Top 6 Best Hockey Gloves For Begginers & Advanced (2021 Reviews)

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If you are interested in ice hockey, you must know that the hockey glove is compulsory for all matches. That’s why this article brings you the six best hockey gloves in 2021.

Best Hockey Gloves

Every ice hockey player wants the best hockey gloves. Without gloves, playing ice hockey in professional matches is prohibited for safety reasons. Therefore, this article covers the six best hockey gloves on the market so far and how to purchase the most appropriate ones for your needs.

Top 6 Best Hockey Gloves 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall: Warrior Senior Alpha Qx Pro Gloves

Warrior Senior Alpha Qx Pro Gloves, Size 15, Black/Red/White
  • Quick strike the perfect balance of...
  • Hybrid Taper fit allows the 4roll...
  • Butter soft feel game ready feel...
  • Phantom Foam extremely lightweight...
  • Pro palm a simple Mix of feel and...

The Warrior Alpha hockey gloves are one of the best hockey gloves on the market so far. It offers outstanding design and high efficiency to the players of all ages.

It enhances the puck control perfectly and gives substantial protection to your hands in all conditions. The fabric is exceptionally soft. The manufacturer had equipped Lycra gussets and AXI-Flex thumb to provide the users with the most satisfying experience.

The polygiene materials ensure that your hands will always dry, hygiene, and sweat-free even after long training time. 

The Hybrid Flex Cuff technology gives your hands full of movement without any discomfort. Overall, with a reasonable price, the Warrior Alpha hockey will continue the best purchase for any hockey lovers.


  • Exceptional quality and design
  • High-technology applied for a soft and comfortable fabric
  • Moisture-wicking features
  • Premium materials for anti-sweat function


  • Not available for toddlers and young children

#2 Best Quality: STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 Gloves

STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 Gloves with Climate Control, Navy,...
  • Seamless construction design...
  • Carbon fiber reinforced thumb...
  • Patent pending ISO thumb technology...
  • Ax suede palm for comfort and...

Most people do not know that ice hockey is an all-season sport. People can play through all periods of the year. And a pair of hockey gloves that can adapt to temperature fluctuations is crucial. The STX Lacrosse Surgeon 500 hockey gloves feature an effective climate-control function.

For summertime, the ventilation parts of the gloves will release hot air and low down the temperature while wearing. During winter, the thick fabric will keep your hand warm and comfortable.

Especially, the design of the STX Lacrosse Surgeon model is specialized for elite and professional players. But most customers comment that they can still use the gloves for college’s matches with no problem.


  • Specialized design for weather conditions and all levels adaption
  • High-quality and premium construction
  • Suitable for both winter and summer
  • Comes in six color choices


  • The stitching has some issues

#3 Best for All Levels: Bauer S18 NSX Senior Hockey Gloves

Bauer S18 NSX Senior Hockey Gloves (Red, 15")
  • Sold as a Pair -- EXTERIOR:...
  • PROTECTION: Medium-Density Foams...
  • PALM: Ivory Nash Palm with Extra...
  • LINER: Hydrophobic Mesh -...
  • FIT: Tapered - Snug fit in the...

The Bauer S18 NSX hockey gloves are a perfect choice for all levels of training. The product is made from high-quality and robust polyester mesh. There are extra layers with Ivory Nash palm to enhance the durability at the most exceptional level.

You will have no concern about the wear and tear that often happens in the regular gloves. Thanks to the extra-thick foam and plastic layers inside the gloves, it gives full protection for your hands and fingers, and also prevents wear and tear.

NSX also applies advanced technology to solve the hyper-extension problem that always appears on most hockey gloves. That’s why the Bauer S18 NSX model is suitable for all requirements during training sessions.


  • Lightweight and robust design
  • High moisture absorbent
  • Durable and high-quality mesh
  • Suitable for all training levels and targets


  • Not available for youngsters and children

The gloves are quite extensive and bulky in size

#4 Best for Youths: Bauer Youth Prodigy Ice Hockey Gloves

Bauer Youth Prodigy Gloves, 9.0
  • Single Density foams provide goods...
  • 1 piece thump with PE insert
  • Single layer nash palm

This Bauer model is specialized for children and pre-teens who enjoy playing hockey. It is a beginner pair of gloves, which is incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear. Even being designed for the youngster, there are numerous benefits from this fantastic product.

First, it has to mention the high-quality breathable fabric inside out of the gloves. It keeps the children comfortable to wear for hours of training. It is efficient in getting rid of moisture and sweat on the hands.

The gloves also offer the highest protection level for your children’s hands. The single density foam gives a full cover against high pressure on the sides. And the gloves are very affordable, which is an outstanding choice if you have a young-aged hockey lover at home.


  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Simple and lightweight
  • High protection features


  • Not available for college students or professionals
  • A bit stiff when dressing for the first time
  • The palms are thick 

#5 Best Fit: Mylec Mk5 Hockey Gloves

Mylec MK5 Player Glove Black
  • Traditional 3-roll design
  • Lightweight, breathable performance...
  • 2-piece leather palm with m-grip...
  • Articulated 3-Piece thumb

The Mylec Mk5 hockey gloves are the three-roll gloves that offer the most fitting and comfortable experience to the players. Their look is unique and edgy with a big logo of Mylec around the hand wrist.

The overall design is simple and classic which is lightweight and snugly fitted to all hand sizes. The three-piece thumbs support stronger grips and high flexibility to all levels of training.

For comfort-enhancing, the manufacturer had worked with a more breathable and softer fabric. It also reduces the moisture and odor through all training periods. The exterior design of the gloves is extremely durable and you can use them over years.

If you are looking for a classic pair of gloves with incredible quality and the best fit for your hands, this unit will not disappoint you.


  • Lightweight and breathable construction
  • Flexible for all positions
  • Well-fitted and affordable
  • Edgy exterior design


  • The three-roll type cannot as comfortable as the four-roll ones

#6 Best for Girls: Harrow Double Down Gloves

Harrow Double Down Gloves, Small, Black
  • High Density Foam
  • Flexible; High density
  • Superior Protection with a thick...

Ice hockey is not a sport for boys only. Many girls still have the same passion for the indoor ice field. And the Harrow Double Down gloves are designed for beautiful girls to play ice hockey comfortably.

At first glance, the gloves look amazing with a solid black cover underneath the white palm. Especially, the gloves feature extra-padding to minimize the injury as much as possible.

The solid but flexible construction of the gloves makes it fit with all female’s hand sizes. All customers love the ventilation holes on the gloves as they provide ultimate breathability and high grip control when holding the hockey stick 

If your girls are passionate about hockey, this pair of gloves is a perfect choice.


  • Moderate price
  • Extra-thick foam for hand protection
  • Flexible and solid design
  • High breathability for girls


  • Available in one color choice
  • The Velcro and stitching has some issues

Features to Consider When Buying the Hokey Gloves

1. Protection Levels

When playing hockey, the players slip and fall on the ice frequently. Therefore, the hands must be protected from the cold and rough surface.

The hockey gloves must provide full protection at an excellent quality for your hands. The accident can occur anywhere and anytime. You do not know how terrible your accident will be, so purchasing the hockey gloves with the highest protection feature is necessary.

2. Materials

Current hockey gloves are a combination of premium materials and advanced construction techniques. They offer strength, lightness, and comfort like never before.

The original hockey gloves in the past decades were made of leather and leather padded. They are extremely heavy and thick. Hockey gloves today are formed from a large number of materials assembled and made of the most high-quality materials as:

  • Nylon fabrics (to give durability)
  • Gore Tex (for better breathability)
  • Foam padding (to cushion and prevent from exploding)
  • Palms made of multiple layers of leather and fabric (to ensure comfort and grip in the grip).
  • After all, everything in new hockey gloves inspires comfort and safety for the users effectively.

3. Measurements

Hockey gloves are supplied in a series of standard sizes: from small sizes for children of 9 inches, i.e. 23 cm, to X-large sizes of 17 inches, i.e. 43 cm, for adults.

For the correct number, you need to measure the distance between the beginning of the elbow and the end of the fingers with a flexible tape measure. Alternatively, you can gauge from the root of your middle finger on the palm side, up to the end of the elbow.

All the methods can significantly give you the correct measurement for the best hockey gloves. Gloves must be comfortable to put on and take off, so they should be slightly larger than your hand. Please remark that the old method of opening the side with the glove is only valid in terms of:

The root of the fingers must adhere to the palm of the glove

The tip of the thumb must not force.

4. Construction Details

One of the most significant peculiarities of hockey gloves is the protection of the thumb to prevent hyper-extension. The gloves are achieved by a solid plastic insert, which allows flexion only towards the palm, but not outwards.

Other particularities for the best hockey gloves include:

  • Conical
  • Traditional-cylindrical
  • Anatomical
  • And some customers may concern the palm section which may or may not be equipped with reinforcing layer
  • Grip
  • Shock-absorbing bearings
  • Side ventilation bellows for fingers

5. Hand’s Palms

The palm is a part of the glove that is most stressed. The design differs for each model, and basically, you will not find two models with the same palm. Like the version, the material also differs. Nash, Clarino, Lycra, or other materials are used most for the palm.

The more professional models of ice hockey gloves you pursue, the more often the palms are sewn together with stitching materials to prevent punctures and stitches. There is also a grip for a firmer and more sensitive grip on the racket. 

In various places, you will also find individual cushions to alleviate the bumps, multiple ventilation holes, and other improvements.


1. How much do ice hockey gloves cost?

Ice hockey gloves are not always cheap, but there are, of course, exceptions. Mostly, ice hockey gloves are in the medium price range.

Indeed, it depends on the manufacturer, but also the sizes and materials. Children and adolescents in particular still enjoy low prices due to their small dimensions, but adults will quickly find that some costs are a bit higher.

2. Who wears ice hockey gloves?

Ice hockey gloves have to be considered for ice hockey players because they are mandatory. Without ice hockey gloves, players are not allowed on the field. The reason for this lies in the safety of the players because the stakes are so sharp that they can easily cause severe injuries to a player.

Best Hockey Gloves
Best Hockey Gloves

Ice hockey players must make sure that their hockey gloves have been processed to a high quality. From the medium price range, all ice hockey gloves must ensure a standard safety level for the users.

3. What are materials of the ice hockey gloves?

Most ice hockey gloves are made of high-quality synthetic leather. Leather stands for durability and resistance to dirt and damage. Synthetic leather is a popular material for making ice hockey gloves that protect fingers.

Lightweight nylon materials are also used in professional ice hockey gloves, but it does not apply to all gloves. It is mainly because ice hockey players prefer light gloves in order not to be alleviated by the weight when playing.

Foam is also a large part of the ice hockey glove to offer optimal protection in ice hockey.

Final Words

In ice hockey, the best hockey gloves are not only suitable to protect against the ice rink, but mainly to protect the players if they accidentally fall.

This article has given a list of the six best hockey gloves on the market. There is also the instruction and buying guides for your best purchase. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to comment down below!

Lastest Hockey Gloves Bestselling ON SALE

Bestseller No. 1
Franklin Sports Hockey Gloves - 13 Inch - NHL - HG 1500
  • Compression molded foam backhand
  • Anatomical tapered volume fit
  • High-density lightweight padding
  • Short cuff design with contoured...
  • Reinforced vented synthetic leather...
Bestseller No. 2
Franklin Sports NHL HG 150 Junior Street Hockey Gloves
  • Comfort, function and design...
  • Feature a full flex anatomical...
  • Designed with a short cuff allowing...
  • Breathable and lightweight ensuring...
  • Size: Junior Small 10" ; Not for...
Bestseller No. 3
Franklin Sports Hockey Gloves - NHL - 11 Inch - HG 150
  • National Hockey League License
  • Anatomical design for comfort and...
  • Full-coverage high-density...
  • Short cuff with contoured cuff...
  • Soft synthetic leather palm,...
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