Top 9 Best Golf Training Aids: Sklz, PuttOut or Eyeline (2021 Reviews)

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Best golf training aids

Golf seems to be a technically challenging sport. If you play this sport irregularly, you may not make improvements. As you may not have time for the course, numerous tools are allowing you to keep up with your game. 

This article contains some of the best golf training aids that can help you improve your performance. So, let’s check the items below now!

Best Golf Training Aids Reviews 2021

#1 Best Overall: Sklz Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer

The market today has many famous golf clubs. But it’s strange if someone replaces your iron clubhead with a yellow golf ball. With SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer, you will find this is a very normal thing because this is the design and how it works. It’s undeniable that SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer is one of the best-selling models.

The first advantage of this product is lightweight – 2.5 pounds at the end and additional flex throughout. This design helps you to swing this training device indoors or in the yard easily without having to worry about where is the ball.

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer is suitable for those who need to train, start, and practice. The head has weight and adds flex so the player feels the swing is strong. The manufacturer makes sure that this model allows you to practice form, balance, weight transfer.

Besides, it enhances the swing power and extends your swing. With the two available sizes of 40 and 48 inches, you absolutely can choose the product that suits you.


  • Improve the swing
  • Sustainable structure
  • Improve the power


  • Slightly small

Overall, SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer is a highly rated golf training aid in the market. This will be a suitable option for you. For more information about this product, visit the link in its name.

#2 Best Durable: SKLZ Impact Golf Balls

Another golf training aid from SKLZ is SKLZ Impact Golf Balls. This is a manufacturer of golf equipment, so their products are very reliable.

For effective training, the easiest way is to hit the lawn, but risking slicing or hooking a window is not advisable. Instead, try using SKLZ Impact golf balls. Available in yellow and black, SKLZ Impact Golf Balls is the perfect choice to practice and practice.

They have actual flight distances, though they are extremely limited and have no impact on a veritable golf ball. The biggest difference between SKLZ Impact Golf Balls compared to other training balls is the material’s strength and toughness.

They are so durable that they do not break or crack when you swing hard. SKLZ makes these balls with Pop-back-up technology to keep the perfect spherical shape. Thanks to the standard size, SKLZ Impact Golf Balls will bring a feeling of satisfaction when you swing.


  • Helpful in practice
  • Sturdy
  • Last a long time


  • Slightly sensitive to heat

No matter what period, SKLZ Impact Golf Balls is one of the golf training aids that many players choose. Discover its outstanding features before it’s out of stock.

#3 Best Simple: PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

Technology development entails the convenience of modern products. The manufacturer has applied expensive high-tech equipment to develop golf training aids, such as lasers. Therefore, they can easily help golfers improve their game.

However, not always using high-tech products can make success. It’s just a piece of plastic with a special design.

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is one of the best things to develop your abilities.

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is made from clear and white polycarbonate plastic. The design of this product is a slight tilt with a dent about half. All you need to do is land in that divot with a perfect putt.

The parabola design of the tilt simulates the conditions that help you develop a perfect putt, PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer has enough power to control you hit the target. You can use this training aid anywhere, even it is your home.


  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
  • Good price


  • Hard to see the color

It’s great to find a great support product. Try PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer today and improve your level!

#4 Best Multipurpose: EyeLine Golf Speed Trap

EyeLine Golf Speed ​​Trap is a training support product that gives you many valuable benefits. This transparent polycarbonate design will perfectly match the grass in your yard or at the golf course and practice your swing. The lines on the plastic sole support you to arrange your previous shot. EyeLine Golf Speed ​​Trap can help you find out what’s wrong with the shot based on the division of the subsequent swing.

This popular practice tool also comes with four premium speed bars or plastic tubing. It can be installed on a plastic base to surround your swivel area. From there, you can make a more disciplined swing. In particular, these sticks give you a neat and clean swing.

Don’t worry because EyeLine Golf Speed ​​Trap is easy to use and highly durable. Thanks to this golf training aid, golfers have a wonderful change and can use this help to maintain their strength.


  • Effective
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent quality


  • Cheap execution

EyeLine Golf Speed ​​Trap has all the advantages compared to many other types on the market. Experience the significant advantages today by adding them to the cart!

#5 Best for Driving: Impact Snap Golf Swing Trainer

Despite its strange appearance, Impact Impact Golf Swing Trainer is a device that will help you improve your long swing. This small golf handle has an internal ball bearing that helps you optimize your swing and helps you determine if your hand is in the right position.

Weak wrists, tight forearms, swinging movements, clapping arms, and some other bad swing habits will no longer be a concern with this tool. Also, this training aid can minimize the impact. So you can easily win against repeated injuries.

Impact Snap designed this model quite specifically to improve Ulnar Deviation, Flexion, and Supination golf motions. From there can bring an optimal swing motion.

The small size allows players to easily use it anywhere: at home, in the office, in the yard, or even use it to preheat a round of golf. This product is very suitable for professional golfers and receives certification from PGA golfers.


  • Bring to optimal motion
  • Size fit
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals


  • Grip slightly tight

Overall, Impact Snap Golf Swing Trainer is a highly rated product on the market. This will be a suitable option for you. For more information about this golf training aid, visit the link in its name.

#6 Best for Putting: EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

For golfers of any skill level, EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror can help them better understand their clubs and improve their skills. This training aid measures 12 x 6 inches and is durable. Besides, EyeLine also equips this model with lines of view to arrange the perfect shot on the green.

Compact and convenient in design, the mirror is easy to carry around. So you can easily use this device anywhere, even at home, and putting green on your local course.

The mirror lines assist you to organize the golf ball into the indentation to create a clean and straight shot. Next to it is a horizontal line that supports your clubface in place. In particular, reflection allows you to observe effectively. Eye change will be easier, look behind the ball or right in the middle.


  • Durable
  • Support to improve skills
  • Light


  • A little light

EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror is becoming more and more popular than ever. Get it now or cry later because it’s easily out of stock.

#7 Best Value: SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer

SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer uses a variable weight system. Its bottom is a thread weight compartment. Thanks to this design, users can rotate training aids. Lightweight assists you in practicing your perfect grip easily with a variety of hypothetical clubs. From there, you will get the feel you need for the course.

In particular, you can use this training tool anywhere: indoors or outdoors, in the office, or in the backyard. SKLZ makes sure that the SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer will help you develop tempo and flat surfaces besides grip. Besides, it also supports heating and exercise.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Practice anywhere
  • Help to warm-up


  • The enormous hand is a little hard to hold

Uncompromising quality with perfect materials made the famous of SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer. This golf training aid is worth buying. Discover the amazing quality of this product by adding it to the cart.

#8 Best for Chipping & Pitching: Orange Whip Wedge

Designed like a regular wedge, Orange Whip Wedge is a training support tool with an orange head and loft angle of 56 degrees. This product gives you the feedback you need to improve and chew. Orange Whip ensures that this model’s special design will easily rotate from the wrist and allow your shoulders and arms to be in position.

Different from the training support tools on the market today, you can use the Orange Whip Wedge to make realistic balls. The biggest goal of this training aid golf is to find your groove, so it develops a cleaner and more accurate chip shot.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Improve chipping
  • Durable


  • Slightly controlled

These amazing features have helped Orange Whip Wedge receive countless positive feedback from users. For more details about this product, click on its name above.

#9 Best for Arms & Body: Tour Striker Smart Ball

The scary “chicken wings” will no longer be a worry once you own the Tour Striker Smart Ball. This golf training aid supports the sequence of your arms and body. As a result, you can improve your skills to stand out.

All you need to do is connect it to an adjustable lanyard. You can use it under the armpit or inflated between the forearm. This template will help you better understand the rhythm and timing of a great swing. The professional golfers and the leading instructors enjoy this product. 


  • Easy to use
  • High-quality
  • Support arms and body


  • Sometimes a little hard to connect

Striker Smart Ball Tour deserves the title of one of the best golf training aids on the market. Try it today and you will probably enjoy it!

Some Criteria to Evaluate 

1st Criteria: Effectiveness 

The effectiveness seems to be the most crucial factor to think about when evaluating. Most people wonder themselves “Wil my training aid help my game?”. Several others may ask “Will it lower the number of strokes I’m planning on my scorecard?”.

If you have ever bought an unhelpful training aid, you may know the annoying feeling it brings to you. Besides, it might create an unplayable hook as well. A piece of effective training equipment will increase your results in the course of golf. Irregular use may lead to lower scores with better handicap. 

2nd Criteria: Build Quality

If it is a good training aid, you may use it many times. As it is used again and again for the practice session, it has to be well-built. In other words, it can stand up for consistent using and repeating. 

Some training aids made of cheap plastic can break down far too easily. So, the advice here is that you should buy a piece of equipment lasting you long. You may not want to re-buy many times whenever it breaks, right?  

3rd Criteria: Universality

A great training aid is a tool from which all golfers can benefit. To be more specific, they can help you to reinforce your practice’s quality. Besides, they also encourage you to practice regularly and keep good habits. 

So, a slice-fixer may not be useful for players trying to learn the way to hit a fade. However, a device helping the golfers groove an efficient swing will benefit everyone.  

4th Criteria: Value 

Almost golfers buy every training aid that they come across. Some are expensive, some are cheaper. But if you spend a huge amount of money, and it brings you many benefits, it worth your money. 

So, if you have a limited budget, you should choose carefully. You do not want to buy a cheap training aid but does not work effectively, do you? It will be a bad value in case it does not help your golf game. 

Therefore, keep in mind that “Is the price worth the outcomes it provides?”. If the training aid costs more than 200 dollars, and you can hit the golf ball 30 yards farther. It is truly worth every penny!


What are some main characteristics of good golf training aid?

Some best golf training aids can make practicing more effective as well as more fun. Anybody can hit many golf balls to improve their ability. And a truly good training aid can direct this practice to produce your actual improvement. 

Furthermore, a better training aid can be useable at the office or home. If you are not a touring professional, there will be a good opportunity for you. You do not need to hit the driving range daily, or every week. 

Some other features of good training aid are easy to use, portable, effective, and fun to do. It also should be affordable. 

How can I know which training aid is right for me? 

Before using a training aid, you should talk to your teaching pro. In case you do not have one, you should begin to work with a teaching pro as soon as possible. Lessons will be one of the best ways you spend your money and time to boost your golf game. 

An instructor can give you advice on whether training aid helps you or not. Otherwise, he is likely to help your weakness by giving you drills tailored. Some training aids in this article having videos on YouTube show the way to use them appropriately. So, you can watch several training protocols. 

Almost all training aids are helpful to each golfer. Everybody should work on speed, strength, and flexibility. And if the aid is high on universality, it may be well fit for you. 

What kinds of golfers need training aids?

A training aid is a great tool helping golfers in a number of their swing’s facets. To be more specific, training aids will help to correct mistakes in the approach of any golfer. So, golfers at any skill level can use training aids to enhance their game. 

Why should I buy the training aid?

You should buy a training aid to help you with some aspects of your golf swing. For amateurs, it will build their grip on the club by putting their hands which use rigid guides. These grips are illegal to use on the course. However, they can help to develop the club plane and proper swing path. 

Additionally, a training aid is invaluable for putting. The putter can employ various devices to stay aligned in the motion of the putting strokes. Some golfers utilize their alignment sticks to make the narrow path to a hole. This forces golfers to be exact with their putts. 

Will the training aid be a good fit for novice golfers?

The training aids are perfectly fit for new golfers. They can help individuals learn fundamentals and build their swing. 

The Verdict

Above is fully detailed information about some best golf training aids. If you buy a training aid, you should use the 5 criteria to evaluate it before paying. It can make sure that you have a long-lasting tool. 

Hopefully, this article is helpful to you. After reading this article, you will have a better choice shortly. 

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