Top 9 Best Hockey Helmet For Wide Head & Oval Head (2020 Reviews)

Best Hockey Helmet

Hokey is a competitive sport that requires intense movements. And playing hokey means that you will always have to face collision and injuries. So, no matter what your purpose is when playing hockey, you must find the best hockey helmet for your training.

When it comes to the best hockey helmet, the price is not the top priority. You should first consider safety features and functions because it will work as a safety guard to protect your head. And in this article, we will discuss the nine best hockey helmet in 2020 for every player.

Best Hockey Helmet – Detailed Reviews of the Nine Best Items 

#1 Best Overall: Franklin Sports Team Licensed NHL Hockey Goalie Face Mask

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The first best hockey helmet is the Franklin Sports Team Licensed NHL Hockey Goalie Face Mask– the best in general. It comes with attractive appearance, durable material, reasonable price, and excellent quality.

This item is the best hockey helmet for kids; it is most suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old. It has an adjustable backplate so it can ensure you a comfortable fit for various head sizes. Also, this goalie mask is made with a chrome-welded steel cage. 

And last, the quick-snap straps function is very smooth and easy to use. The only minus point of this item, we think, is it is not HECC/CSA certified. So it is only suitable for street-hockey but not for the professional game.


  • Reasonable price
  • High-quality material
  • Solid construction and durable
  • Well-made cage


  • Only for street-hockey

Overall, although this helmet is not approved in the professional league, we still think that this item is the best choice among all.

#2 Best for Oval Head: WARRIOR Krown LTE Helmet

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Are you looking for the best hockey helmet for an oval head? There you are the WARRIOR Krown LTE helmet. This helmet is a multi-functional helmet that you can wear in different sports. 

Firstly, it comes with a unique single dial adjustment so it can fit perfectly with your head. When combining with the four-piece shell and liner converge, it will result in a true 360 fit for most of the head’s shape and size. 

And it also comes with lightweight EPP foam protection, which is strategically located in the critical position. Hence, you will a balance of stabilizing and comfortable. However, the chin strap is difficult to install, and it does not come with any padding, so it is not pleased.  


  • Low price
  • True 360 fit
  • Excellent cushioning and head protection


  • Uncomfortable chin strap
  • Do not come with cage

Overall, since this item does not come with a cage, it cannot protect your face. But it is still the best choice for a semi-professional league and street-hockey.  

#3 Best for Wide Head: DeMarini Paradox Protege Pro Batting Helmet with Mask

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The best helmet for the broadhead is the DeMarini Paradox Protege Pro Batting Helmet with Mask. This item is very reasonable, and it comes with six different sizes for you to select. 

As you can see, this helmet has dual-density padding that fits especially with your head size. Also, the low profile shell design makes it best for superior fit. And that is why we said it is best for people with a full head.

However, what we like most about this helmet is the breathability. It has vents at strategic places to maximize the airflow and keep your head comfortable during extended training. And most importantly, this helmet meets the NOCSAE protection standards.


  • Reasonable price
  • Perfect Fitment
  • Best for people with the broadhead
  • Breathable and durable


  • It is heavyweight

Overall, with the unique design for breathability and perfect fit, this item is always the first choice for people with a broadhead.

#4 Best for Youth: Schutt 2966 Air Maxx Catch Helmet (EA)

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The next item in our best hockey helmet list is the Schutt 2966 Air Max Catch Helmet. Although it is more expensive than most of the things in our category, it is worth paying for such the right quality item.

The first reason why this one is the best for kids is the colorful design. This helmet has 24 different colors so that your children will always find their favorite. It also comes with TPU cushioning, which is not as firm as EPP but softer and more cushioning.

And last, although it comes with a cage, this helmet can ensure the vast field of vision. And the sleek design will allow your kids to check everything on the ground in check. The cage of the helmet is carbon steel, so it is very lightweight and more durable. 


  • Colorful design
  • TPU cushioning for more comfort
  • Well-made and lightweight cage


  • It is pricey

Overall, with the unique design for breathability and perfect fit, this item is always the first choice for people with a broadhead.

#5 Best for Concussion: Bauer Ims 5.0 Ii Hockey Helmet

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The best hockey helmet that can protect you from collusion is the Bauer ISM 5.0 Hockey Helmet. This item has a mask included in the set. And we have to say that it is a little expensive compared with other things in the market. 

About the construction, Bauer built this helmet with dual-density foam and dual ridge crown. Hence, it can handle most of the hits and collusion on the field. It also comes with integrated ear cover, which makes it heavier but can ensure your complete protection.

And last, this helmet passed CSA, HECC, CE certified so you can confidently wear it in the professional game. You can also easily adjust it for the best fitting feeling. However, the cage design will hinder a little of your vision when playing.


  • Solid construction and high-quality material
  • Comprehensive protection, including ear, facemask
  • Easy to adjust


  • It is pricey
  • Hinder your vision

Overall, with all of the following strong points and highlight features, we think that this item is the best choice for professional players.  

#6 Best for Adults: Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet

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The next item in our best hockey helmet list is the Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet. This item is the best for adult-use in the street hockey game. This helmet has three SML sizes and six different colors to choose from, including white and pink for women and girls.

This version from Bauer is a traditional design of a hockey helmet with two-piece shell construction. Also, it is a too-less adjustment, so it is straightforward to wear. However, what we like most about this item is the multiple vents on the surface. 

And last, like any other items from Bauer, this version passed CSA and HECC standard. However, it does not have a cage, so it can’t protect your face. But if you can, buy a separate pen if you want.


  • Simple to wear
  • Breathable and durable
  • Perfect fit and lightweight


  • It is pricey
  • Do not have a cage

Overall, since it is excellent and well-made, you can wear this helmet in your street-hockey games or the professional matches.

#7 Best for Ice Hockey:  Latitude SR – Alpine Snow Ski and Snowboard Helmet

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The best hockey helmet for ice hockey is the Latitude SR – Alpine Snow Ski and Snowboard helmet. This item is the best for amateur players or daily training.

The latitude helmet comes with removable padding and interior line. Therefore, it is straightforward to care and wash the mask. Also, since it is also the ski helmet, it has an integrated Bluetooth system that can connect with your phone. 

And last, this helmet is solid with high-quality materials. However, it does not come with a cage, and you can’t install a pen on this helmet.


  • Easy to clean
  • Good cushioning system
  • Has Bluetooth system
  • Strong and well-made


  • Less protection
  • Not approved in competition

Overall, this helmet is suitable not only for ice hockey but also for skiing and some snow activities. However, it is not recommended for competition.

#8 Most Reviewed: Franklin Sports Youth Hockey Goalie Masks

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The next item in our list of the best hockey helmet is the Franklin Sports Youth Hockey Goalie Masks. This item of Franklin Sports is ideal for street and indoor hockey.

Firstly, it comes with a very reasonable price that everyone can pay for it. And Franklin Sports did specially design this helmet for street hockey only with a comfortable fit and very modern design. This item has quick-snap elastic straps, which his very simple to adjust for premium fit.

Also, you can see the welded steel cage, which is very durable and safe. The vented shell and adjustable backplate also provide a sleek look for this helmet and make it comfortable even under the sunlight.


  • Reasonable price
  • Comfortable fit
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Well-made cage


  • Not approved in competition

In short, we think this item is the best choice for amateur players to practicing hockey indoor.  

#9 Best in Budget: Franklin Sports NHL SX Pro GFM 100 Goalie Mask

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And the last item in our list of the best hockey is the cheapest one: Franklin Sports NHL SX pro GFM 100 Goalie mask. Like other items from Franklin Sports, this item is only for street-hockey but not for a professional competition.

However, this item is very well-made with molded high-impact ABS plastic and AEGIS MICROBE SHIELD antimicrobial technology. And this item also has a chrome finish welded steel cage.

However, Franklin only made it for kids, so it is most suitable for children from 5 to 9 years old. It can only reduce but not prevent injuries.


  • Low price
  • Well-made and solid construction
  • Comprehensive protection


  • Not approved in competition

Overall, this item is the best choice for kids to practice hockey. However, if your kids want to join a professional game, you should choose another one.   

Features to Consider When Looking for the Best Hockey Helmet

When looking for the best hockey helmet, you should consider all the following features carefully:

1. Choose the Perfect Fit

The Fitment is an essential feature that decides if your helmet is the best hockey helmet or not. It doesn’t matter if you invest hundreds of dollars on a mask that will fly off in the accident. And we think we don’t have to explain more for the too-tight helmet.

The Hockey helmet comes with different sizes for all youth and adults. You will often see that the helmet comes with size from XS to XL. And it means that you can always find the best hockey helmet that fits perfectly with your head and make you comfortable.

You need to measure the circumference of your head to find the right size for your helmet. And the best position of the helmet is one inch above your eyebrows. If you don’t know your hat’s capacity, you should visit the store and try it on your head to find the best fit. If you already know your hat size, you can choose one based on the size chart.

2. Choose the Foam Lining

The hockey helmet often has two types of foam lining: the Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) and Dual-Density Vinyl Nitrile (VN). Each of them will have both pros and cons. And you need to choose which one is the best based on your position in the game and your style of playing.

EPP is a type of harder foam that is more suitable for people who love a firm cushioning. EPP is the popular foaming material that you can always find in the bike helmet. It often comes with a softer foam around your head for more comfort. Hence, it is more protective and also more expensive.

Meanwhile, the VN foam is softer, and that is why it is more comfortable than the EPP. However, since it is moldable and malleable, it is less protective. So the VN foam is more suitable for training than a competitive match. And that is also why it is cheaper.

3. Do You Need a Cage?

The helmet with a cage often looks cooler. But it is not the problem; the problem is the helmet with a cage can protect you better because it can protect your head and face. However, the helmet with a cage is often heavyweight and also more expensive.

Meanwhile, the helmet without cage often cheaper and lighter. Also, the cage will hinder your visibility, and that is the main reason people don’t like it. However, without a cage, you will be way more at risk of being hit in your face.

So, based on your requirements, you should choose the best hockey helmet with a cage or without a cage. It is not a big issue because you can always buy a separate cage if you want. But if you decide that you need a helmet with cage, please choose the titanium or carbon steel materials. 

4. Other Features

The best hockey helmet must come with the best ear protection. We know that ear protection makes the helmet heavier. And we know that many people love to remove ear protection to hear better. However, if you get hit in the ear, it will be a severe problem for your whole head, so please don’t remove it.

Also, the best hockey helmet must come with comfortable chin straps. Firstly, we have to say that wearing a chin strap is never a comfort. That is why many people love to lose it for a better feeling. But it will make your helmet useless. Please carefully choose the chin straps with comfortable padding from the first step, so you don’t need to get hurt in the game.


1. How do I choose a hockey helmet? 

Firstly, check your training requirements and your budget. Then, you should choose the one that fits perfectly with your head and make you comfortable inside. Don’t forget to try wearing it for a few minutes so you will have the best evaluation.

2. How often should you get a new hockey helmet? 

If you are a professional player who has to train intensively, you should replace your helmet every two years. If you are an amateur, you should replace it every five years. The helmet will wear out because of UV and sun damage when you are wearing. You should also refer to the manufacturer’s suggestion for the optimal time.

3. How long do hockey helmets last? 

Since the hockey helmets often come with solid construction and durable materials, it could last for decades. However, you should not wait until your helmet break to replace it. Based on the wear and tear and manufacturer recommendation, you should replace it more regularly.

4. Are helmets required in hockey? 

Helmet has been mandatory for players in NHL since 1979. In the semi-professional leagues, it may not be compulsory, but no one wants to play hockey without a helmet.

5. How much does the best hockey helmet cost? 

Hockey helmet comes with a wide range of prices. Its price is different between adults and youth, among brands, designs, and materials.

Final Words

The best hockey helmet is the ideal combination of excellent Fitment, right cushioning, breathable technology, and more. And we have tested so many items to find out the best hockey helmet that can provide you the best protection and comfort.

If you don’t agree with our conclusion, we also provide some helpful buying tips in this article. Please refer to it and find your best choice. If you have any questions and experiences, we love to hear from you. Please leave a comment and share it with everybody!


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