Top 6 Best Football Mouthguard (Shock Doctor, Venum, Champs & Battle ) (2020)

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Best Football Mouthguards

In sports matches, there is always a collision between players. So, protective clothing was born to protect sports players. Football Mouthguard is one of the essential protective gear for football players.

On the market today, there are countless products Mouthguard. These products come in different colors, sizes, and designs. Each of the redesigned models has a unique protective effect. Here we have selected six football mouthguard products, which receive very high ratings from users.

Top 6 Best Football Mouthguard Review in 2020

Football is a sport that appears strong collisions. Players need to have protective gear to keep themselves safe. Besides essential body parts such as head and chest, the mouth is also the area that needs to be protected, especially your teeth because our permanent teeth only grow once.

Although the dentist level today is very high. We can use dentures instead, in the case of reluctance. However, fake goods are not always as good as the proper ones. Dentures only have a specific shelf life. Therefore, we think Mouthguard is essential for football matches.

We pledge that our comments on these products are accurate and useful. Here are six products that you can choose from when buying mouthguard.

#1 Best overall: Venum Challenger Mouthguard

Venum is a famous brand in the sports world.  We know Venum the most in boxing.  And of course, boxing is a mandatory sport using Mouthguard.  Therefore, the Mouthguard from Venum often works with all different types of games, including football.

Venum Challenger Mouthguard is the dominant color black. The bite joints simulate the shape of the teeth.  The manufacturer has assembled it to fit the standard adult teeth measurement.  As such, the Mouthguard can maximize your safety.

Besides, the design of this Mouthguard focuses primarily on the protection of teeth. Unique design helps reduce injuries to teeth and palate.  On the body of the mouthguard has a hole design for breathing. That makes it easy for athletes to do sports without worrying about the effects. The gel frame helps users feel comfortable.

In addition, Rubber frame is designed according to the strength and weakness of teeth, which prevents the user’s teeth from being affected by force. As such, the Venum Challenger Mouthguard is exceptionally suitable for sports activities such as boxing, martial arts, or football. Also, the product comes with a hygiene box.


  • Simple design, proper function.
  • The joints fit adult teeth.
  • Suitable for intense sports.


  • There is only one black.

#2 Best for Compettion: Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard

Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard is a product designed by sports and dental professionals. It is extremely useful. Also, according to many experts, it has a remarkable effect on the ventilation system.

When using this Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard, athletes will breathe easily. This is very important in competition. This design has been patented by the American Society of Science and Technology because it provides more oxygen to help athletes quickly regain muscle strength.

Besides, you can easily use the Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard without much effort. The compact and not prominent design helps you can confidently use it.  Whether you have braces or not, Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard can work well.  It has a design that fits the teeth of an adult.

According to the reviews of previous users, Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard is very suitable for matches.  In addition to its compact and breathable design, it also helps athletes regain their breath as quickly as possible.


  • Safe in competition.
  • Compact and convenient design.
  • Suitable for both braces.


  • The plastic body easily breaks.

#3 Best of Dental Guarantee: Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard

One special thing to mention about this Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard is the material and how to use it. This is a mouth guard suitable for everyone. Why do I say that? See the explanation below! It works with natural expansion mechanism with hot and cold water. So, you can mold it to fit your teeth mold.

When you buy a new product, soak it in boiling water. After only about 17 seconds, place it on your mouth and press it to follow your teeth. This movement requires meticulous and careful. Once you’re done, put the Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard in icy water. After expanding it with boiling water, put it in cold water to help it shape the frame. So, you have a mouth guard right for you!


  • Suitable for everyone.
  • Especially suitable for people with braces.
  • Safe material.
  • Can frame many times.


  • The size is small compared to normal size.

#4 Best for Use with Braces: Shock Doctor Max Airflow Lip Guard

This Shock Doctor Max Airflow Lip Guard is an excellent choice for people with dental problems. Especially those who have braces. The simple design resembles a conventional invisalign brace. Special manufacturers put many layers into the shock absorbers inside this mouth guard. It has superior protection compared to conventional veils.

Shock Doctor Max Airflow Lip Guard has a good protection certificate. It has reinforced the outer frame to make it more solid. The bite fits many mouths, supporting you in the best way. Its air-hole system is 10% more efficient than other types. It is a famous breathing channel called airflow.

Besides to the bite, it also has an external protective layer. It helps to protect your lips. But if you dislike, we can remove it. The Shock Doctor Max Airflow Lip Guard has a diverse design. It appears with many colors. The decorative prints on it are very eye-catching. It is suitable for young audiences like children and junior people.

The proprietary Shock Doctor Polymer material makes Shock Doctor become a dental protection expert. This material improved to bring comfort to customers.


  • Exclusive material.
  • There is a large system of air holes.
  • Removable lip pads.


  • Size larger than the mouth of children.

#5 Best Convenient: Champs Breathable Mouthguard

Champs Breathable Mouthguard is a suitable choice for those who prefer convenience. It has a simple design that still functions as a protective product. Criteria to build this product is for the comfort and convenience of customers. 

It does not interfere with your breathing. Helping you achieve your training and competition goals in the best condition. The author designed the ventilation system to help support largest breathing for customers. The user will have no problem with breathing.

The product has a very hard outer shield and has a high bearing capacity. It helps you to withstand the hardest hits. With a soft external hard design to help users achieve most efficiency in work. Hard exterior to help with the best bearing. The soft inside makes you as comfortable as possible.


  • Enhance the convenience.
  • Optimize material with hard and soft internal characteristics.
  • Users can customize according to their teeth mold.


  • Material is too soft. If boiled for a long time, it will look like jelly.

#6 Best Design: SISU Mouth Guards Aero

Sisu Mouth is a manufacturer specializing in all kinds of mouthguard. They focus on a product with a unique design. This company not only produces mouthguards for adults but also for children. Even though children’s games are not as strong as those of adults, they still have injuries. Thus, mouthguard for children is also needed.

Sisu mouthguard’s design is simple. The product has only a single bite joint. The company uses a lot of colorful colors instead of using the basic colors like red, white and black. The body of the product has regular holes that help drain saliva during use.

The product has two main sizes: medium and small. The average size is for athletes about 5 to 6 feet tall or for adults. The slim and lightweight design is only 1.6mm thick, making it as comfortable as possible. You may forget that you are using mouthguard when using Sisu mouthguard.

With such a slim design, you can comfortably use your mouthguard while eating or chatting. You can use it for everyday activities even when not in the match. Also, the product is also resistant to mold that prolongs the shelf life of the product. Diffusix technology helps the product to withstand strong bumps in the game.


  • Unique design.
  • Convenient for users.
  • Colors are bright, and there are many color options.
  • Advanced technology and can resist mold.


  • The price is quite high compared to the market.

Features to Consider When Buying a Football Mouthguard 

Mouthguard is a product that helps protect teeth, prevent bone and root damage. It also helps to reduce the risk such as chipping, jaundice and unconsciousness. Because it works so well, when choosing to buy mouthguard you also need to have thorough research. You can refer to some of our guides below.

1. Does not interfere with breathing.

First, choose a mouthguard product that does not interfere with breathing and talking. The common material of these products is silicon. So, it had a certain comfort. But you need to check its respiration level. When playing football, you need to breathe higher than normal. Thus, you need to choose a product that does not interfere with breathing.

2. Fixed on user teeth.

This is a product for athletes. So, they operate a lot with high intensity. Thus, the mouthguard needs to be fixed on the teeth. It cannot fall off during powerful impact. Such is suitable for sports players.

3. Choose the product that fits you.

Each type of mouthguard usually comes in original sizes. They serve original uses and needs. You should choose products that can customize your teeth. It can change the shape by exposing them to boiling water. This way, you can create the frame that suits you best.

4. Easy to clean.

This is a very important criterion. Because you put the product directly into your mouth. Thus, you need to know how to clean the product clean. What products are easy to leave a dirty plaque and difficult to clean, you should not buy. Choose a product that can be easily cleaned.


1. When to use mouthguard?

They can use this product whenever you feel it involves your activity. Such as playing basketball, softball, wrestling, soccer, boxing, skating, martial arts, racing, …

2. How many types of dental protection equipment?

There are three key types: available, molded and custom made. Each type has original uses. If you only need to use it when playing football, choose one available in the market. It is right for you and helps save costs.

3. How to preserve mouthguard?

Typically, manufacturers will sell enclosures. After use, store the product in its dedicated container. Avoid exposure to fire as they make it of silicon.…


Mouthguard is a very important product for football players. You should choose the one that best suits you. Hopefully this review will help you. Do not forget us in the next reviews!

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