Top 9 Best Field Hockey Sticks For Defenders, Forwards & Midfielders (2021 Reviews)

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Best Field Hockey Sticks

The best field hockey sticks will lead to the best performance on the field. It is a fact that no one can decline. Your performance depends on your skills and your correct selection of the best tool. 

Yes, we understand that it is not simple to decide what are the best product among thousands of field hockey sticks on the market. We wrote this article, with the detailed reviews of the best item chosen by professionals and the latest buying tips for you. Let’s check it out!

Top 9 Best Field Hockey Sticks – Detailed Reviews 2021

#1 Best Overall: MALIK Field Hockey Sticks

MALIK Field Hockey Sticks Sizes 37.5 Inch 36.5 Inch Outdoor...
  • Light weight high end hockey stick...
  • Wooden stick with ultimate hitting...
  • High quality grip for best control...
  • Carbon Tech range stick with...
  • Powerful and elegant hitting power

The first item in our list of the best field hockey sticks is the Malik field hockey sticks. This item is the best choice for senior players in all aspects, including design, price, and quality. This item has eight different styles for you to select.

This field hockey stick is a high-end design from MB Malik. It passed VEGA quality and came with composite carbon fiberglass and wooden materials. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor hockey. And its price is not very high compared with similar brands.

What we like most about this item are the J turn and high-quality grip feature. When using it, you will have the satisfice feeling because you can fully control the ball. Also, it is hitting is very powerful yet elegant.


  • Reasonable price
  • The preferred choice of international level players
  • Well-made and durable


  • Not for beginner and street hockey

Overall, this item is the best for the middle field and defense positions. It is also the top choice for professionals in a competitive game.

#2 Best for Forwards: TK Total 2.5 Innovate Field Hockey Stick

TK Total 2.5 Innovate Field Hockey Stick
  • Late bow offers great ball control...
  • Utilized a TK Innovate stick design...
  • Offers ultimate ball control and...
  • Precision engineered head shape...
  • Nanotechnology construction...

TK total of 2.5 Innovate field hockey stick is one of the best field hockey sticks for forwards. It has a reasonable price and three sizes of 35.5inch, 36.5inch and 37.5inch for you to select. 

What we like most is the innovative design with the 25mm apex moved slightly towards the head of the sticks. This design creates a fantastic balance for the stick. It allows you to implement many activities with the best performance, including multi-directional dribbling.

Also, the head shape comes with sharper angles and reduce the thickness. Therefore, it is maneuverable. And last, the Nanotechnology construction will provide you maximum stiffness for upcoming training.


  • Good stick for forwards and intermediate players
  • Well-made and solid construction
  • Innovate design for optimizing performance


  • Only one color

Overall, this item is the best for the middle field and defense positions. It is also the top choice for professionals in a competitive game.

#3 Best for Defenders: Mazon Fusion 700 Field Hockey Stick

Mazon Fusion 700 Field Hockey Stick (Black, 37.5 Inches)
  • Mazon is the most popular...
  • The Fusion 700 is designed for...
  • The maxi head shape helps with...
  • Twin tube core construction matrix...
  • Reduction Vibration System + (RVS...

The next item in our list of the best field hockey sticks is the Mazon Fusion 700 Field hockey stick. Mazon is the most popular Australian Field Hockey. It also has a solid construction which is best for defenders.

This hockey has a maxi head shape, which is ideal for trapping skills with the large sweet spot. Therefore, it can provide you excellent control and durability. Also, it has a reduced vibration system so you can confidently use it without worrying about injuries.

And last, the Mazon Fusion has the twin-tube core construction. Hence, it is substantial and robust. However, it can bend a little if getting hit severely.


  • Maxi head shape with the large sweet spot
  • Excellent control and durability
  • Reasonable price


  • Can bend a little

In short, the composition, length, and the “feeling” of this stick are all ideal for a defender to have the best game

#4 Best for Indoor Hockey: STX Field Hockey Surgeon I Indoor Field Hockey Stick

STX Field Hockey Surgeon I Indoor Field Hockey Stick
  • The STX Surgeon I indoor field...
  • Designed for the advanced indoor...
  • Features a late bow with a maxi toe
  • 50% Carbon, 45% Fiberglass, 5%...
  • Not intended for outdoor field...

Are you looking for the best field hockey sticks for indoor hockey? Here you are, the STX Surgeon I indoor field hockey stick. Although it is a little expensive compared with similar items on the market, it is always worth to pay for such a quality stick.

STX designed this stick for an advanced indoor field hockey player with a late bow and a maxi toe for the best performance. This stick is the ideal combination of 50% carbon, 45% fiberglass, and 5% aramid material. Therefore, it is very durable.

The only minus point of this item, we think, is the ambition. You can only use STX stick for indoor hockey because it is not for the natural field. And it has only one size of 37.5inch, so you don’t have any other choice.  


  • Solid construction
  • Durable and well-made
  • Excellent design for best control


  • Only for indoor
  • Only one size
  • High price

Overall, the STX surgeon is for the indoor game only. And it is also the best choice for advanced indoor hockey players to have the best performance.  

#5 Best for Beginner: STX Field Hockey Junior Starter Pack

STX Field Hockey Junior Starter Pack with 2See-S Goggles...
  • Great introductory field hockey kit...
  • Only field hockey starter pack in...
  • The STX Field Hockey Junior Starter...
  • The goggle included in this pack...
  • Available in size 34", 35" and 36"

If you are a beginner, you should buy the STX Field Hockey Junior Starter Pack to start with this sport. It comes with an HPR50 beginner stick, adult reversible shin guard, adult goggle, and a black prime stick bag.

Also, this stick comes with three sizes, from 34inch to 36 inches. Therefore, it is suitable for various users. The whole rod is a composite material with a rubble handle.

When using this hockey stick, you will feel that it is convenient, not light, or too heavy. It comes with ideal shape and size for beginners to start practicing hockey with no difficulty.


  • Reasonable price
  • Full accessory
  • Ideal shape and size for beginner
  • Handy and flexible


  • Not very durable

In short, this set is the best for beginners to start with hockey because you don’t need to spend much time searching for the accessories. Also, the stick is convenient and straightforward to control.   

#6 Best for Midfielders: GRAYS GX1000 Field Hockey Stick

GRAYS GX1000 Field Hockey Stick Bundle with Free Chamois...
  • Grays GX1000 Field Hockey Stick...
  • Fully integrated composite matrix...
  • Glass fiber content ensures more...
  • igh-performance construction offers...
  • Chamois Grip can be added to...

The next stick in our list of the best field hockey sticks is the best choice for midfielders. And it is Gray GX1000 Field Hockey Stick Bundle. And the most important thing that makes this item unique is the free chamois grip.

The whole stick is made of three materials, including carbon, Kevlar, and fiberglass. Therefore, it is not very heavy while still strong and can handle hits with significant impact. Also, the glass fiber ensures you more shock absorption and ball control.

And last, you can choose to add chamois grip for more shock absorption and use in wet conditions. With all the features above, it is best for professional players to express their skills in the competitive game.


  • Reasonable price
  • Solid construction
  • High-quality material
  • Excellent shock absorption


  • Not very durable

In conclusion, although this item is cheap, it can do a better job than most of the sticks on the market, especially for midfielders.    

#7 Best for Youth: Brine C100 Junior Composite Field Hockey Stick

Brine C100 Junior Composite Field Hockey Stick
  • Great first composite stick for...
  • Lightweight design and small shape...
  • Composite Technology: Combination...
  • Toe: Maxi
  • Bow: 22mm

Are you looking for the best field hockey sticks for youth? We suggest that you should buy the Brine C100 Junior Composite Field hockey stick.

It is a cheap product with a maxi toe and a 22mm bow. Therefore, you can still own the right quality stick for your kids to train every with a small budget.

Also, it comes with composite material, which is very lightweight and ideal for younger players. And your kids will love the balance and feel that the stick brings to them.


  • Low price
  • Good quality material
  • Lightweight and flexible


  • Not very durable

Overall, this stick is the best choice for children to start with hockey. And you can buy it as a birthday or Christmas gift.     

#8 Most Reviewed: GRAYS Surf 500 Junior Field Hockey Stick

The item that has received most of the compliments from customers is the Gray Sift 500 Junior Field hockey stick. It is a wooden stick, which is best for beginners and amateur players to start with hockey.

At first impression, this stick is very light but stable. The manufacturer said that it could stand up to anything you throw at it. And that is true! This stick can provide you excellent ball control for the precise hit.

And last, this stick has a maxi toe technology, which is a big plus for better performance. This item also comes with so many sizes, from 24inch to 36inch for big kids to adults use.


  • Reasonable price
  • Light and stable
  • Excellent ball control
  • Various size


  • Only suitable for children and beginner

In short, if you are still on the way to find the best field hockey sticks, you should buy this item.      

#9 Best in Budget: Byte HX2 Composite Field Hockey Stick Blue

Byte HX2 Composite Field HOKCEY Stick Blue (36.5'' Light)
  • 5% CARBON

Are you looking for the best field hockey sticks in a limited budget? If you are, why don’t you buy the Byte HX2 Composite field hockey stick?

This item has only one color of blue and seven different sizes for big kids and adults use. And what we like most about this product is the lightweight design, which is best for attackers and midfielders.

Also, it is 5% carbon and fiberglass. And it means that this stick is very lightweight and flexible. But it is not strong enough to handle high impact in the competitive game.


  • Different sizes
  • Lightweight and flexible


  • Can’t handle serious hits

Overall, this item is the best choice for students in secondary to high school to practice hockey, and it is for training only.       

Best Field Hockey Sticks – A Complete Buying Guide

1. Understand Yourself

The first step to buy the best field hockey sticks is to understand yourself, including your training requirements, your level of skills, your position in the game, and your budget.

1.1 Indoor or Outdoor?

So, will you use it for an indoor or outdoor game? You will need smaller sticks if you often play indoor hockey, which is lighter and more flexible. Also, you should choose the one that has a thin shaft and toe for playing fast. Meanwhile, if you often play outdoor, you will need more robust and thicker sticks for more reliable performance.

1.2 Your Level of Skills

If you are a beginner, you should not invest in an expensive stick. The cheap wooden stick, which is handy, is the best choice for you to start with hockey and remember your position. However, if you are an advanced level, you need more precise decisions that require demanding requirements.

1.3 Your Position in the Game

If you are in a forward position, you should choose the short stick because it is convenient and can offer you better mobility. Meanwhile, if you are a defender, the long rod is better because it makes it easier for you to hit the ball away from your competitor.

The average stick is best for midfielder thanks to the full-control ability that it can provide to you. And for the goalie, the short stick is the best. It can help to improve your agility and offer you excellent balance when playing.

2. Choose the Length and Weight

You must choose the length of the stick based on two factors: your position in the game (which we mentioned above) and your height. The professional often grips, reaching stick to their face with one end one the ground to measure the length.

When the stick reaches between your nose and chin, you can say that it has the ideal length. If the stick can’t reach your chin, it is a short stick and vice versa. It is better to choose the longer stick because you can cut to make it an ideal fit for you. 

Best field hockey stick
Best field hockey stick

The ideal weight for the hockey sticks is about 535g to 680g. However, it is also varied among different players. 

For example, the heavier-weight stick is more suitable for a defender because it can increase your power. Meanwhile, the lighter-weight stick is better for attackers because it allows you to make a fast backswing and respond faster.

3. Choose the Material of the Stick

The best field hockey sticks must come with the best material. And among so many elements on the market, Aluminum, fiberglass, wood, Kevlar, and titanium are the most popular.

If you are a beginner, you should start with a wooden stick because it is convenient and easy to control. However, if you are an expert, you should choose a composite bat. And here are some pros and cons of each material for you to refer:

  • Wood: wooden material is the cheapest one among all, and beginners should start with hockey.
  • Composite: Composite material is the most popular material among experts. It is more flexible than the wooden stick.
  • Aluminum: the Aluminum stick often comes with an aluminum shaft and composite blade. It is lighter and prevalent among hockey players.
  • Kevlar: Kevlar is the most expensive and also the best quality material. It is more durable than aluminum or fiberglass, but it is lighter than wooden and very flexible.

4. Choose the Bow

You can select one of three different types of bow bellow:

  • Standard bow: the standard bow is about 20mm, and it comes with the highest bow point in the middle. It is ideal for most of games and positions in the field
  • Mega bow: Mega bow is about 24.75mm, and it comes with the bend near the stick’s toe. Therefore, it can provide your higher power when playing, especially when you lift and drag-flick the ball. It is ideal for advanced players.
  • Low bow: Low bow is perfect for elite level players because it has the bend near the stick’s head. Therefore, it allows you to control the bat better. And it is 25mm.

5. Choose the Head Shape

The different head shape designs will affect your performance on different field’s material. And below are some popular head shape designs that you can consider:

5.1 Maxi Head

The maxi head is the most popular head style. It comes with an open head shape and less weight. Therefore, it has excellent maneuverability while still can increase the sweet spot for optimum power. It is best for beginners to the next level.

5.2 Semi Hook

If you see the head of the stick bends at 35 degrees, it is semi hook style. Also, this style is about in the middle of the maxi head and full hook head. The manufacturers did improve the design to give you more ball control.

5.3 Full Hook

Full Hock style comes with a 25-degree angle to provide you maximum surface area. And it means it is very suitable for a beginner with the necessary skills. However, it is also the first choice for advanced players. It can offer you accurate hitting with more prominent sweet spots, complete control, and superpower.


1.  Are expensive hockey sticks worth it? 

The expensive sticks often come with better construction and materials and a harder shot kickback. However, the best field hockey sticks are not the costly items. It is the most suitable one for you.

2. Is a lighter hockey stick better? 

It depends on your position in the game. The lighter stick is more comfortable to handle and move, so it is more suitable for an attacker. Meanwhile, the more massive stick is often more durable and more robust, so it is best for defenders.

3.  How long do hockey sticks last? 

It depends on your stick quality and also your training intensity. A stick can break within a week, and it can also last for years. If your stick lost its pop and stiffness, you should replace it.

4.  Are there left-handed hockey sticks?

No, there are not. According to IHF, left-handed sticks create too much danger on the field for the right-handed sticks.  

Final Words

So now you know how to choose the best field hockey sticks. We did give you the nine great choices; you can select your best one from these sticks. In case you don’t like any of our suggestions, you can choose your one based on the buying guides mentioned in this article.

We hope that our information will help you find the best equipment to optimize your performance. Good luck, and don’t forget to share your experience with us!

Lastest Field Hockey Sticks Bestselling ON SALE

Bestseller No. 1
STX HPR 50 Field Hockey Stick 36", Silver/Bright Yellow
  • 100% fiberglass
  • Rounded handle for learning skills
  • Toe heavy feel for players learning...
  • Midi toe
Bestseller No. 2
STX Field Hockey Junior Starter Pack with 2See-S Goggles...
  • Great introductory field hockey kit...
  • Only field hockey starter pack in...
  • The STX Field Hockey Junior Starter...
  • The goggle included in this pack...
  • Available in size 34", 35" and 36"
Bestseller No. 3
STX RX 50 Field Hockey Stick 26", Bright Blue/Light Blue
  • 100% fiberglass
  • Slim handle for learning hands
  • Lightweight feel for players...
  • Midi toe
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