Top 8 Best Football Girdles: Nike, Under Armour & McDavid (Reviews 2021)

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Best Football Girdles

As you know, football can be violent sometimes as it is a contact sport. It is challenging to protect yourself from getting injured during a football match. Especially, your lower body should be well paid attention to. 

Therefore, a girdle is essential. It not only provides you with maximum protection  but also stability so you can focus on the match better. With the advanced technology nowadays, the football girdles are very comfortable, breathable and not restrictive at all. 

The problem is that there are too many options on the market today, which might confuse you. In this post, I will review the top 8 best football girdles. After this, I hope you can find the right product for yourself.   

The 8 Best Football Girdles on the Market 2021

Let’s take a look at each product’ pros and cons in this list. Are you ready?

#1 Under Armour Pro 5-Pad Compression Girdle

Under Armour Gameday Pro 5-Pad Football Compression Girdle/...
  • PROTECTION - Enhanced with HEX...
  • PERFORMANCE - Integrated with...
  • TOP QUALITY - We engineer our...
  • STYLE - Break records and look...

There is no doubt that the Under Armour Pro 5- Pad is one of the most popular girdles on the market currently. It is super flexible and well fitted

The HeatGear compression combined with waterproof padding makes this girgle great. You can wear it and feel comfortable and protected all day long. The pads are placed in a position to resist a lot of impact. They are very durable too. 

They use 4- way stretch fabric so players can freely move as they want. This material can block odor. It dries very fast too. So you don’t need to worry about being sweaty during the game. 

This girdle fits most people thanks to the compression design. It is tight enough without causing any pain to wearers. I like the large pads in the thigh area. The protection coverage is more. 


  • Very comfortable and flexible
  • Heatgear compression & waterproof padding make you feel comfortable and secured all day 
  • Durable and high impact resistance pads 
  • 4- way stretch fabric to bring full range of motion 
  • Odor free
  • Fits most of people 


  • Some people expect the pad to be thicker 

#2 Nike Hyperstrong Compression Girdle  

Nike is a brand that never lets you down. The Hyperstrong Compression Girdle is well-trusted for its high-quality. 

They design foam pads in the hip, tailbone and thighs area to protect the players as much as possible. On the thigh place, there are even hard plates to offer extra protection. It is not wrong to say the Nike Hyperstrong is one of the most well-protected girdles on the market now. 

The compression fabric fits you totally. The mesh panels are designed for breathability. The Dri-FIT technology keeps you cool and dry all the time because the moisture can be wicked away. All in all, wearers will feel extremely comfortable.

 The seam is well- made to avoid the chafing so you don’t feel irritated. Sometimes, you don’t really feel that you are wearing a girdle


  • Well- trusted and high-quality girdle
  • Foam pads are placed in hip, tailbone and thighs to protect players
  • Hard plates on thighs for extra protection 
  • Compression fabric to fit well 
  • Breathable thanks to mesh panels 
  • Dri-FIT to keep you cool and dry 
  • Well-made seam 


  • The manufacturer should consider designing cup pocket

#3 Champro Tri-Flex Football Girdle

CHAMPRO Adult Tri-Flex Integrated 5 Pad Girdle
  • The TRI-FLEX cushion system...
  • Low profile TRI-FLEX ventilation...
  • Contoured, ventilated thigh pad...
  • High-compression, Polyester/Spandex...
  • Cup pocket

The Champro Tri-Flex might not be as popular as some other brands. But this doesn’t mean its quality is inferior. Actually, this girdle can be considered as one of the best in football

The tri-flex cushion system brings  great protection and flexibility. The Dri- Gear technology can ventilate the air and wick all the moisture. This can keep you cool, dry and very comfortable. 

All pads are built in the girdle and placed in the thigh, hip, and tailbone so players will have a full protection. You don’t need to use separate pads. The cup pocket gives you extra protection. You can even insert your own cup if you wish. 

This girdle is made of a polyester/spandex blend. The 4-way stretch fabric makes it easy for the wearers to move towards any directions without restrictions. 

 Plus, this girdle offers a very good price. You can get a good quality product by paying a fair amount of money. It’s so cool!


  • Flexible due to tri-flex cushion system 
  • Moisture wicking thanks to Dri-Gear technology 
  • Pads are built in thigh, hip and tailbone
  • Have cup pocket
  • 4- way stretch fabric so players can move freely 
  • Reasonable price 


  • Integrated pads should be thicker

#4 McDavid Hex Rival 5 Padded Football Girdle 

Mcdavid Hex Rival 5 Padded Football Pants, Integrated Padded...
  • Hard-shell thigh guards are...
  • 9mm hex Technology at hips and...
  • hDc moisture management Technology...
  • Wash it, dry it, wear it
  • Includes cup pocket

The McDavid Hex Rival 5 Padded is another option that you should highly consider. This girdle is very suitable for those who are playing in positions that need to be flexible and move freely. 

The Flex air protective sash is there to give players full range of motion and the air can flow smoothly. This gear is made of nylon which gives you more comfort and lasts longer too. 

They applied the hDc moisture management technology which can keep you dry and cool all the time. Apart from this, you put this girdle in the washing machine instead of hand-wash like some others. 

This product is suitable for both children and adults. The design pattern looks very beautiful and lightweight. 


  • Suitable for positions that need to be flexible and freely move 
  • Flex air sash to give full range of motion and ventilate the air 
  • Made of nylon 
  • hDc technology to manage moisture and keep you cool & dry 
  • Washing machine friendly
  • For both children and adults 
  • Lightweight 


  • With an XL, the thigh pads are a bit small 

#5 Shock Doctor Shockskin Lax Football Girdle 

Shock Doctor Shockskin Lax Relaxed Fit Impact Short
  • RELAXED FIT exclusive pattern...
  • IMPACT PROTECTION provides added...
  • ULTRA CARBON FLEX CUP advanced...
  • SHOCKSKIN integrated fabric and...

The Shock Doctor Shockskin is another girdle that I highly recommend you to buy. This piece is chosen by a lot of professionals all over the world. 

It fits you really well even though this is not a compression design. It is constructed with flatlock and good seams so the players can move with comfort and freedom. The X-fit cup enhances the fit and stability of the cup position. 

The Shockskin integrated fabric keeps the girdle dry and cool even in an intensive match. And the vented foam pads make it breathable. This girdle is very light weight. 

They design an Impact Protection system to absorb the shock in critical areas and add the protection coverage to your hip, thigh and tailbone. Moreover, the ultra carbon cup can also transfer the impact away and protect your vital areas much more. 


  • Chosen by lots of professionals 
  • X-fit cup enhances the fit and stability of the cup 
  • Comfortable and well fitted 
  • Dry and cool, breathable 
  • Lightweight
  • Great protection through Impact Protection system 
  • Ultra carbon cup to transfer the impact away and protect your vital areas better. 


  • Hip area should have more padding 

#6 FPGU7 Champro Man Up 7 Pad Football Girdle 

FPGU7 Champro Man Up 7 Pad Girdle Football Pant CH White...
  • The TRI-FLEX cushion system...
  • Low-profile TRI-FLEX ventilated hip...
  • Contoured, ventilated thigh pad...
  • High-compression, Polyester/Spandex...
  • Cup pocket

To be honest, the FPGU7 Champro Man Up 7 Pad is a must-have item, as it is great. This girdle is very comfortable. 

They use Spandex fabric to make this, so the gear is flexible. High compression design makes it fit to your body very well. You can run, jump or kick the ball without any difficulty. 

They used the Dri-Gear technology to manage the moisture and keep your body dry at all times. The air can ventilate and make it cool too. 

Unlike the Champro that I mentioned above, this gear has thigh pads with hard plastic shock plates, apart from the hips’ ones. This brings extra protection to your legs. Of course, the pads are very soft. 

The price is quite affordable. The FPGU7 Champro Man Up 7 Pad is just a perfect piece that a football player should own to handle anything thrown to you during the game.  


  • Very comfortable 
  • Spandex fabric to make it flexible 
  • Moisture wicking  thanks to the Dri- Gear technology 
  • Thigh pads with hard plastic shock plates to offer extra protection 
  • Pads are soft
  • Affordable 


  • Cup is not included 

#7 Cramer Hurricane 7 Pad Football Girdle 

Cramer Hurricane 7 Pad Football Girdle, with Thigh, Hip and...
  • Integrated closed-cell Spider Web...
  • Hip pad coverage of the iliac crest...
  • Soft, light-weight thigh pads,...
  • 80% Nylon/20% Spandex with 100%...
  • Please see sizing chart image for...

The Cramer Hurricane 7 Pad Football Girdle comes with 7 integrated pads which ensures your lower body to be well protected on the field. 

The materials used to make it consist of 80% Nylon/20% Spandex with 100% Polyester mesh crotch panel. That is why this girdle is very stretchy and comfortable. It is also anti-bacterial and moisture. 

The pads are placed in every critical area, namely hip, thigh, tailbone and knee which protects you from the effects of unexpected collision. They are very soft and lightweight. 

The girdle doesn’t cost you much, yet very durable. It gives you a lot of freedom of movement. The air is very well ventilated. 


  • Very stretchy and comfortable
  • Anti bacteria and moisture wicking 
  • 7 soft and light-weight pads to bring full protection to your lower part 
  • Reasonable 
  • Well ventilated 


  • Only adult sizes are available 

#8 Alleson Integrated 7 Pad Football Girdle

Alleson Adult CORE 7 Pad Integrated Girdle - Large
  • 84% nylon/16% spandex compression...
  • 90% polyester/10% spandex stretch...
  • Vented molded EVA pads make the...
  • Hip pads go up to top of waistband...
  • Knee pads can be taken out to allow...

The Alleson Integrated 7 Pad Football Girdle is another mysterious name, as it is not as popular as some other brands. But this doesn’t mean that this piece is not good. It turns out quite nice. 

The design is very straightforward. The pads are quite thick (10 mm) and cover critical places such as thighs, hips and knees. The EVA padding system is created to keep these pads in place to ensure their best protection. 

They use very light material. It seems to be stretchy, so players can freely make the moves towards any direction. The CORE hexagon padding shape helps manage the moisture better. If you have to play in a wet environment, it can disperse the water. 

Some people claimed that this girdle ripped after a few times of washing so you might want to check it out by yourself. In general, the Alleson is a on-budget product and all pads are made in one piece of material.


  • Thick 7 pads to cover critical places 
  • EVA padding to keep the pads in place 
  • Light & stretchy material
  • CORE hexagon padding shape to manage moisture 
  • Low price 


  • Not flexible enough for bigger people 

Factors you should consider before purchasing a football girdle 

1. Material 

Materials are very necessary to look at when you pick a football girdle. Good materials brings comfortable feeling to the wearers. It should be stretchy enough so players can move actively on the field. 

Best Footlball Girdles
Best Footlball Girdles

The three most common materials used to make girdles are spandex, polyester and nylon. 

2. Padding 

Padding is another very important factor that you can’t ignore when buying a girdle. There are different amounts of padding panels depending on each product and brand. But what matters more is where the pads are placed. The critical areas include thighs, hips and groin. With this, you 5 panels should be enough. 

However, basing on the position you are playing and how rough your match is, you might need to choose extra pads. Normally, the plastic is hard and more reasonable. I have mentioned EVA technology above. This is the highest quality of padding.

3. Fit

I am sure you don’t want to own a girdle with a poor fit. You should consider the style before deciding whether you need it to fit over your thighs or over your hips. It should fit enough, but not too tight. As you know, an over-tight girdle can restrict your freedom of movement. 

And if you plan to place separate pads in your girdle, they should be fit to secure them. Knowing your size, especially your waist size is important. You can also measure to make sure the numbers are correct. Don’t let a wrong size girdle distract you in the game. 

4. Price 

It is not a big deal if you are willing to spend money on an expensive girdle. However, the quality and technology should be good enough to trade off. Luckily, you don’t have to pay the most money to get the best girdle. There are several options that come with reasonable prices. 

Finding a girdle with the features you require and the price that you can afford is possible. 


1. What size football girdle should I get?

Knowing your size is necessary. Based on your waist number, you can choose the girdle size accordingly. Here it is:

SizeWaist Size
Youth Large30″ – 32″
Small28″ – 30″
Medium32″ – 34″
Large36″ – 38

2. Can you wash football girdle?

Yes. But you should check carefully whether your girdle can be washed in the washing machine. If yes, you should set the cold water mode. Mild detergent (pH < 10) is suggested. And you have to remove the girdle right after washing. 

3. Do you wear a padded girdle under padded football pants?

Up to your preference, you can wear the girdle under or over the underwear. Make sure that the girdle covers your lower part properly. And you can wear football pants over the girdle. 

4. What kind of girdles do NFL players wear?

Different players will have different choices. Please refer to my review above to check out the most recommend brands. 


In a nutshell, a good girdle is very beneficial to players. And protection is always listed in top priority in any game. Don’t regret the money that you invest in a girdle now. You won’t have to pay for unwanted injuries that might happen in the field later. It is the best investment. 

I hope that you can find useful information from my article. There are lots of online and offline stores for you to choose now. Just bear in mind, don’t judge the quality of a girdle by its price tag only. It is not right in all cases. 

Lastest Football Girdles Bestselling ON SALE

SaleBestseller No. 1
Under Armour Gameday Pro 5-Pad Football Compression Girdle/...
  • PROTECTION - Enhanced with HEX...
  • PERFORMANCE - Integrated with...
  • TOP QUALITY - We engineer our...
  • STYLE - Break records and look...
Bestseller No. 2
CHAMPRO Unisex-Adult Man-Up - 7-Pad Girdle, White, Adult...
  • FLEXIBLE: The Tri-Flex cushion...
  • BUILT-IN PADS: The contoured,...
  • COMFORTABLE: DRI-GEAR technology...
  • COMPRESSION FABRIC: Made of a...
  • CUP POCKET: A built-in cup pocket...
Bestseller No. 3
Sports Unlimited Adult 7 Pad Integrated Football Girdle -...
  • Seven pad protection for your hips,...
  • Flexible foam padding built to flex...
  • Embossed Sports Unlimited shield...
  • Breathable, ventilated foam in mesh...
  • Worn underneath pants to bolster...
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