Top 7 Best Football Facemasks: Schutt, Green Gridirion, Xenith & Rawlings (2021 Reviews)

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Best Football Facemasks

Football is a great fun but tough sport, as you need to be strong and fast to win the game. In reality, you can’t guarantee that you won’t get any injuries during the match. The risk of suffering from teeth or facial bones damage really freaks a lot of players. 

To rescue the players from this situation, the football facemasks were invented. It supports you without causing any restriction in the game. However, there are a lot of football facemask types on the market now. 

This article will give you more information about the top 7 best football facemasks that you should look at. Let’s go!

The Top 7 Best Football Facemasks on the Market 2021

I have finalized the list of top 7 best football facemasks below.  Each product’s pros and cons will be stated clearly too.

#1 Schutt Vengeance Football Facemask 

Schutt Sports Vengeance Youth Facemask for Vengeance...
  • Youth Flex faceguards are...
  • DNA Faceguards are designed...
  • Fits the Youth DNA Pro+, DNA...
  • Offers ultimate protection while...
  • Attachment hardware included

The Schutt Vengeance Football Facemask is the latest version in the Schutt’s collection. It is highly reliable.

They used carbon steel- which is the most common faceguard material- to make this facemask. This ensures the strength, durability and sturdiness of the mask. It is also constructed with a double-wire bar which offers extra protection to your eyes and nose areas. 

The DNA faceguards are planned to fit the large-offset DNA helmet. So players can take off and put on the football helmet with ease. More importantly, the vision and visibility of the players will improve thanks to its brow design. 

The impact absorbance of this design really amazes me. It is suitable for different positions in the game. 


  • Highly reliable 
  • Carbon steel material to ensure the strength, durability and sturdiness
  • DNA fits the large- offset DNA helmet 
  • Improve players’ vision and visibility
  • Impact absorbance 
  • Suitable for different positions 


  • Heavier than some other brands

#2 Schutt Varsity VROPO DW Football Facemask

Schutt Sports Varsity VROPO DW STG Football Faceguard, Black
  • Boasting an extended brow design...
  • This varsity football specialty...
  • Boasting the same style worn by...
  • This facemask is designed for these...
  • Boasting an extended brow design...

Coming next is the Schutt Varsity VROPO DW facemask. It is not exaggerated to say this facemask is one of the most popular options that you might see on the field now. 

This facemask features a magnificent 17-bar configuration. It is to lessen the chance that rival defense can get their fingers through to drag you down. This is impressive!

They design this piece for Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Fullback, and Linebacker positions. The carbon steel material gives an extensive protection to the wearer. 

Similar to the Schutt Vengeance, this Varsity VROPO DW comes with an extended brow to enhance the vision, at the same time resist the impact on frontal hits. It is quite easy to construct.  

I fall in love with the look of this facemask. You will have a very manly and strong look when wearing it during the game. Go for it!


  • 17-bar configuration to lessen the risk of being dragged down by opponents
  • Carbon steel material to give extensive protection 
  • Extended brow to enhance the vision 
  • Resist the impact well 
  • Manly look


  • Higher price 

#3 Schutt DNA ROPO UB Football Facemask 

Schutt DNA ROPO DW Varsity Faceguard (Navy, Varsity)
  • SUPER-PRO carbon steel faceguards...
  • DNA Faceguards are designed...
  • Fits the DNA Pro+ and DNA Pro+...
  • Attachment hardware included

Another product of the Schutt that leaves a great impression on me is the DNA ROPO UB football facemask. This is a budget-friendly choice for those who don’t want to spend too much on a football facemask

The carbon steel material ensures the durability of the facemask. It is very sturdy also. You don’t need to spend that much time putting this on your helmet. The innovative technology makes it super easy to attach to the helmet by using a visor. 

This facemask works the best with DNA Pro + and the DNA+ Elite helmets. It comes with a very strong part to cover your mouth. This is perfect for players in different positions, such as wide receiver, punter, quarterback and tight end. 


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Carbon steel material for the durability 
  • Sturdy 
  • Easy to put on the helmet through innovative technology 
  • Works well with DNA Pro+ and DNA+ Elite 
  • Suitable for players in different positions


  • Quite heavy 

#4 Green Gridiron Riddell SpeedFlex SF- 2BD Football Facemask 

The Green Gridiron Riddell SpeedFlex SF- 2 BD makes the process of choosing a good facemask so much easier for you. 

They used high-quality steel material. This makes it quite light. I hope this can be one of things satisfying you. The Riddell SF-2BD is suitable for not only skilled players but also other levels. 

It offers a very high level of protection to your face and mouth. Yet it doesn’t cause any trouble to your vision. Actually, your visibility will be enhanced markedly. 

They planned to produce this facemask to fit with their new Speedflex helmet. So before purchasing this, I suggest you check what helmet type you are owning, then check with them if this facemask is compatible with it.  

Please note that this gear is very solid and built to last. It is suitable for both the youth and adults. 


  • High quality steel (stainless steel) to make it lightweight 
  • Specially suitable for skilled players
  • High protection level to your face and mouth 
  • Enhance vision 
  • Very solid and long-lasting  


  • It takes some time to put on

#5 Xenith Prime Football Facemask 

Xenith Prime Football Facemask, Black
  • Carbon steel facemasks with...
  • Fits any Xenith Varsity or Youth...
  • All facemask styles work with any...
  • Facemasks are shipped with all...
  • Does not fit size small helmets...

The Xenith Prime Football Facemask is another piece that fits all players, especially the skilled ones. This is an open mask so it keeps your vision clear while you are on the field. 

It is made of carbon steel with polyethylene powder coating. This is to ensure the strength as well as durability. In case a big hit happens, this facemask can totally withstand them. 

One note is that this facemask doesn’t fit Xenith’s small size helmets. You can follow the installation guide. It is very easy to put on. 

The Xenith Prime comes with different colors. All look really cool. The facemask is very light. Players will feel totally comfortable with this. 


  • Fits all players especially skilled ones
  • Carbon steel with polyethylene powder coating material
  • Strong and durable 
  • Light 
  • Comes with different colors 
  • Cool look 
  • Easy to follow the guidance and easy to put on 


  • This facemask only matches Xenith’s helmets and facemask clips


#6 Green Gridiron Riddell Speed CU-S2BD-SW-BU-HS4 Football Facemask

Let me introduce you to another product of the Green Gridiron: the Riddell Speed CU-S2BD-SW-BU-HS4. Some famous footballers used exactly the same one. This is a customized product. 

They use stainless steel wire to make this. That is why it is super lightweight compared to the ones that are made of carbon steel. It is actually easier to use and manage.  

This facemask is compatible with youth and adults- sized helmets. Sizes are available from S to XL. It is certified by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSA)

I highly recommend this facemask for holding skill players, such as wide receivers, running back and quarterback. 


  • Customized facemask 
  • Certified by NOCSA 
  • Made of stainless steel wire 
  • Super light 
  • Easy to use and manage 
  • Compatible with youth and adult-sized helmets
  • Recommended for holding skill players


  • A bit pricey

#7 Rawlings Youth EG Football Facemask 

Rawlings Youth EG Facemask, Light Gold
  • Rawlings Youth Faceguard
  • Recommended for positions WR RB DB...
  • Double wire design for additional...
  • Extra thick coating for increase...

The Rawlings Youth EG football facemask is a must-have item in the list of this 7 top. It has a very nice overall design. 

This facemask is also made of carbon steel. It is tough and strong. The double wire design gives an extra protection to your nose and eyes. Don’t worry about tough games! This facemask is with you. 

The Rawlings Youth is very versatile. It is suitable for different playing positions such as defensive line, defensive back, tight end, running back, wide receiver etc.  the extra thick coating ensures its durability. 

You can choose among its wide range of colors. Football facemask can be a piece to show your personality through styles and colors you pick. 


  • Made of carbon steel 
  • Tough, strong and durable 
  • Extra protection to nose and eyes through double wire design 
  • Versatile 
  • Suitable for different playing positions 
  • Wide range of colors


  • Hardware for its attachment not included

Factors you should consider to get the best football facemask  

1. Purpose 

Remember that a football facemask is to protect you from getting injured in the football match. That is why you should look for a protective, durable and tough one. If you want to buy a facemask to improve your vision, then it is good to go too. 

As I mentioned above, a football facemask can also say who you are. If you want to express yourself on the field, you can definitely find one among so many on the market now. 

2. Your playing position

Each position has to face various threats and risks during the match. Firstly, you should check the facemask’s bar configuration because it contributes a main part to the protection level. Knowing your playing position, you can choose the best fit for yourself. 

3. Material 

There are 3 standard materials used to make a football facemask, namely titanium, stainless steel and carbon steel. The most common option is carbon steel. It is tough and durable. However, it is a bit heavier than the other materials. 

If you want a lighter and still long-lasting option, you can go for stainless steel. But it will be more expensive than carbon steel. 

Titanium is a popular choice of professionals and elite high school teams. This material makes the facemask super super light, strong and durable. Player’s speed can improve quite a lot. 

According to your playing position, you can pick the facemask that is made of appropriate material for you. 

4. Cage 

You might be confused between open cage or close cage, right? 

Close cage:

The close cage, aka full cage does an excellent job that you can ask for: protect you to the fullest without restricting your vision. 

Best football facemask
Best football facemask

This type is good for players who need maximum protection for their face, mouth, eyes, and chin. Fullbacks, linemen and linebackers often use this facemask. And bear in mind that the more bars your facemask has, the lower vision you can have. 

Open cage:

On the other hand, some positions need extremely clear vision. That is the key to their winning. In this case, they should go for an open cage facemask. It features horizontal bars at nose to below level. 

They design this facemask for skilled positions like wide receivers, quarterbacks. They are also very good for punters or kickers, who need visibility to aim.


1. Why do football players wear masks?

Football players wear protective masks that cover their nose, face to avoid facial injuries or even protect from current injuries. Depending on the player’s position, they will choose suitable facemasks accordingly. 

2. When did football helmets get facemask?

In the mid-1940s, the leather helmets were compulsory in the NFL. Until 1949, the NFP officially took the plastic helmet, ending the leather helmet time. By the mid-50’s, single face bars were put on the helmets. It was the first time. 

3. Do all facemasks fit all helmets?

There are several major football manufacturers like Riddell, Xenith or Schutt designed facemasks to fit their helmets only. Some gears like the update and advanced ones such as Speedflex,etc are designed for their helmets and won’t fit other ones. 

4. Do they offer a hardware kit when you buy a football facemask?

Normally the hardware kit is not included. You will need to buy separately. The basic kit consists of  stainless steel cage screws, cage straps, and stainless steel cage T-nuts. You need them to put on the facemask to your helmets. 

5. Which facemask is used for my position?

As I said before, different playing positions need different kinds of facemask. I hope you can try to balance between the level of protection and visibility. 

Final thoughts

Overall, to pick the best football facemask, you have to understand what works for you. Knowing your position, the purpose, the helmet brand that you have, and the protection level that you expect are the keys to this. 

I hope you can find the most compatible football facemask for yourself after reading this article. Until next time!

Lastest Football Facemask Bestselling ON SALE

Bestseller No. 1
Schutt Sports VEGOP TRAD Carbon Steel Vengeance Varsity...
  • Vengeance Faceguard reinforced jaw...
  • Made of carbon steel for strength
  • The tapered faceguard design...
  • Offers ultimate protection while...
  • For Offensive line, defensive line,...
Bestseller No. 2
Schutt VSP Carbon Steel Faceguards- EGOP II (EA)
  • Made of carbon steel for strength
  • The tapered faceguard design...
  • Up to 60% Lighter than Traditional...
  • Offers ultimate protection while...
  • Fits the AiR XP Q10 (S - L)
Bestseller No. 3
Schutt Sports Varsity VROPO DW STG Football Faceguard, Black
  • Boasting an extended brow design...
  • This varsity football specialty...
  • Boasting the same style worn by...
  • This facemask is designed for these...
  • Boasting an extended brow design...
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