Top 9 Best Baseball Pitching Machine – Indispensable Equipment For Training (2021 Reviews)

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Best Baseball Pitching Machine

The pitching machine is a great training tool for softball and baseball players. These machines help players adjust their hitting fundamentals and timing by replicating the trajectory and the speed of a real pitch. However, there are so many pitching machines on the market nowadays. 

It will be difficult for you to choose the best baseball pitching machine. That is why this article summarizes some detailed reviews of these machines for you to easily select. Let’s check them out now!

Top 9 Best Pitching Machine For Baseball and Softball (2021 Reviews)

#1 Best Overall: Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine

Zooka: ZS740 Pitching Machine with Tall Tripod
  • First Battery Powered Pitching...
  • Adjustable from 10-70 mph
  • Throws Real Baseballs, Dimple...
  • Digital Speed Readout
  • Battery Powered For True...

For highlight throwing machines, we can’t ignore Zooka Zs740. This machine is not only easy to use but also affordable. The combination of fully digital and perfect features has made it one of the best throwers on the market.

The first advantage of this pitching machine is lightweight – about 25 pounds. So, taking it everywhere is easy. Even if you mount a tripod on it, it still weighs less than 30 pounds.

With Zooka ZS740, you will say goodbye to annoying power cords or generators. Each machine comes with a 12-volt internal rechargeable battery that contains enough juice to help you through lengthy training sessions. All you need to do is charge it at home or on the road.

In the case of low battery, external Zooka external battery is everything without having to remove the internal battery. This addition can give you an additional 1,000 notes at 40 MPH or 600 notes at 60 MPH.

By using compressed air instead of the wheel to launch the ball, the Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine has won against destroying your baseball balls or tearing the wheels. Therefore, you can save money instead of having to pay for regular wheel replacement.

In addition, the easy rotating and tilting stand will allow you to make height and position adjustments easily. You can throw balloons or even fly 12 stories high.


  • Light
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery inside
  • Easy to use a digital reader


  • Music notes become inconsistent when the battery is dehydrated.

If you are looking for a pitching machine for your baseball game, then do not worry, Zooka ZS740 Pitching Machine will be influential support. Get it now before it is out of stock!

#2 Best Sturdy: First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine

First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine
  • The baseline Baseball/softball...
  • The baseline features a swivel...
  • Up to 70 MPH

The First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine is the first entry-level budget model on the market. Not only that, but this device also comes with prominent features like the flexibility and solid structure of other First Pitch models. The difference is the smaller size for convenient mobility and affordable price.

The manufacturer makes its steel and aluminum structure to make it lighter and more durable than other throwers. This is a monumental choice for baseball/softball throwing. It can protect the drills and help you take a break from your mushroom bat.

In addition, its weight is light, about 55 pounds. It is suitable for pop-ups, balloons, fastballs, changes, and grounding. Alternatively, you can use it for designated baseball, softball 11 ″, and 12 or dimples.

Ergonomic design supports pitch adjustment and pitch speed easily. In particular, the adjustable tilt angle and the inverted leg make quick and easy switching between baseball and softball.


  • Easy to use
  • Ensure safety with an electric motor located in a steel casing
  • Sliding plate for greater accuracy


  • Open wheels can cause friction burns

These amazing advantages make the First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine becomes a valued product. Get this baseball pitching machine today before it is sold out!

#3 Best for Children: JUGS Lite-Flite Machine

JUGS Lite-Flite Machine for Baseball and Softball
  • Lightweight pitching machine for...
  • Throws 11 inch or 12 inch...
  • Simulates speeds up to 85 mph at 25...
  • Throws fastballs, left- and...
  • 1/8 Horsepower, 1.3 amplifier...

One thing to note is that JUGS Lite-Flite only uses Lite-Flite baseball, 11 or 12-inch Lite-Flite softballs, or JUGS Bulldog polyps. If you use it with anything else, this could damage your device. Therefore, this pitcher is suitable for training with young children because of its lightweight.

In particular, this machine can throw a series of throws from many different sports such as fastball, slide, to curve. You can edit Lite-Flite to throw notes to either side of the disc, throwing both left and right hands. This is actually quite a handy feature rarely found at this price.

In addition, the ball distribution system is another good feature to help the batter see the ball from the slide. From there they can develop perfect time on the disk.

Thanks to the ability to connect to the 110-volt AC, you have the option of adding a JUGS rechargeable battery pack sold separately. This battery pack will fully charge within 4 hours and lasts about 3 hours of continuous use.


  • Good price
  • Correct angle of throw.
  • Suitable for children


  • Only works with Lite-Flite baseball/softball series

It is undeniable that Jugs Lite-Flite is one of the most highly regarded baseball pitching machines. Experience better things in the match with this device now!

#4 Best Easy-to-Setup: Louisville Slugger Pitching Machine

Louisville Slugger Blue Flame Pitching Machine
  • Throws any type of ball, hard...
  • Throws hard balls from 18 to 45 mph...
  • Throws a level pitch to help teach...
  • The official pitching machine of...
  • It is completely manual, needs no...

Dubbed the official Pony and Softball League baseball throwing machine, the Louisville Slugger is an interesting and affordable pitching machine to assist players to complete the swing with confidence. 

This ball thrower will keep your hand from throwing into jelly. It allows you to focus on other aspects of the game. Thanks to a weight of 23 pounds, the Louisville Slugger Pitching Machine is convenient to carry. 

Plus, it does not work with electricity or battery. So, there is minimal hassle like dealing with an annoying generator, battery pack, or power cord. In addition, it is suitable for use both indoors or outdoors.


  • Super portable
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Stable design and easy setup


  • Do not throw curves or sliders.

Overall, Louisville Slugger Pitching Machine has the perfect features suitable for every match, every condition. Enjoy more complete joy in the match with this pitching machine by adding to the cart.

#5 Best Reliable: Rawlings Pro Line 3 Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine

Rawlings Pro Line 3 Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine
  • 3 Wheels for the Ultimate in Speed,...
  • Throws Any Pitch from Any Angle at...
  • Exclusive iPitch Control Panel
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Made in USA

The manufacturer equips the Rawlings Pro Line 3 Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine with solid extended wheels to increase accuracy and recovery time between throws shorter than other machines that use air tires. 

In addition, its 3-wheel design offers some special benefits compared to traditional 2-wheel designs. The first reason is that the three wheels are in better contact with the ball. Therefore, the user can control the pitch better, like throwing a baseball with three fingers.

Next, if two-wheelers can block the batter’s view, the third wheel helps the batter to see the ball from the loading ramp. So, fighters can improve their time quickly.

And the last thing indispensable is the third wheel makes the pitch position easy to control. No more stopping time to adjust the grips or turn to change the pitch to your liking.


  • Easy to use
  • Convenient 3-wheel design
  • Feature-packed


  • A little bulky

It can be said that this is a highly rated baseball pitching machine on the market. It has all the features that every player needs. If you want to learn more about this product, visit the link at its name.

#6 Best Versatile: BSN Bulldog Pitching Machine

BSN Bulldog Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine
  • Speed: 30-60 mph. Lightweight...
  • Throws baseballs, 11'' and 12''...
  • Runs on 110 volt AC or generator...
  • Durable urethane wheel eliminates...
  • Heavy duty legs are convertible for...

BSN Bulldog Pitching Machine is a full-featured, lightweight, versatile assembly, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Especially since you can easily operate it.

The outstanding advantage is its heavy-duty leg. Thanks to this design, the user can adjust for baseball or softball in just a few seconds. In addition, urethane wheels are highly durable and free from any problems that may be caused by air pressure.


  • Flexible and versatile
  • Light
  • Easy to operate


  • Gentle when using

If you are wondering what baseball pitching machine the best is, give this product a try. Modern design and outstanding advantages will surely make you satisfied. Add it to the cart now so as not to miss this product!

#7 Best Portable: Jugs Junior Baseball Pitching Machine

Jugs Junior Baseball Pitching Machine
  • Recommended Age: 6 - 15
  • 5-Year Guarantee
  • Speed Range: 15-60 mph
  • Digital Speed Readout
  • Weighs only 75 lbs.

If you are looking for a pitching machine right for your child, then you should not miss the Jugs Junior Baseball Pitching Machine. This product is suitable for children from 8 to 15 years old. 

It is undeniable that it is the best pitcher for inexperienced people, appearing in many junior leagues around the world. The manufacturer has built an integrated digital speed setting system. 

Not only is this system easy to set up, but it also allows you to select any speed between 15 and 60 mph. This is the perfect speed for younger players just starting out. Their skills will gradually improve.


  • Consistent elevations create high accuracy
  • 5-year warranty
  • Easy to set up


  • Some users will not be satisfied with the speed of this device

The combination of affordable prices, special features, and the design of Jugs Junior Baseball Pitching Machine make it the first choice of many customers. This pitching machine will make you love it the first time you use it!

#8 Best Comfortable: BATA-2 Combo Pitching Machine

BATA-2 Combo Pitching Machine
  • Speed 25-100 (baseball) mph 25-70...
  • Built-in Transports Wheels. Throws...
  • Available for Baseball/Softball....
  • Weight 98 lbs. Runs on 110 AC.
  • 5-year limited warranty.

It is undeniable that many Major League Baseball and college teams choose BATA-2 Combo Pitching Machine. The reason is that the BATA-2 Combo Pitching Machine is capable of fast throwing with curves, sinks, slides, and handballs. 

In particular, the 3-way rotation of this machine also makes it easy to throw the ground and fly the ball. Manufacturers also equipped snake integrated vehicles longer. Recovery time between fields will be shorter than usual. Unlike other throwers, it has more balance and accuracy.


  • The ability to throw the ball fast
  • High balance and precision
  • Perfect support


  • Slightly difficult to use

BATA-2 Combo Pitching Machine not only has perfect features but also a fashionable appearance. Own it today and you will get prominent support!

#9 Best Lightweight: Heater Sports Deuce Pitching Machine

HEATER SPORTS Deuce 75 MPH Two Wheel Baseball Pitching...
  • DUAL SPEED CONTROLS - The Deuce 75...
  • PIVOT HEAD DESIGN - The Deuce 75...

The Heater Sports Deuce Pitching Machine has an axle head design to support your tilt. This will create the ability to throw fastballs, curves and sliders, pop flies, and land at different speeds and different angles. In particular, you can also adjust the height of this machine to suit your own height.

Heater Sports Deuce Pitching Machine is suitable for both regulation baseball and lite ball. They offer high accuracy and long service life. In particular, this device will not damage your machine wheels.


  • The ability to throw the ball fast
  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable


  • Quite heavy for some players

Improve your skills today with Heater Sports Deuce Pitching Machine. This impressive device will help you a lot!

How Can We Create the Aforementioned List of Pitching Machines?

1. Brands

A lot of brands are considered in the list above. This list makes sure that both lesser-known and well-known brands are sufficiently represented. 

2. Reviews 

Before buying a pitching machine, you should read and analyze the reports from numerous sites. Then, you can come up with a perfect list of summarized opinions from all previous customers. 

3. Quality 

Besides the two criteria above, high-quality materials are also paid attention to. It is necessary to choose pitching machines with construction methods and top-notch technologies. 

3. Durability 

In terms of durability, it is the factor determining the strength of the pitching machine. Most of the equipment in this list are durable and have a guarantee for replacements and repairs. 

4. Price 

The price of pitching machines ranges greatly. It depends on the brand, the size, and the type. However, some tools are often on sale, which makes them more affordable. 

What to Look for When Buying the Pitching Machine?

1. Power Source  

The first feature to contemplate is the power source when purchasing a pitching machine. There are two types for the power source including the battery and the electricity. So, no matter what type of your machine is, you have to make sure that the power source of the device works effectively for you and your team. 

2. Adjustability 

Many pitching machines allow you to adjust the pitch distance and its height. This is a great feature as it enables you to use a chine for a variety of age groups. It also contributes to the effectiveness of the price. 

3. Ball Compatibility 

When purchasing the pitching machine for the team, you should take notice of the ball type it can accommodate. Several machines only allow using balls made from their brand while others are made to work with the different brand balls. 

4. Pitch Speed 

The pitch speed is less considered but it is also a critical element. The distance at which people have set the device will affect this speed. 

5. Pitch Types 

The pitching skills also contribute a lot in this case. As the pitching skills among beginners or professional players are considerably different, it is important to consider this factor. 

So, you first identify the needs of your training group and how their skills can be improved by using the machine. Furthermore, some machines allow you to switch between pitches. This feature is great for coaches to train different groups. 

6. Pitch Frequency 

Automatic and electric pitching machines will have some intervals at which balls will be pitched. This helps hitters to practice independently. And you cannot adjust this interval. 

7. Portability 

Having a portable machine will be easier for you to bring it from this place to another place. This feature is helpful if your machine requires the electrical outlet or the connection to the power source. Another good choice is a pitching machine coming with the wheel kits that allow you to easily move them around. 

8. Control 

There are often two main types of power including automatic and manual pitching machines. The automatic machines require electricity usage or batteries while the manual ones rely on the external force to operate. 

Types of Pitching Machines

1. Armed Pitching Machines  

Most of the high schoolers and some professionals use this type of machine. They can be used for softball and baseball and throw straight balls accurately at a speed from 25 to 85 mph. However, they cannot be brought around the field. 

2. Wheeled Pitching Machines 

This type is quite popular, and you may encounter it in your college or your backyard. Its structure consists of a motor propelling its rubber wheels and a steel frame. This frame is attached to the tripod. There are also speed adjustment knobs and electronics having direction. 

3. Spring-loaded Pitching Machine 

This is a manual pitching machine. It requires you to operate by pulling the lever. Then, the ball is propelled by the spring to the player. It is suitable for younger players owing to lacking versatility for separate kinds of pitches. 

4. Compressed Air Pitching Machines 

The compressed air pitching machine has a high level of portability. It operates by pushing air through the machine. Then, the force allows the spring to throw the ball. But this device requires another person to press the button. 

How To Use Baseball Pitching Machine?


What Is the Baseball Pitching Machine?

The baseball pitching machine is an equipment used by softball and baseball coaches. They use the machine to train their teams on the techniques of hitting. Besides, the pitching machine helps the players lower the risk of injury when they have to throw the ball manually. 

Can I Use the Pitching Machine for Both Baseball and Softball Practice?

A lot of pitching machines on the market are designed for baseball and softballs. Besides, you can choose many other types of machines based on training needs. 

What Types of Balls Should I Use for The Pitching Machine?

The types of balls may depend on the brand. As mentioned above, some brands require their specific balls for their machines. So, it should be taken into account before selecting it. 

The Verdict

Possessing the best baseball pitching machine is effective in helping your players develop and improve their skills. After reading this article, you are equipped with helpful buying guides. So, hopefully, you will buy the right machine for you and your teams shortly. 

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