Top 6 Best Golf Tees: Callaway, Champkey or Wedge (2021 Reviews)

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Best Golf Tees

A longtime golfer always needs to find a golf tee that best fits his playing style. In this article, we definitely have the golf tee you need. You follow along!

If you are interested in golf, then definitely know the word tee. Golf tee is the term for two indispensable things on the golf course. Golf tee refers to a part on a golf course. Besides, it is only an essential accessory when playing golf

Top 6 Best Golf Tees For 2021 Reviews

On the market there are too many types of golf tee to choose from. That makes it difficult to choose. We understand your confusion. So, we write this article is the solution for you. We offer 6 selected products. This is the most thorough guide for you to choose the right golf tee.

The list of products below is not in order of the best words. We divide it based on the purpose and function of each type. When you want to choose anything, think about its purpose first! Our reviews below are based on my own experience and the experience of golf readers. This is a prestigious article for you. Let’s find out!

#1 Best Overall: Pride Golf Tee

Pride Golf Tee, 2-3/4 inch Deluxe Tee
  • Elegant and smooth finish
  • 100% solid hardwood
  • Features nontoxic lead-free paint...
  • Engineered and designed to provide...
  • Painted, Printed and Packaged in...

Let’s come to the first item on the list. If you want to find a regular golf tee and its function, consider Pride Golf Tee. This is the most popular and used golf tee product. It is affordable with over a thousand positive reviews at amazon. We are confident this is a useful product.

It is about 4 inches in size, a standard size of golf tee. Products made of wood mixing no other materials. I guarantee the paint on the body of the product not to use lead. The most optimal function of the product is to support golfers.

It provides most performance and endurance to users. Products from the United States with product certification of environmental safety.


  • Good price.
  • Design matching function.
  • Pointed tip easily plugs into the ground.


  • Brittle if the force is indestructible.

#2 Most Stable: Wedge Guys PGA Approved Professional Bamboo Golf Tees

Wedge Guys 250 Count Professional Bamboo Golf Tees 2-3/4...
  • The 2-3/4 Inch high Professional...
  • Wedge Guys Bamboo Tees are stronger...
  • The Bamboo Golfing Tees feature a...
  • PGA Professional Approved &...
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee –...

They make the next product from bamboo. Bamboo and wood are powerful materials and are preferred by many people. Here, I will talk more about this product. They use a special bamboo to ensure that this golf tee is more rugged and longer lasting.

This bamboo tee is more effective than wooden tee because it is biodegradable. Even manufacturers promise that it can compete with steel. The product is lacquered wood, making it as natural as possible. The product is guaranteed by USGA – US golf expert.

In this world, there are thousands of types of bamboo Wedge Guys firms always use as the best type of bamboo. They use bamboo because it is naturally resistant to water. One of the other reasons is environmental protection. 

According to the study, bamboo grows 10 times faster than timber. Besides, it also can decompose quickly due to the natural starch in bamboo. Bamboo is also easier to harvest than wood.

This product works extremely well on each of your ball paths. The blades of the golf club are much easier thanks to the support of Wedge Guys PGA Approved Professional Bamboo Golf Tees.


  • Selected material.
  • Standard design.
  • Durable.


  • This type is more expensive than other materials.

#3 Best For Long Drives: Pride Professional Tee System

Pride Professional Tee System, 3-1/4 inch ProLength Plus...
  • #1 Tee on the PGA Tour
  • 100% Natural Hardwood
  • Color bar indicates Tee length
  • Painted, Printed and Packaged in...
  • Perfect for drivers over 360cc

For those who are familiar with long drives, choose Pride Professional Tee System. According to evaluation by PGA Tour, this product is leading in the list of golf tee in the long drives category. They make this product of solid wood. So they are stronger and more durable than other types.

Color palettes have had a very good role. It helps you determine which golf tee to use in which control range. Pride Professional Tee System is an exclusive system with a separate color coding system. When you use it, you can determine the length and fit of golf tee with unfamiliar types of golf clubs.

This product is 100% manufactured from the USA: from drawing, printing and packaging from a US factory. It shows the length of the tee is on the color bar of the product.


  • More durable than other products.
  • Length varied and suitable for different gameplay.


  • The price is much higher than other golf tee.

#4 Most Durable: Callaway Par-Tee 

Callaway Par-Tee (Pack of 10 tees)
  • Durable, co-molded construction...
  • Promotes low-spin launch for added...
  • Stiff, sharpened tip for easy...
  • Virtually unbreakable; one Tee can...
  • Size: 3 1/4 inch (10-pack);...

Callaway Par-Tee is the next product I want to talk about. They design this product with the highest durability required. It is available in a single color with white on the tee body and black on the sole. They print its logo on the body of the product. It makes the player elegant. So that many rich people prefer to use it.

The pointed tip of the product allows you to plug into the ground and use. The hole made by Callaway Par-Tee is not too big. It does not cause loss of aesthetics. Callaway Par-Tee considered a wonderful product to support your shot. It is at a sufficient height to support the ball.

This is an almost indestructible product. When using Callaway Par-Tee, you can play many times. The manufacturer guarantees that this golf tee will help you play the most rounds. The dimensions of the product are standard from 3.1 inches to 4 inches. Each bag contains only 10 golf tee. Less but that quality.

Callaway Par-Tee is a typical product from plastic and rubber. It has a plastic body and rubber sole. Rubber material has a powerful adhesive ability. It shows extra distance and low revs when using the 460cc driver head size.


  • Durable material.
  • Smart design.
  • Skillful use of two types of materials.


  • The price is too high compared to other products. A bag of nearly US $ 10 but only 10 golf tee.

#5 Best for Golf Practice Mat: Champkey SDR Rubber Golf Tees

Champkey SDR Golf Rubber Tees 6 Pack,Durable Practice Golf...
  • 【SIX KINDS OF SIZE PACK】Package...
  • 【RISK FREE】Champkey is backed...

For indoor players, the Champkey SDR Rubber Golf Tees is an optimal product for you. This package includes 6 pieces of original sizes. 6 Size suitable for indoor golf courses of different lengths. In addition, because of the indoor court, this golf tee has no pointed base. Usually, the pointed base is used to plug into the ground. Indoor play has a cylindrical sole that helps the product stand.

Manufacturers are very flexible in purchasing original sizes. You can buy a package that includes many sizes. You can also buy a pack of only 1 size that fits. The manufacturer stores the product in a plastic container and you can store it easily and permanently.

You should not waste time on other materials, but directly use the Champkey SDR Rubber Golf Tees products. It saves your time and effort. Many tests have opened and Champkey SDR Rubber Golf Tees shows that we can use it for up to 1 year. Definitely in case you didn’t lose it.


  • The product is durable.
  • Good price.
  • Can flexibly choose the size in a bag.


  • Only suitable for indoor golf courses.

#6 Best for Price: Champkey PGA Professional Natural Hardwood Golf Tees

Champkey 100% Natural Hardwood Golf Tees Pack of 120 -...
  • 【100% HARDWOOD...
  • 【PGA APPROVED】PGA Professional...
  • 【100% SATISFACTION...

One of the cheapest products in the market today. One pack contains up to 120 golf tee. It has lots of distinct colors to choose from. Champkey PGA Wood Golf Tee produces natural wood for higher durability results. You can use it long term over many attacks.

This material is biodegradable so you don’t have to clean your golf tee after every play. This is the optimal choice for those who regularly play golf and play many times. This product is very durable. It can withstand the weight of steel.

Champkey PGA Wood Golf Tee offers a lot of uncommon colors. These colors can mark the remoteness of old holes and holes. Can also mark a difference with your golf shirt color. It Helps you become the most stylish.

In addition, according to the proven experiment, the Champkey PGA Wood Golf Tee helps the golf ball to stand and its shelf longer.


  • Various colors.
  • Help you save money.
  • Durable material.


  • Many customers responded that this product was not as durable as advertised.

Tips for Buying The Golf Tees

To choose the golf tee you like, choose according to your purpose and use. In addition, there are many factors to consider when buying a golf tee.

Do you play indoors or outdoors?

Distinct types of golf tee have unique designs to fit the indoor or outdoor playground. Golf tee for outdoor turf with spearhead design. It helps golf tee deep in the ground. But if used in the yard is different. Instead of a spearhead design, the manufacturer swapped with a sturdy base. Help the golf tee stand firm with the sole.

Material of golf tee

There are many materials used. We can make them from bamboo, wood, plastic or rubber. If you play outdoors, use products like bamboo and wood because they are biodegradable. If you play indoors, you can use plastic or rubber. They are cheaper and more durable.

Length of golf tee

This depends on the technical and play style of the player. If you are someone who cannot take long shots, choose short golf tee of about 3.1 inches. If you prefer to take long shots, then choose a golf ball about 4 inches long.


Should we use plastic wrap made of biodegradable material? 

We encourage you to use biodegradable materials as they are good for the environment. When playing golf on the field, the biodegradable type gets absorbed into the soil. It makes the soil lush. Other non-biodegradable materials harm the environment, you also have to clean after playing. 

How long are the golf tee products for? 

This depends on the material of the product. Golf and bamboo tee will decay after a certain time. But, the type made from plastic or rubber, the shelf life is very long. Those are items that are difficult to decompose.


In this article, I’ve outlined some typical golf tee types you might consider buying when playing golf. These are indispensable things in your golf session. If you have any experience with golf tee types, please leave a comment. We and other readers appreciate your opinion. We will come back with lots of other useful posts, don’t forget to check them out! 

Lastest Golf Tees Bestselling ON SALE

SaleBestseller No. 1
Pride Professional Tee System, 3-1/4 inch ProLength Plus...
  • #1 Tee on the PGA Tour
  • 100% Natural Hardwood
  • Color bar indicates Tee length
  • Painted, Printed and Packaged in...
  • Perfect for drivers over 360cc
Bestseller No. 2
Hireko Golf Tees, 2 3/4-Inch/500-Piece
  • Wooden Golf Tees
  • White Color
  • Durable Hardwood Construction
  • 500-piece economy pack
Bestseller No. 3
Callaway Golf Wood Tee (3 1/4", Red/White/Blue)
  • Size/Material: 3 1/4" wood
  • Durable hardwood construction
  • Includes printed Callaway logo and...
  • Red/White/Blue: 100-count
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