Top 7 Best Golf Balls For Beginners & Seniors (2021 Reviews)

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Best Golf Ball

There are two main reasons for a lousy gold shot: the morning stiffness and the wrong ball. Do you know why you need to find the best golf balls for your training? Because you can’t become a single-digit handicap golfer without the best golf balls that is suitable for your game.

The bottom line of this article is that the golf ball is the virtual part of your game. And here we have the best golf ball for seniors as well as the best golf balls for beginners. Let’s check it out to find the most suitable one and impress others by your swing!

Top 7 Best Golf Balls – Detailed Reviews in 2021

#1 Best Overall: Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls, White, Standard Play Numbers...
  • Extraordinary Distance with...
  • Very Low Long Game Spin and...
  • Drop-and-Stop Short Game Control
  • Very Soft Feel
  • material type: Urethane

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls are the most expensive ball set in our list, but it also the best in quality and design. It comes with a charming box and four colors of white, pink, white, and yellow.

This ball is a very softball with mid and consistent flight, which is ideal for maximum distance and the best control. Therefore, you can make a lower score.

And last, you can find in this ball very low long game spin and penetrating trajectory. Also, ball construction is very durable even after intense training. Therefore, every player should make a fast swing with a long distance.


  • High-quality ball
  • Well-made and durable
  • Soft feeling and consistent flight


  • It is expensive

Overall, if you don’t worry about the money, Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball is always the first choice for you to make the shot.

#2 Best for Beginners: Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
  • Must buy 2 or 4 dozen for special...
  • Soft, thin cover - provides more...
  • 338 speed dimple pattern - the...

As a beginner, you will need to find softball, which is easy to control and not very expensive. And Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls can meet all of your requirements to become the best golf ball for beginners. It is inexpensive, and it comes with good quality.

The main reason to make this ball become the best for beginners is thin and softcover. This coverage provides a softer feel and more greenside spin on all putts, pitches, and chips.

Also, this ball has a 338-speed dimple pattern that can cut through the wind to make your shot accurate and consistent. However, it is not for high swing speeds.


  • Reasonable price
  • Soft feeling and long-distance
  • Accurate and consistent


  • Not for high swing speeds

There is no doubt that the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball is the best golf ball for beginners.

#3 Best for Seniors: Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls Prior Generation

Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls Prior...
  • Pattern : HEX aerodynamics and long...
  • Increased short game spin and...
  • New super hot BOLD options are...

Are you a senior golf player? If you are, we suggest that you should buy the Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Ball. This ball from Callaway has everything you need for an advanced training course.

Firstly, it can provide you the softest feel with the best forgiveness every time you make a shot. Also, it is a four-piece golf ball with the soft urethane cover material. Therefore, it can provide you the perfect straight-flight.

And last, the massive benefit of this ball is it can help to slow down your driver speed is an excellent way to control more comfortable swing speed better.


  • Softest feel and best forgiveness
  • Well-made with four-piece construction
  • Easy to spot


  • Not very durable color

Overall, we think that Callaway is best for mid handicappers with advanced training because it is straightforward to find and soft to the putt.

#4 Best for Distance: Wilson Prime Distance Golf Balls

Wilson Profile Distance Golf Ball 36 pack
  • High energy core enables long...
  • Low compression technology for a...
  • Tour accuracy: specially designed...
  • Spin reduction: spin reducing...
  • Shipped in a specially designed 3...

The next product in our list of the best golf balls is the Wilson Prime Distance Golf Balls. As you can see from its name, this item is the best for people who are seeking for long-distance shots thanks to the high energy core and the tour accuracy feature.

Also, this ball uses low compression technology, which can bring you a softer feel and more suitable for beginner to intermediate player.

And last, the spin reduction dimple pattern will help to reduce hooks and slides. Therefore, you can make a rapid and precise swing.


  • Soft feel
  • Excellent construction for long-distance
  • Reduce hooks and slides


  • Not for professional players

In short, this item is perfect for people who can’t hit straight and who are looking for a long shot.

#5 Best for High Swing Speed: Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls

Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
  • Must buy 2 or 4 dozen for special...
  • Tour Urethane Cover A soft, thin...
  • Energetic Gradient Growth Core...
  • 338 Aerodynamic Speed Dimple...

Are you looking for the best golf balls for your high swing speed? Well, you should choose the Srixon Q-star Tour 2 Golf Balls. This brand comes with a very reasonable price with good quality for your advanced training.

Firstly, the Srixon ball has the Tour Urethane Cover, which is very soft and thin to provide you tour-caliber greenside spin. Therefore, you will have total control of every shot.

Also, this ball comes with the Energetic Gradient Growth Core. This advanced core construction can help to optimize distance and ball performance.


  • Reasonable price
  • Well-made construction
  • Designed for distance and high swing speeds


  • Not for the low handicap player

Overall, the Srixon golf ball is the best golf ball for seniors because it can optimize the distance and performance of your shot even in the wind conditions.

#6 Most Reviewed: Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (Matte Red), Prior...
  • The Callaway Superset is a long,...
  • An ultra low compression core...
  • New Low Drag HEX Aerodynamics are...
  • A new softer Trigonometry cover...

What are the most famous golf balls among golfers? It must be Callaway Golf Super Soft Golf Balls. This ball set is extremely reasonable compared with the other item from Callaway.

However, this ball is incredibly soft- which can provide you straight flight and long-distance shot. Also, it comes with ultra-low compression core, which can help to promote ball speed and accuracy.

And last, the low compression also works well to enhance your feeling and increase the greenside control. When combining it with the New Low Drag HEX Aerodynamics, it will become the best.


  • Durable and great distance
  • Super soft
  • Easy to see and spot


  • Not for swing speed  

Overall, this is an excellent golf ball which is super soft and can offer you a great distance with the greet feel for your daily training.  

#7 Best in Budget: TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

TaylorMade 2018 Distance+ Golf Ball, White (One Dozen)
  • React core - low spin - high speed
  • Has 342 Aero dimple pattern
  • Low drag aerodynamic design
  • The Package Weight Of The Product...

If you don’t want to invest much money on the best golf balls, you can take a look at the TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls. It is the cheapest item on our list, but it is okay for beginners to intermediate players to practice.

In this ball, you can find everything you need for the best golf ball for beginners, including the REACT speedcore and low-drag cover and aerodynamics. Therefore, the ball can offer you high speed with more distance.


  • Low price
  • Two-piece construction for more distance
  • Durable and high speed


  • Not for advanced training
  • Not very soft

In short, this ball is a good golf ball for the price. It is enough for people who have just start with golf but not for professional players.   

Best Golf Balls – Buying Guides from the Professional

If you can’t choose any of ball that we listed above, you can refer our buying guides to make a decision yourself. And here are the essential features that you must carefully consider. You can find all information about these features in the description of the balls. And don’t forget to ask the seller for more details.

Best Gofl Balls
Best Gofl Balls

1. Choose Ball’s Construction

The first and the most crucial feature of the best golf balls is the construction. It will vitally react and contact with the club. Hence, based on your playing style and your club, you should choose the most suitable structure for yourself. And here are the most famous constructions:

1.1 One-piece Golf Balls

It is the most basic and inexpensive ball, which is best for beginners and crazy-golf courses. Although it is soft, it does not gift you the distance because it has less compression.

1.2 Two-piece Golf Balls

It is the most popular construction among ordinary golfers because it can provide you both durability and maximum distance. It often comes with a solid core, cut-proof blended cover, and Surlyn layer.

1.3 Three-piece Golf Balls  

This construction has a solid or rubber core with a layer of enhanced rubber and durable coverage. It is often softer and can offer you more spin so you can control the ball better.

1.4 Four-piece Golf Balls

It comes with four different layers, and each of them has its purpose. The first layer is for explosive distance; the inner cover is to transfer the energy. Meanwhile, the middle cover will help increase drive distance, and the outer sheet will give you the best feeling. In short, a four-piece golf ball is best for most extended hitting and the softest feel.

1.5 Five-piece Golf Balls

The five-piece golf ball will do a better job than the four-piece one to provide you most performance benefits and spin separation. And of course, it is also the most expensive construction among all.

The five-piece golf ball often comes with three mantle layers, and each of them will react to different swing speeds and shorts to optimize your performance. Therefore, it is best for professional players.

2. Choose the Spin

The golf ball often comes with three different levels of spin: low, mid, and high.

2.1 Low Spin Golf Balls

These balls often decrease side spin when you shot. Therefore, the ball will flight straightly in the shorter distance. And the ball with low-spin is the best for people who often slice the ball or have trouble getting mileage on the ground.

2.2 Mid Spin Golf Balls

The mid-spin golf ball is the best combination of distance and feeling. And that is why it is the favorite for most of the players. Depending on brands, the ball will offer you varied softness and feel with a stable distance.

2.3 High Spin Golf Ball

As you may know, the high-spin golf balls can offer you the spin of the maximum ball in your shots. As a result, it can create a longer carry for the ball.

The high spinning ball will improve your feel on and around the greens and better control the shot. And this feature makes it best for players that hit the ball right to left.

3. Choose the Compression

Most golf ball is about 50 to 100 compression. However, the compression of the golf ball can be between 0 and 200.

The ball with lower compression often softer and can fly in a longer distance. Meanwhile, the higher compression ball can offer you more control, especially when you want to produce faster swing speeds. So, based on your training requirements, you can choose the most suitable compression for you.  


Do softer golf balls go further? 

Yes, the softer golf balls often go further. However, it is more critical to fit the ball to your irons and to fit the ball to your driver for maximum distance.

Should I use a hard or soft golf ball? 

As we mentioned, the low-compression balls are more suitable for beginners and higher handicap players. However, the high compression is ideal for producing faster swing speed with the most control. So, which group are you?

How much do the best golf balls cost you? 

The golf balls often come with two price categories: less than $50 per dozen and more than $50 per dozen based on the design, the quality, and the brands.

Do new, unused golf balls go bad? 

No, they don’t. The new golf ball often comes with the best construction and condition that can only improve your performance but not decrease your performance.

Final Words

As mentioned, our article aims to help you find the best golf balls for your perfect swing. Here, we have the list of the seven best shots that are legal to use in tournaments. You can choose any of them for your training to get the best result.

Once you find out what type of game you have, adjust your swing to enhance your performance, and buy the best golf ball for advanced training. Therefore, it will head you to the course. Good lucks, and don’t forget to share your experience with us! 

Lastest Golf Balls Bestselling ON SALE

SaleBestseller No. 1
TaylorMade 2018 Distance+ Golf Ball, White (One Dozen)
  • React core - low spin - high speed
  • Has 342 Aero dimple pattern
  • Low drag aerodynamic design
  • The Package Weight Of The Product...
SaleBestseller No. 2
Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (White ),12 pack, Prior...
  • The Callaway super soft is a long,...
  • An ultra low compression core...
  • New Low Drag HEX Aerodynamics are...
  • A new softer Trigonometry cover...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Callaway Player Mix 48 Recycled Golf Balls, White
  • 48 Callaway golf balls
  • Styles include HX, Hex, hot and...
  • Quality is 3a/4a Mix. Playable, but...
  • Enjoy many of the top styles from...
  • Packaging may vary from the image
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