Top 8 Best Golf Putters: Wilson, Odyssey, Cleveland or Pinemeadow (2021 Reviews)

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Best Golf Putter

How can you make the best shot? Firstly, you need to be confident to make a shot. And where does your confidence come from? It comes from thousands of practicing hours with the best golf putters.

However, we understand that it is never easy to choose any golf equipment, including the best golf putters. There are thousands of putters on the market, and if you only read the product description, you will never make a choice. That is why you need to read our reviews and buying guides to find the best golf putters for your training.

Top 8 Best Golf Putters Of All Time

#1 Best Overall: GoSports The Classic Golf Putter

GoSports The Classic Golf Putter - Premium Grip and Putt...
  • TIMELESS DESIGN: 2-way cast iron...
  • ADULT SIZE: Traditional 35 inches...
  • PREMIUM COMFORT GRIP: Features a...
  • PICK UP AND PLAY: Practice your...

The first item in our list of the best golf putters is the GoSPorts Classic Golf putter. And in our experience, this item is the best choice in all range of price, quality, and design.

What we like most about this product is well-made and reliable construction. This putter is a two way cast iron putter, which is very sturdy for a real roll on putts. Also, it is a 35-inch putter, so it is more suitable for male golfers.

And last, this item comes with a premium comfort grip for left-hand and right-handed golf players. Therefore, it is more comfortable and stable.


  • Sturdy and solid construction
  • The ideal length for both male and female golfers
  • Stable and comfortable
  • Reasonable price


  • Too long for female
  • Heavyweight

Overall, this putter is one of the most valuable golf putters for beginners to intermediate golfers to putt like a champion.

#2 Best for Beginners: Wilson Harmonized M Putter

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter, Men's M5, Right Hand
  • Mallet style putters
  • New larger diameter grip size
  • Multiple density areas in the Micro...
  • The soft feel grip is designed...

If you are a beginner, Wilson Harmonized M putter is one of the best golf putters. This putter is a mallet-style putter, so it is very suitable for the modern player.

What we like most about this putter is the larger diameter grip size and also the multiple density area. This design makes it easier for starter-level to putt because you will feel more contact with the ball.

The other reason why this putter is best for beginners is the easy alignment design. It comes with horizontal lines that provide you visual support. As a result, you will make an accurate setup for precise stroke.


  • Larger diameter grip
  • Simple to align and control
  • Reasonable price


  • Not very good accuracy

Since this putter is very easy to manage, beginners should start with the putter. And since it comes with less precision, it is the last choice for the professional golfer who has a high demand for accuracy.  

#3 Best for Seniors: Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter, Black

Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Black #1 Putter (Right...
  • Designed to Meet the meticulous...
  • Re-engineered White hot insert...
  • Laser milling insert cutting...
  • Heel/toe weight placement increases...
  • Contrasting alignment aids on the...

The next item in our list of the best golf putters is Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter. This item is the best for seniors, thanks to its outstanding features.

Firstly, this putter has the re-engineered white hot insert that can improve your feel, sound, and overall performance. Also, the laser milling insert will help to optimize your performance’s consistency.

And last, this item is the best choice in forgiveness and responsiveness thanks to the heel/toe weight placement. And there is nothing to complain about its accuracy.


  • Well-balanced
  • Easy to align and good accuracy
  • Solid construction


  • It is pricey

Overall, although this putter is expensive, it deserves to pay more money for such a high-quality product. We think it is worth for every senior and advanced golfer to invest in this putter.    

#4 Best for Ladies: Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter (Men's, Right Hand)
  • Perfect Balance
  • Lower Center Of Gravity
  • Headcover Included
  • Country Of Origin: China

One of the best golf putters for ladies is the Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter. This putter can offer you a perfect balance for the best performance.

Firstly, this putter has an oversize “Site Plate” so you can easily align and get the best accuracy, especially when you line up your put. Secondly, the offset hosel makes the alignment even more straightforward.

And last, Pinemeadow featured this putter with a consistent face. This technology will help to create a smooth role while absorbing shock and minimize skipping.


  • Firm and comfortable
  • Shock absorption
  • Easy to align


  • Lie angle

In the bottom line, this item is an excellent value for the price, and it is best for upright putting stance.   

#5 Best for high Handicappers: Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach #1 Golf Putter

Cleveland Golf Men's Huntington Beach #1 Golf Putter, 35",...
  • Precision Milled Face For Softer...
  • Made From Soft 304 Stainless Steel
  • Tour-Proven Shapes

The best golf putter for high handicappers is the Cleveland Golf Huntington golf putter. This is a stainless steel putter, which is not very hard yet very durable.

Our first impression with this putter is the deep milling. It creates a super soft and stable feel that is much better than the polymer insert putter.

Also, this putter’s weight is fantastic for you to get the best performance. And we have to say that its grip is awkward at the few first times using. However, soon you will feel comfortable, especially when it helps you square the putter.


  • Stable and soft feel
  • Fantastic weight
  • Reasonable price


  • Awkward grip

In short, this putter is a beautiful putter for the intermediate level, especially for high handicappers.     

#6 Best for Alignment: S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women –Stand Up Golf...
  • YOUR CHOICE OF HAND: Choose the...

Are you looking for the best golf putter for alignment? If you are, we suggest that you should choose the S7K Standing Putter. It is expensive, but it is legal for tournaments, and the most important is it is best for alignment.

Firstly, as you may see, it is effortless to set the putter behind the ball and check your alignment. As a result, you can make and correct to have a precise setup and take a confident stroke. Also, this putter can stand up by itself, even on a slope.

And last, once you finish aligning, everything you need to do it, putting your hands on the grip and take the stroke. You don’t need to adjust the angle because the strike dot showed you exactly where you should focus on getting the best performance.


  • Thoughtfully design for alignment
  • Well-made and easy to control
  • Legal to tournament


  • It is pricey

Overall, we recommend this item for every golfer, including a professional and beginner. If you have a full budget, you should pay for this one.      

#7 Most Reviewed: Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter (Men's Right Hand)
  • Perfect Balance
  • Alignment Tool
  • Headcover Included
  • Country Of Origin: China

The next item in our list of the best golf putters is the most popular one: Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL putter. This putter has received thousands of compliments from customers all over the world.

Firstly, like any item from Pinemeadow, this putter comes with a very reasonable price. And despite the low price, it can still offer you perfect balance for easy controlling and using.

And last, this item comes with an alignment tool, which will help you create a precise setup. However, we have to say that its accuracy is not for advanced golfers. You can also find the head cover in this set.


  • Reasonable price
  • Perfect balance
  • Easy to align


  • Not good accuracy

With all of these features, this item is best for beginner to intermediate golfers as well as amateur golfers to practice every day.       

#8 Best in Budget: Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR600 Putter

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR600 Putter, 34"
  • Package length: 6.4 cm
  • Package width: 15.2 cm
  • Package height: 91.4 cm
  • Product Type: GOLF CLUB

Do you want to find the best golf putters in a small budget? If you do, we suggest that you should buy Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR600 Putter – the cheapest putter in our picks.

This putter comes with low price and good quality, too. It is a good weight, well-balanced and excellent roles. Moreover, it also comes with a midsize grip that is very handy and comfortable.

And the head cover is really a bonus for such a reasonable putter. The overall construction is acceptable, but it is not good to align. Therefore, its accuracy is not good.


  • Low price
  • Good weight, well-balance
  • Head cover included


  • Not good accuracy
  • Difficult to align

With such a low cost, we think this item is acceptable for beginner and amateur golfer to have the first experience with golf.

Learn The 4 SKills Off Golf Putting

4 Skills Of Putting

Best Golf Putters in 2020 – Buying Guides

When looking for the best golf putters, you should carefully check the following features.

1. Choose the Right Type of Putter

When It comes to the best golf putters, the shape is the most critical feature that you must consider carefully. The different forms will lead to a different result in a putting stroke. Therefore, you need to match your putter head shape with your preference and the natural putting stoke path.

Also, shape and weight balance are the critical features that will decide the performance of modern putter. And here is some helpful information for you:

1.1 Blade Style

The blade style is the traditional putter style that has been used for more than a century. This style comes with a rectangular-ish shape. From the heel of the putter, you will see a shaft extends to meet the toe of the putter. This design is the ideal choice for the golfer who loves straight, putting swing path.

1.2 Heel/Toe Style

This putter style often has the extra weight at the end of the rectangle putter that is very helpful for a golfer to keep the putter on line. Also, the heel design allows you to add or remove weight to the putter.

In other words, this design allows you to adjust the putter’s weight to match multiple swing paths. And it is why this style is more and more popular recently.

1.3 Mallet Style

And the last style of the best golf putters is the Mallet. When looking at the putter with Mallet design, you will see a deep shape in the back. It is a brilliant design that helps to make a lower center of gravity. Therefore, it can help to reduce spin for off-center ball strike.

2. Choose the Material

Each golfer will have different needs for their putters. So if you want to find the best golf putters for you, you should choose the face materials. And here are some choices for you:

2.1 Metal Face

Metal face is the most famous face material that you can find on the market. And the most popular metal materials are steel, aluminum, bronze, or even titanium. The strong point of the metal is a stable and robust feel.

However, it is often slippery, so some manufacturers made a face with a milled surface for eliminating skidding. Therefore, it can deliver proper topspin.

2.2 Insert Face

The insert face often comes with softer materials to create a softer feel in the ball-strike. With these materials, the manufacturer can redistribute the weight of the putter’s face. As a result, you can keep the swing path better on-center.  

2.3 Combination Face

You can also find the putters that come with an insert inside and a metal-cover face on the market. Therefore, this putter can provide you both softer material benefits as well as metal material benefits. However, this putter often much more expensive than the normal one.

3. Choose the Length

The length is the most critical component of a putter because it will help you get into the correct address. So, when using the putter, you want your eyes over the ball, your elbow touches your rib cage. Also, your hands must be under your shoulder, and your hips must be over your heels.

At least, your putter has to fit with this position. If you find that you are gripping down the shaft, you should choose a shorter design. Meanwhile, if you grasp beyond the end, a longer putter is often a better choice.

And another important rule for choosing putter length is the shaft must be in line with your forearms. We think it is why golfer loves long putter.

4. Choose the Weight

People create putter to be suitable with specific length and certain swing weight. So, the best golf putters must have proper weight to optimize your performance. For example, a 35-inch putter usually weights 330 grams. 34-inch putter often comes with 359-360gram head weight.

And if you want to find a shorter putter, 32inch, its weight must be around 380 grams.


Are Mallet Putter better than blades? 

Blade putter is the classic design that has appeared for centuries. The blade is more suitable for the golfer with arc stroke because they can offer better weight distribution. But recently, the mallet putter is more popular because they can work correctly in all stability and stroke range.

How much should you spend on the putter? 

You need to get 100% for the best performance, and putter count 40%. So, you should always pay more for a high-quality putter to have the best performance. Golf putters come with a wide range of prices. It could cost you less than $50, but it can also cost you more than $200.

Is light or heavy putter better? 

Each of them comes with both pros and cons. For example, the light putter is a factor in directional control, but it may hurt the consistent distance control. Meanwhile, the heavy putter will seriously affect distance control, but it works better in directional control. However, in our experience, the heavy putter is better than a light putter.

Do you need expensive putter? 

The most expensive putter comes with delicate balance, making it easier to target the line. But it is only a small difference that professional golfer needs. The expensive putter can only make a positive difference for your performance if it fits you.

Is a heavier putter better for fast greens? 

Yes, it is because it requires you only a short backstroke to move the ball. However, there is no significant gap between the more substantial and lighter putters because the more luminous is handy and more comfortable to control.

Final Words

If you read to this part, you are serious about golf, and you are really about to find the best golf putters to enhance your performance. And we hope that our reviews, as well as buying guides in this article, will help you to find the best product for your incoming tournament.

If you don’t worry much about the budget, we think the Odyssey or Autopilot is the right choice. If your budget is limited, Ray Cook is an acceptable putter for your game. Don’t forget to share your experience with us!

Lastest Golf Putters Bestselling ON SALE

Bestseller No. 1
Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter (Right Hand)
  • The PGX putter features a precise...
  • This contrast of the white color...
  • At 380g the additional 40g weight...
  • Includes custom PGX headcover
  • Putter length 34"
Bestseller No. 2
GoSports Battleputt Golf Putting Game, 2-on-2 Pong Style...
  • BATTLEPUTT: An exciting new hybrid...
  • SINK PUTTS TO SCORE: Compete with...
  • PREMIUM PUTTING GREEN: Includes 11...
  • INSTANT SETUP: Extremely portable...
Bestseller No. 3
FUNGREEN Golf 2PCS/Pack Two-Way Putter Club for Right or...
  • Two-way putter club,34"length.
  • Can be disassemble and foldable.
  • Reduce the volume,easy to ship and...
  • Has two colors,blue and red.It is...
  • 2pcs/pack.
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