Top 7 Best Golf Grip For Small Hand & Sweaty Hand (2020 Reviews)

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There are many types of golf grip from many manufacturers. We can use them for unique situations on the course. And we will help you find the best golf grip in this article!

Best Golf Grip

Golf grip has the function of helping you to flex your wrists in the swing in the most natural way. It also has making you return the pressure to the impact with the ball with speed and repetition.

On the market, it is challenging to find the best golf grip dedicated to those who approach this sport for the first time. So, this article gives a list of seven best golf grips and a detailed buying guide.

Top 7 Best Golf Grips Reviews

#1 Best Overall: Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Golf Grip

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip,...
  • Larger Lower Hand, All-Weather...
  • Package Height Of The Item Is 6.0"
  • Package Length Of The Item Is 24.0"
  • Package Width Of The Item Is 13.0"

The Golf Pride MCC Plus4 golf grip is marvellous for players at all levels. The composite materials are durable. It gives a top comfort level when the players adjust the holding pressure.

You will have no concern about slippage or sliding when using this grip from Golf Pride. They design the grip for anchor hand specialized. Most customers praise that the grip is exceptionally efficient for gold starters.

The design is smart and robust. The bottom of the grip is extended and used with versatile materials, which is mainly soft rubber to bring maximum comfort. However, its durability is low compared to the high pressure from professional golf players.

If you require a premium-quality grip with a reasonable price, the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 is the best golf grip in the game so far.


  • Enhance the pressure in all weather
  • High-quality and well-produced textures
  • Durable materials in the top area and soft rubber in the bottom ones
  • Best choice for golf starters


  • Cannot handle intense pressure from professionals

#2 Best Design: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip
  • 8 Ounce Tour Select Solution
  • 15 Select 2 Way Tape Strips
  • Rubber Shaft Clamp

Tour Wrap 2G is another fantastic model from the Golf Price. It has a simple design with premium construction. The Tour Wrap 2G golf grip gives a response to the hand pressure with the most exceptional performance.

At the back of the grip, there is a ridge of 2G shines for fixed hand placement and high control. They make the overall body of the grip from premium rubber. There is a cord that is made from cotton to prevent the slippage and sliding during the performance.

However, some customers complain that the grip is still slippery when the rain occurs. Otherwise, this Golf Pride’s grip has an excellent design for any top golf players. Even suffering hundreds of swings, the hold still maintained its high durability and reliability.


  • There is a ridge at the bottom to support the hand placement
  • Classic and simple design
  • Enhances the control ability
  • High durability


  • Less effective in rainy weather or when the hands are sweaty

#3 Best Materials: Winn 6715W Golf Grip

What makes the Winn 6715W golf grip stand out from other rivals is its premium woven materials. It makes the grip become the favourite’s item for both golf novices and professionals.

Touching the grip, the first thing you can feel is cushioning. The cushioned feature allows the fingers to hold tight without excessive pressure for each swing. It is exceptionally suitable for any beginner weak at the golf swing.

Notably, the grip offers non-slip and water-resistant features. It enhances the performance of the golf matches exceptionally. Besides unusual materials, the grip maintains the holding pressure from hands exceptionally well.


  • Enhances stability for the hands when holding the grip
  • Performs even in rain or terrible weather
  • Premium woven materials
  • Soft and cushioned


  • Thin structure
  • Low durability

#4 Best Performance: Golf Pride MCC New Decade Golf Grip

Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound (MCC) Midsize Black Golf...
  • Golf Pride's most popular grip in...
  • Most popular grip
  • Midsize for larger hands
  • Golf Pride’s most popular grip in...
  • Most popular grip

Compared to previous models on the list, the MCC New Decade model of Golf Pride offers two halves made from premium rubber, which gives an incredible performance for all users.

The top area of the grip contains cord, and the bottom one is softer for easy to control. For customer’s reviews, the Golf Pride MCC New Decade golf grip is the best golf grip for professionals on the market so far.

It has a unique black velvet cord on the top to fix the hand placement. The cable is water-resistant and durable through thousands of swings. However, please remark that this grip may not be suitable for the beginners because of the unreasonable price.


  • Premium and high-quality materials
  • Perfect performance for professionals
  • Unique textures that are weather-resistant and durable
  • Long-lasting lifespan


  • Unreasonable price

#5 Most Versatile: Winn Wrap Standard Golf Grip

Winn DriTac Wrap WinnDry Grip, Oversize (+1/8-Inch)
  • 0.600 inch core size, round
  • Grip weight: 50 grams
  • High water resistance and shock...

Winn golf drip is the most versatile grip in the list as it excels for all players. Its design is efficient in reducing the hand thrashing while swinging. It offers shock-absorbant that helps the players have the best swings effortlessly.

The grip is perfect for all weather. There is a contour for the players to navigate their hand placement easily. All the customers state that the grip is non-slippery, has perfect cushioning, and has a top level of efficiency.


  • Shock-absorbent for high stability
  • Wrapped design for high efficiency
  • Perfect for all players
  • Non-slippery and weather-resistant


  • It falls apart after a few times of use

#6 Most Durable: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip

The Tour Velvet 360 model from Golf Pride is perfect for the handicappers who prefer the most long-lasting and durable grip. This grip is perfectly well-balanced and designed most straightforwardly.

The grip does not feature the cotton texture like other Golf Pride’s models. But do not worry, it still promotes high efficiency and stability through each downswing. From the customer’s reviews, the grip is ideal for low handicappers.

The durability and reliability are outstanding through hundreds of affects for an extended period. If you are looking for a grip that can long-lasting for over 40-round rule, then the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 is a perfect choice.


  • Well-balanced and shock-absorbent
  • Non-slip tackiness
  • Durable and long-lasting for years
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for mid handicappers
  • No cotton textures

#7 Best Price: Lamkin Crossline Standard Golf Grip

With one of the most affordable prices, only under $5, the Lamkin Crossline golf grip can give you more than your expectations. The grip design gives high stability, and specialized materials make it perfect for those with sweaty hands.

Mainly, it has a dense pattern of synthetic rubber. It offers firmer and more stable holding experience for the players. And its lateral traction works like a shock-absorbent system. 


  • Most affordable choice
  • Specialized design for people with sweaty hands
  • Weather-resistant and shock-absorbent
  • Offers firmer hold


  • Low durability
  • Not suitable for professional players

How to Use the Golf Grips?

When you hold the golf grip properly, the technique will help you affect the best shot. Grasp the handle in the palm of your hand and fingers. For moderate grip, your left thumb must be on the right side of the centre.

From there, hold your right hand by gripping with the middle and index fingers. Your right finger should be on the left of the centre.

How to Grip the Club Corectly?

If your handle is in the middle, you should be able to see two knuckles on each hand. If not, your grip will be too strong or too weak, leaving you in contact with the ball with the clubface closed or open. Then the ball line will not be like what you want.

How to Choose the Best Golf Grip?

1. Types of Grips

When choosing the grip, the most important thing is the benefits and differences between the golf grip type. Some grips give you a solid feel while others can that give you a soft, lightweight, and gentle feel.

Professional golfers use sturdier and more durable grip types because they give better control, which is suitable for higher speed swing.

Beginners will prefer the soft, lightweight grip. It is more comfortable to hold without paying much attention to the swing speed and control.

2. Weight

Science technology is increasingly developing; golf club companies are also continually applying scientific and technical advances to create wooden sticks with lighter weight. And they make the grips also lighter.

That is why some types of grip used for wooden sticks may be lighter than the hold of iron sticks.

3. Materials

They make most grip types of a rubber material. Rubber is a material easy to shape, easy to produce and feels solid when held. Other types of articles you can find on the market such as silicon, resins or other elastomers.

4 Size

Just as you need to choose a shirt that fits your size, the choice of grip is the same. You should use the grip that fits your hand. Many researchers have shown that up to 75% of golfers use the wrong side of the grip.

Grip sizes may vary by manufacturer, but there are five common sizes available:

  • Standard = diameter ranges from 0.58 – 0.6 inch
  • Junior = many sizes, usually smaller and shorter than Standard
  • Undersize = 1/64 inch smaller than Standard
  • Midsize = 1/16-inch larger than Standard
  • Oversize/Jumbo = 1/8-inch larger than the Standard


A common question we often get is “how long does a grip last”. The answer is that the lifespan of the grip is short or long depending on the time and level you use it and how you store your grip. Most manufacturers recommend that the grip be replaced after about 40 rounds or after one year of use.


What is the golf grip made?

The golf grip is the part that a player uses to hold the ball. They often make golf grips of rubber, plastic and leather materials. Each material has its advantages such as light and cheap rubber, durable plastic and comfortable leather. The suitable material depends on the surface of grooves, holes or floating edges.

How to store the golf grip?

Many golfers store golf equipment in their garage, where the humidity is very high and not the ideal place to store them. It should store golf grip indoors, in a dry, controlled temperature. When you save a golf grip, make sure you wrap it up!

One more thing to avoid is to put the grip in the car’s trunk. First, since you will drive and put it in the chest, the grip will be scratched, chipped or concave.

Second, the summer heat in the trunk can damage the grips. Temperatures in the car’s trunk can reach 80 Celsius degrees on scorching summer days.

What is the lifespan of a golf grip?

The manufacturer recommends the life expectancy of a grip as a replacement after 40 rounds or after one year of use.

When should I change the grip?

The most important thing is that you need to maintain and check the grip and friction of your grip regularly. Often, when you need to change your grip is when it has undeniable signs such as.

  • Diminishing grip
  • Feeling slippery
  • The appearance of cracks
  • Light spots, abrasions appear around the area where the fingers are located

If you notice any of the above, it’s time for your grip to be replaced.

Final Words

A golf grip is often the most overlooked component in golf clubs’ pockets. The golfer will often think about changing their balls, clubs or shoes but rarely think about optimal selection and replacement of the best golf grip.

On the market, there are many types of golf grip for you to choose. And the information that we share above will help you better understand the golf grip and what you should consider when selecting a grip. Hope that you can choose the best golf grip right for you. Leave a comment if you have questions!

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