Top 7 Best Baseball Gloves for 8 Year Old: Mizuno, Wilson or Rawlings (2021 Reviews)

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best baseball glove for 8 year old

It is not easy for a parent to buy the best baseball glove for 8 year old. You must keep in mind your kids’ hobbies and the glove’s price, quality, size, and more. The glove for your kids must have good looking, high-quality material and comfortable in hand.

There are thousands of baseball gloves on the market, and it is a challenge for any parent to decide which is the best one for your kids. Therefore, we decide to pick the seven best baseball gloves for kids and create a detailed review.

Top 7 Best Youth Baseball Glove For 8 Year Old 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall: Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove 

Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove, 11.5-Inch, Right...
  • Patented PowerClose makes catching...
  • Power lock closure for maximum fit...
  • Helps youth players learn to catch...
  • Full Grain Pigskin Leather: For...

What is the best baseball glove for 8-year-old? The answer must be Mizuno GPP1150Y1 youth prospect ball glove. This glove is the most expensive on our list. But it is worth paying for such a high-quality item.

Firstly, this glove comes with the patented power-close design. This design makes it very simple for catching. Secondly, you can also find in this glove the power lock closure. Mizuno designed this glove to make it fit perfectly with your kid’s hands. 

And last, this glove is made from full-grain Pugskin leather for a more durable and soft feeling. This material makes the glove more substantial and more expensive, so it is more suitable for intermediate to advanced level.


  • Well-made glove with high-quality leather
  • Perfectly fit
  • Durable and soft


  • Heavy-weight
  • High price

In the bottom line, this glove is more suitable for children who have experience with baseball but not for beginners to start with baseball.  

#2 Best for Catcher’s Mitt: Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Baseball Glove Series

Rawlings boys 10" | Ages 5-6 Baseball Glove, Black/Grey, 10...

The next item in our list of the best baseball glove for 8-year-old is the Rawlings Sure Catch Youth Baseball glove series. This item comes with a very flexible design that is suitable for all positions.

The main reason why this glove is best for kids is lightweight. This glove comes with an all-leather shell and padding finger linings. Despite these features, it is very light and comfortable.

Moreover, Rawlings designed this glove with an ergonomic design to optimize the balance and add quickness for young players to express their ability.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all position
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Sure catch technology


  • Low-quality craftsmanship
  • Not all-leather  

In conclusion, this glove is a quality glove that is perfect for kids just starting to play ball.     

#3 Best for Infielders: Wilson A200 Youth MLB 10″ Tee Ball Glove

Wilson A200 MLB Logo T-Ball Baseball Glove, Right Hand, 10"
  • All Positions
  • Super Soft Eva Material Is...
  • Team Logo Featured On Palm And Back...
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Right Hand Throw = Left Hand Glove...

The best baseball glove for an infielder is the Wilson A200 Youth MLB glove. This glove comes with a beautiful appearance that all children will love.

What we like most about this item is the Super Soft Eva material. It is not as durable as leather, but it is more flexible and lighter in weight. And this material is ideal for children because it can help to reduce hand fatigue.

Also, this glove is not as expensive as other brands. And it is soft enough for your children to quickly break-in it. Moreover, the size of this glove is perfect!


  • Reasonable price
  • Well-made glove
  • Thoughtfully design for children use


  • Not very durable

Overall, this glove is a great choice beginner. It is perfect locking and well-made.   

#4 Best for Outfielders: FerDIM Baseball Glove Teeball Glove for Kids

FerDIM Baseball Glove for Kids Youth Adult, Softball Mitt...
  • Left Hand Baseball Glove: Our mitt...
  • Materials: Made of high quality...
  • Foam Soft Safety Ball: Standard...
  • Double Reinforcement: With leather...
  • Ergonomic Design: Our teeball mitt...

The next best baseball glove for 8-year-old is the FerDIM Baseball Glove for kids. FerDIM is not a famous brand, so its gloves also have a very reasonable price and good quality.

What we like most about this product is the ergonomic design. It comes with Spongia Stereoscopic design in the wrist back. This feature is beneficial to prevent the wrist from abrasion. It also can help to discharge sweat to make your kids more comfortable.

Moreover, FerDIM uses high-quality, PU artificial cowhide to make this glove. So, it is thicker with more padding yet still very light and durable. This glove is also wear-resistant and water-resistant.


  • Reasonable price
  • High-quality material
  • Ergonomic design
  • Solid and durable construction


  • Not very breathable

Overall, this glove is the best for your children to start with baseball and practice daily at a low level.

#5 Best for Beginners: Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite Web/Shok-Sorb Combo Series Fielding Glove

Franklin Sports unisex adult Right Hand Throw Franklin...
  • Shok-Sorb palm padding to reduce...
  • Infinite Web construction allows...
  • Functional, lightweight glove
  • Ideal for young tee ball players
  • Color is graphite/blue

Franklin Sports is a famous brand for baseball equipment. And the Franklin Sports Fielding glove is one of the best baseball gloves for your eight-year-old to start with baseball.

What we like most about this item is the shock-sorb palm padding. It works perfectly in reducing the sting of catching in the palm. Therefore, it can protect your children’s hand better.

Also, this glove comes with a brilliant web that can expand to twice its depth. So in our opinion, this glove is very lightweight, functional, and ideal for the beginner.


  • Excellent padding system
  • Infinite web construction
  • Functional and lightweight


  • Not very reasonable price

Overall, with the synthetic leather palm, mesh shell, and adjustable web, this glove is best for your children to start with every position.      

#6 Most Reviewed: Rawlings Players Series Youth Tball/Baseball Gloves

Rawlings Players Series Youth Tball/Baseball Glove (Ages...
  • EASY CLOSE | Soft pliable shell for...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT VINYL | Textured vinyl...
  • 11.5" PRO H WEB | Pro H Web perfect...
  • RIGHT HAND THROW | Glove to be worn...

The next item in our list of the best baseball glove for 8-year-old is the Rawlings Players Series Youth Baseball Gloves. This item comes with various sizes for children from three to nine years old.

Rawlings glove is not cheap, but it is also not very expensive. Also, it comes with excellent quality for beginner and intermediate youth baseball players.

Like any other item from Rawlings, this glove is very durable, lightweight, and easy to use. It comes with a unique design that can optimize the balance and add more quickness for better performance.


  • Design for all position
  • Ideal for beginner
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Comfortable and supportive


  • Low-quality material
  • Not very sturdy

In short, the material is the only minus point of this glove. Although it is breathable and lightweight, it is not very durable.       

#7 Best in Budget: Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Glove

Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Glove - Field Master -...
  • EASY BREAK IN: The soft synthetic...
  • CONTOUR FIT SYSTEM: Contoured wrist...
  • DURABLILITY: Crafted of a thick,...
  • HAND FORMED POCKET: The hand formed...
  • NOTE: Left Hand Throw glove = worn...

Are you looking for the best baseball glove for 8 year old in a small budget? If you are, we recommend that you should buy the Franklin Sports Baseball glove. This item is the cheapest in our list, and its quality is acceptable for the price.

Although it is cheap, this glove has soft synthetic leather material, which is very lightweight and easy to break-in. Moreover, this glove comes with an adjustable wrist strap to fit perfectly with your children’s hands.

And last, this material is not as durable as the real leather. However, it is still more durable than most of the other material. Besides, the hand-formed pocket will offer your children maximum comfort for making scoops.


  • Easy to break-in
  • Adjustable and fit perfectly
  • Durable and straightforward to use
  • Low price


  • Low-quality craftsmanship
  • Not very soft

Overall, you will never find such a right leather glove at such a reasonable price. This glove is best for beginner to intermediate level.    

Best Baseball Glove for 8-year-old – Buying Guides

When looking for the best baseball glove for 8-year-old kids, you must consider the similar features to the best baseball glove for adults. And here are some factors that the best baseball glove for 8-year-old should have.

1. Choose the Right Size

Size is always the first and most crucial feature of baseball gloves. If you choose the wrong size, the glove will slip out form your kid’s hand. Or, in the worst case, it will leave blister and pain.

As you may know, the baseball glove size for kids is different from adults. And the size of 8-year-old is different from the size for 15-year-old. Here is the recommended size chart for you to follow:

  • The best size for the shortstop is from 10.5 inches to 11.25 inches
  • The best size for the first base is from 11.5 inches to 12 inches
  • The best size for Catcher’s Mitt is from 30 inches to 31 inches
  • The best size for second base is from 10.5 inches to 11.25 inches
  • The best size for Pitcher is from 10.5 inches to 11.5 inches
  • The best size for Outfielder is from 10.5 inches to 12 inches
  • The best size for the third base is from 10.5 inches to 11.5 inches

2. Design and Material

Although the baseball gloves for adults and kids look the same, they come with different detailed designs. And you must know these details to make sure that your glove is the best baseball glove for 8-year-old.

Firstly, people design the youth glove for younger baseball players who have smaller hands. Therefore, they come with narrower fingers, and they are often lighter in weight. These features will help your kids secure control and use the glove in the game.

Secondly, if you want to find the best baseball glove for 8-year-old, you should choose the mesh or synthetic materials that are more breathable and lighter.

3. Choose the Webbing

For your information, the webbing is the connection part that places in the middle of your thumb and your finger slots. And the regular gloves often come with two types of webbing: open and closed.

If you find that your glove has a tight woven pattern of leather with no gap, it is closed webbing. The closed webbing is more suitable for pitchers because they are more helpful to hide their grip before delivering.

In the opposite, the open webbing often comes with a cross-like pattern and significant gaps. Therefore, it is best to track fly balls. And this design is also best when you are fielding a ground ball because its gaps allow the dirt to fall out.

4. Other Features

4.1 Choose the Backing

Like webbing, the backing of the glove also comes with open and closed design. The open back can provide better flexibility in the wrist and more breathability. Meanwhile, the closed-back is more stable, which is best for first basemen and outfielders.  

4.2 Choose the Padding

The padding of the glove will work as a cushioning layer to absorb the impact and evenly deliver the power to the player’s hand. And it is why padding is such an important feature, especially for children. 

4.3 Choose the Wrist

An adjustable wrist is not the virtual feature of the baseball glove. But the best baseball glove for 8-year-old should have the adjustable wrist. It is very beneficial for your child to achieve a snug fit and perform better on the field.


How do you choose a baseball glove for your child?  

Firstly, you should not choose the one that is too tight around the wrist. It could be best if the glove comes with an adjustable wrist. Secondly, the glove should come with the right size and comfortable material. For children, you should not choose the heavy-weight glove.

How much does the best baseball glove for an 8-year-old cost? 

As you may know, the baseball glove comes with a wide range of prices. It may cost you less than $10, but it may also cost you more than $100. The price of the glove depends on its material, design, and also brands.

How much should you pay for the best baseball glove for 8-year-old? 

In our experience, if your children are good at baseball, you can spend about $50 to $100 for their glove. If they just want to do it for fun, we think the $20 to $60 glove is acceptable for your children to practice daily.

How long should your baseball glove last? 

The durability of your glove will depend on the glove quality and how you use it. If you keep your glove clean and dry, your glove may last for about a year.

The Final Say

You should be grateful that your kids love baseball but not iPhone or things like that. Therefore, if your kids ask you to find them the best baseball glove, please don’t hesitate to buy them. And to encourage them with this sport, you should find the best baseball glove for eight-year-old.

As you may know, if you buy the glove that comes with the wrong size, hard and uncomfortable, sooner or later, your kids may get bored. We hope that our information in this article will help you to make the best choice. Good luck!

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