Top 9 Best Football Cleats: Nike, Adidas, Under Amour (Reviews 2020)

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Best Football Cleats

If you are on our site, you must be a fan of football, which does not only want to watch the match but also want to enjoy the game seriously. And when it comes to the best football cleats, there are so many features that you should check and consider before buying.

The best football cleats for speed are different from the best football cleats for safety. Also, the best choice for various positions on the field is different, too. It is not too complicated but not too simple to find the best football cleats. So, we want to help you with our reviews and buying guides.

Top 9 Best Football Cleats – Reviews of Nine Best Items in 2020

#1 Best Overall: Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable Shark 3 Football Cleats

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Nike Men’s Vapor Untouchable Shark 3 Football Cleat is the best football cleats in all range: speed, price, quality, design, and more. It is the best choice for both professional athletes and beginners if you don’t worry about the budget.

This pair of cleats are very comfortable and flexible. Nike designed the Vapor Cleats for speed and aggressive training. And that is why this item is ideal for most of the positions on the field.

As you can see, it has a synthetic leather upper for better fit and comfort. And this pair of cleat also has the aggressive shark rubber outsole. It is the highlight feature of this pair of cleats that can help to optimize your speed and performance when you are playing.


  • Perfect fit and comfortable
  • Well-made with excellent traction
  • Flexible yet stable


  • High price

Overall, except for the high cost, Nike Vapor Untouchable Shark 3 deserves to be the best football cleats for every player thanks to its outstanding features.

#2 Best for Speed: Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 Men’s Football Cleats

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Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro Men’s Football Cleats are the best football cleats for speed among all. Nike did a very thoughtful job of making this pair of cleats. Every small feature in it is for optimizing your comfort and speed.

Firstly, it comes with mesh and synthetic materials that are lighter, more flexible, and breathable. Also, it comes with a one-piece knit bootie design to protect your ankle without making it more cumbersome or bulky.

And last, it also has excellent traction thanks to the carbon fiber plate and 14 cleat layout. This outsole design offers you strength but not weight you down. Hence, it is best for multi-directional cuts, quick movements, and high speeds


  • Thoughtful design for speed
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Excellent traction and ankle support


  • It is pricey

Overall, we want to re-emphasize that Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro Men cleats are the best football cleats for speed. Although it is a little bit pricey, it is worth paying more money for such a good pair of football cleats.  

#3 Best for Wide Feet: Nike Force Savage 2 Shark Men’s Football Cleat

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Nike Force Savage 2 Shark Men football cleat is the best choice for people with wide feet or people who love the wide fit. These cleats are also the best football cleats for muscular athletes. They are seeking for comfortable cleats to create the split-second reaction.

What we like most about this product is the webbing on both lateral and medial sides. It is beneficial in engaging with the laces and looking your feet inside the shoes. Also, this item comes with pull tabs at the heel, so it is effortless to break in and take off the shoes.

About the outsole, this item of Nike has Nike Fastflex outsole. This unique technology can promote articulation and abrasion resistance. However, it is molded-design cleat so you can’t adjust or replace the studs.  


  • Unique design for easy breaking-in and comfort
  • Fastflex outsole for articulation
  • Abrasion resistance feature


  • It is pricey
  • Can’t replace the studs

In conclusion, except for the price and the molded design, there is nothing to complain about this item.

#4 Best for Ankle Support: Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC Football Shoe

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If you have an ankle problem, the best football cleats for you must have a high-top design for better ankle support. And Under Armour Men’s Highlight, MC football shoes is one of them. The strong points of Under Armour cleats are reasonable price and durable construction.

This pair of cleats come with a super-high woven upper and TPU hot melt frame. This combination is the perfect balance between stability and comfort. Also, it has a 3D molded tongue so it can fit better and make you more comfortable.

However, what we like most about this pair of cleats are the ComFit ankle constructions. Therefore, you can confidently express your ability without worrying about injuries or slipping.


  • Reasonable price
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent ankle support and traction


  • Size is not true

To conclude, these cleats are the best football cleats for comfort and safe performance in the field. It is suitable for beginner to intermediate players.  

#5 Best for Flat Feet: Under Armour Men’s Highlight Rm Football Shoe

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Are you looking for the best football cleats for flat feet? We suggest that you should buy the Under Armour Men’s Highlight RM Football Shoe. This pair of shoes is not very expensive, but it has excellent cushioning and support for your feet.

This pair of cleats come with a high-top design, so it is best for ankle support. Also, it has the Die-cut EVA sock line to support under your feet. Therefore, it is best for people with flat feet.

And last, the shoes have synthetic upper material and the textile collar. So it is very durable and mobile. However, it is a little bit heavyweight.


  • High-top design for ankle support
  • Excellent cushioning and support underfoot
  • Durable and well-made


  • Heavyweight

Overall, these cleats are the best football cleats for people who are looking for stability but not rapid or quick reactions.   

#6 Best for Linemen: Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Sk Football Shoe

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The next item in our list of the best football cleats is the Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 SK football shoe. It is the best choice for linemen because it is lightweight and very flexible.

However, what we like most about this item is the reasonable price for the quality. It cost you only a small amount of money while bringing you so many benefits.

This item of Adidas has everything you need for the best football cleats for speed, including lightweight design, regular fit, and cleated outsole. However, the shoelaces are not good-quality because it can easily break after a period.


  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Well-made cleats


  • Size is not true
  • Not durable shoelaces

Overall, we think this item from Adidas is best for beginners and amateur players to practice football every day. However, it is not good enough for a professional.    

#7 Best for Wide Receivers: Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid Men’s Football Cleats


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The best football cleats for Wide Receiver is Nike Alpha Menace Pro Mid Cleats. This pair of cleats are the best choice for people who need to evade the defense with quick movements. And that is why this item is best for wide receivers, linebackers, and running backs.

What we like most about this product are the triple sides studs. These studs will provide you excellent traction for quick movements and multi-directional cuts while keeping you stable and safe. However, the cleats do not come with the insole, so you need to buy a separate one if you want.

Also, this item comes with mesh and synthetic upper material. And it means that this pair of cleats is very breathable yet durable and robust. However, according to customer experience, its size is not correct, so you need to check carefully.


  • Excellent traction with triple-sided studs
  • Stable and solid construction
  • Breathable and durable


  • Size is not true
  • Not have insole

With all of the highlight features, this pair of cleats can meet all of the wide receivers’ requirements to have the best performance.

#8 Most Reviews: Under Armour Men’s Breathe Trainer Football Shoe

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What we like most about Under Armour cleats is the reasonable price and thoughtfully designed. It is why the Men’s Breathe Trainer Football Shoe has received thousands of compliments from customers.

This pair of cleat has the Die-cut EVA footbed design, which means that it can provide you the most comfortable and stable feeling under your foot.

Also, it has rubber molded cleats, which can provide you superior traction. Rubber is always the best outsole material among all.


  • Well-made and durable construction
  • Good cushioning and support
  • Good traction


  • Heavyweight

In the bottom line, if you are looking for the best football cleats for your daily training or school league, this item is the right choice.     

#9 Best in Budget: Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Football Shoe

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And the last item in our list of the best football cleats is the Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Football shoe. And this item is also the cheapest in our catalog.

Although it is cheap, it can offer you everything you need for a good pair of football cleats, including flexibility, comfort, and excellent performance.

This item comes with a regular fit design and a lightweight textile. Therefore, it is durable and very breathable. Also, the outsole of the shoes is very well-made to provide you excellent traction for quick movements.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Good traction


  • Size is not true
  • Not for intense training

In short, this item from Adidas is not an outstanding pair of cleats, but it is still good enough for your daily practice.      

Best Football Cleats – Buying Guides

If you don’t feel happy with any of the cleats above, please refer our buying guides to equip yourself with some basic knowledge and make your own choice.

1. Your Position and Role

You can’t find the best football cleats unless you understand your requirements. And your needs depend on your position and role on the field. So, who are you in a football game? Are you a wide receiver, a goalkeeper, or a lineman?

Your position and role will decide what skills and how much strength you should have. And it is the critical basement for you to choose the best football cleats. Also, some famous brands like Nike did produce different cleats for a different position.

2. Choose the Cleat Design

The cleats with excellent ankle support will make you more confident when playing, especially in a competitive game. Football cleats often come with three styles of low-top, mid-top, and high-top. Based on your requirements for support and mobility, you can choose one of them.

  • The low-top cleats are often lighter and more mobile but not very good at ankle supporting. It is usually suitable for skill position players.
  • The mid-top cleats have a balance between support and mobility. And it is ideal for players who need to be protected in heavy traffic while still have to move quickly.
  • The high-top cleats are best at ankle support. However, they are often bulky, not very flexible.

3. Choose the Upper Material

The upper material of the cleats will provide you support, durability, and comfort. The most popular top elements of the cleats are synthetic or leather. This material can withstand regular to intensive use on the field.

Apart from leather and synthetics, some big brands develop unique technology to provide better comfort, flexibility, support, and durability. You can refer Nike Flyknit, Under Armour Threadborne, and Adidas Primeknit for more information.

4. Choose the Cleat Type and Lockdown Design

Football cleats come with two major types: molded cleats and detachable cleats:

  • The molded cleats are often attached to the outsole of the cleat for better reliable traction.
  • The detachable cleats come with removable studs that you can change and replace to make it suitable for different positions.

The Lockdown design of the cleats also has three types: Lace-up, slip-on, and strap.

  • The lace-up design is the traditional design that can offer you a fully-customizable fit.
  • The slip-on design has only one-piece knit construction to provide you a snug one-to-fit
  • Strap design is the latest design that can give you better support and lockdown.

5. Size and Fit

With your experience in buying shoes and cleats, we think you understand that the cleat size is not the same among brands, even when they use similar measurements. Hence, finding the best football cleats with the perfect fit is not as simple as you think.

Also, even when the size is correct for you, it doesn’t mean that it will fit perfectly. The right size will lock your feet inside the shoes, while the fit will decide if your feet are comfortable or not.

When buying cleats, you often hear of “regular fit” or “wide fit.” If you want to find the football cleat with a snug fit, you should choose “regular fit.” And the “wide fit” is better for people with bunions or people who want to have a little wiggle room.

6. Comfort and Support

Playing football means that you will always have to run intensively for an extended period. Therefore, your ankle, joints, and bones will have to handle enormous pressure from your body. So, that best football cleats must have excellent cushioning to distribute the weight and protect your body evenly.

And you should choose the cleats with a comfortable midsole with excellent cushioning to protect you all game long. The foam midsole is an excellent choice for better comfort and responsiveness.

Also, if you want to find the best football cleats for speed, you will need the one with excellent traction. The traction of the cleats depends on the weight and also the outsoles. And “good traction” means that your cleat must grip well on the field to prevent slipping while being flexible enough to allow you to redirect quickly to make quick cuts.


1. How to prevent blisters from new football cleats?

You should start wearing your new cleats with light activities like jogging or running before bring it directly into your game. And you should prepare yourself quality football socks to protect your feet better.

2. Are high-top cleats better for football? 

We don’t have the exact answer to this question because each design will have both pros and cons. The high-top design can protect your ankle better but not as flexible as mid-top or low-top design. Meanwhile, the low-top is not good at ankle supporting.

3. Should you buy football cleats with a size bigger? 

The best football cleats must be the one that fits perfectly with your feet. And although all brands use one measurement, their sizes are not similar. So, you can find one size bigger or one size smaller if it fits you most and can bring you the most comfort.

4. How much do the best football cleats cost you? 

Football Cleats comes with a wide range of prices, from dozens of dollars to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, the best football cleats for you are the most suitable but not the most expensive one.

Final Words

As mentioned from the beginning of this article, the best football cleats vary among different positions and purposes. This pair of fasteners may be the best for center forwards but not the best for goalkeepers.

Therefore, if you want to find the best football cleats, you must understand your position on the field and your style before purchasing. And we believe that with the information in this article, you can find out which one is the best one for you. Good luck, and enjoy your game!


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