to maintain baseball cleats for longer?

To keep the cleats last as long as possible, we need to care for them properly. There are some useful tips below.

First, only wear cleats for playing and training. If you have to walk a long way to the field or get a long break, change to normal trainers. Therefore, the spikes are unlikely to wear out fast.

Secondly, always keep them clean. You should remove dirt and mud after games so the metal or rubber surfaces are always clean and oxidant-free.

Besides, after wearing, the sweat inside also harms the fabric and causes odor. Remember to fry them after use.

I also suggest using cleats with reinforced toes so that the front-the most vulnerable part of cleats will last longer.

Is it possible to wear football cleats for baseball?

Football and baseball occur in the same type of field which is soft, grassy, and sometimes muddy. So, I can expect cleats for football are good for baseball as well.

However, the field for baseball also contains strips of concrete. Therefore, to maximize the player’s performance and safety, they should wear specific cleats for the sport.

How to break in baseball cleats the fastest?

There are many ways of breaking cleats as well as trainers.

The most common way to break in shoes are using thick socks and hairdryer but heat is not friendly to the fabric.

You can break in by wearing wet shoes while wearing very thick socks for a while. Moisture is friendlier to both synthetic and leather. Remember to dry them afterward.


Cleats for baseball now are as diverse as trainers, excluding that now people wear football and softball cleats for baseball also. The whole situation keeps pilling up your options and then leads you to confusion.

However, choosing the best baseball cleats is not a challenge anymore because of the above recommendation and buying guide that you just need 5 minutes to read and do searches. Such a time-saving shopping!

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  • Synthetic upper is lightweight &...
  • Durable overlay on toe cap for...
  • Padded collar & heel construction...
  • Full-length EVA midsole for added...
  • Rubber molded cleats provide...
Bestseller No. 2
Under Armour mens Leadoff Low Rm Baseball Shoe, Black/White,...
  • Synthetic upper is lightweight &...
  • Durable overlay on toe cap for...
  • Padded collar & heel construction...
  • Full length EVA midsole for added...
  • Rubber molded cleats provide...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Under Armour Men's Harper 4 Mid RM Baseball Shoe, White...
  • Synthetic upper is lightweight &...
  • Adjustable ankle strap locks you in...
  • Full-length EVA midsole helps...
  • Rubber molded cleats provide...
  • Bryce Harper logo & signature...
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