Top 9 Best Hockey Skates For Beginners 2021 Reviews

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Hockey is getting more popular as it is an interesting and attractive sport. That is the reason why many people are trying to play and practice hockey. And the best hockey skates for beginners will be useful in this case.

best hockey skates for beginners

This article contains information about hockey skates you need. So, let’s check them out now!

Top 9 Best Hockey Skates for Beginners Reviews 2021

#1 Best Overall: Bauer Vapor X500 Ice Hockey Skates (Youth)

The reason Bauer Vapor X500 Ice Hockey Skates deserve to be at the top of this review list is that it is full of impressive features and its chief value. The first advantage of this model is the stand next to Tuuk. Thanks to this design, the Vapor X500 has a quick release trigger system to allow quick blade changes.

Bauer upgraded the TPR outsole to make it particularly stiffer than the previous model, to transmit more energy efficiency to the wearer. You should know that stiffer design will support the more effective movement.

Besides, you can completely adjust the body of the skates, especially the thermostat. That means you can warm it in the oven to form a warm boot, which helps to reduce the break time.

To ensure absolute protection, Bauer equips the Vapor X500 Ice Hockey Skates a two-piece white felt tongue with lots of high-density foam. This design has never been seen in previous models.

In particular, moisture absorbing microfiber lining with heel pads inside feels great and soft.


  • 3-fit system
  • High-quality
  • Great protection


  • Maybe a little tight on the heel

Overall, Bauer Vapor X500 Ice Hockey Skates is a highly rated hockey skate in the market. This will be a suitable option for you. For more information about this product, visit the link in its name.

#2 Best Comfortable: CCM Jet Speed JS Pro Skate

CCM Jet Speed JS Pro Skate Size 12 Jet Pro Hockey Skates,...
  • CCM Jet Pro Hockey Skates feature...
  • Synthetic Action Form quarter to...
  • Heavy duty microfiber liner to...
  • Speed blade 4.0 holder with...
  • CCM Jet Speed JS Pro Hockey Skate,...

CCM is one of the leaders for famous skating shoes in the market. Their products receive the highest rating from consumers. CCM Jet Speed ​​JS Pro Skate is the alternative name in their collection and its advantages are amazing.

Thanks to the Speedblade 4.0 blade bracket, CCM Jet Speed ​​JS Pro Skate gives you high-quality stainless-steel runners to enhance your performance.

Also, to facilitate in-game ventilation and quick drying of sweat, CCM designs a vent at the bottom of the sole. Material from the composite shell with a foam core, these skating shoes have incredible hardness. Its 7mm two-piece felt blade is like in a full professional skateboard.

To ensure product durability, CCM uses abrasion-resistant material near the top of skates where the inner lining begins. This design is abrasion resistant to allow shin guards to be worn inside the tongue without affecting the lining.


  • Fits perfect
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Optimal and customization


  • Slightly difficult to choose the right size

No matter what period, CCM Jet Speed ​​JS Pro Skate is one of the hockey skates that many players choose. Discover its outstanding features before it’s out of stock.

#3 Best Versatile: Bauer Supreme S140 Junior Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme S 140 Youth BTH16 Hockey Skate, Black, Size 8
  • Supreme skate fit. Find the...
  • The supreme S140 skate Comes with a...
  • Includes a TPR outsole and a took...

Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate will be the perfect choice for junior players just starting with this sport. As mentioned above, Bauer is a well-known sports equipment manufacturer in the market. Therefore, their products also fully converge the best advantages.

With a unique design and heat-casting, this Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate gives you the superior performance you’ve been looking for for a long time. It is great when your agility improves. Undeniably, these ski boots can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

In particular, Bauer also equips this hockey skating shoe with microfiber lining, TUUK Super Stainless Runner, and TUUK Lightspeed Pro Holder. Its super anatomical design assures exceptional support for your wide feet and heels.

Great feet looking for a powerful stride should prioritize this hockey skate. Its excellent fit and performance make it the best skates for players with wide feet.


  • Ensure safety
  • Perfect fit on wide and long feet.
  • Bring comfort


  • A little difficult to choose the right size.

It is great to find yourself a close companion in every harsh match. Try Bauer Junior Supreme 140 Skate and you will stick with it!

#4 Best for Budget: Botas – Attack 181 – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

Botas - Attack 181 - Men's Ice Hockey Skates | Made in...
  • Recommended use: Recreation; Upper:...
  • Recommended care: wipe clean after...

If you are looking for affordable hockey skate, then Botas Attack 181 is a suitable choice. Despite its trendy design and impeccable features, this hockey skate offers a very affordable price.

The convenience of Botas – Attack 181 will be the first thing you get excited about these skates. It brings a dynamic design combined with the best quality lining. Besides, it also has ankle pads with anatomically shaped tongue and flexible body.

To enhance the durability of the product, Botas also equipped with a stainless steel blade suitable for durable plastic frames that will run long before failure. This design not only guarantees outstanding performance but also is very trendy.

In black and silver, Botas – Attack 181 is both sporty and bold. This is the best premise for beginners to play ice hockey and rollerblading. They are good enough to prevent collisions and protect the feet thanks to plastic heads and foam cushions.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable cushions and head protect your feet


  • Only one color

Botas – Attack 181 has all the advantages compared to many other types on the market with full protection. Experience the significant advantages today by adding them to the cart!

#5 Best Lightweight: CCM Youth Jetspeed FT340 Skate

Bauer and CCM are two big competitors in the market. The products from these two manufacturers are of the best quality. For CCM lightweight shoes, we can’t miss the CCM Youth Jetspeed FT340 Skate.

To ensure the smoothness of the wearer, CCM equips the outer structure of these skates most conveniently at an affordable price. That’s very wonderful!

The manufacturer uses all the reinforced composites to make this hockey skate. In particular, a lightweight protective cushion comes to help keep the ankles and feet free from injury. The outsole is a full synthetic material, especially much better than molded plastic.


  • Good price
  • Synthetic materials
  • Low profile design


  • It may be broad for some people

Overall, CCM Youth Jetspeed FT340 Skate is a highly rated product on the market. This will be a suitable option for beginners. For more information about this hockey skate, visit the link in its name.

#6 Best Durable: American Athletic Shoe Co.Women’s Hockey Skate

American Athletic Shoe Co.Women’s American Soft Boot...
  • Soft boot hockey skate for...
  • Thick foam padding for warmth and...
  • Multi-layered boot for ankle...
  • Stainless steel hockey blade
  • Sizing true to shoe size

Co.Women Hockey Hockey Skate American is a model for women’s hockey or female figure skating. With this design, women playing hockey will no longer have to use men’s shoes. This is a combination of feminine lightness and strength.

The manufacturer guaranteed to provide outstanding performance, this dual hockey skateboard is not competitive.

In style and comfort, the American Co.Women Hockey Hockey Skate is one of the leaders. Thanks to the thick foam padding, this model gives you safety, safety, and warmth.


  • Super comfortable on the feet with a great range to stay warm and protected.
  • Skates appear
  • Steel blades provide outstanding performance


  • Not a unisex skate

The US Co. Women Hockey Hockey Skate is becoming more and more popular than ever. Get it now or cry later because it’s easily out of stock.

#7 Best Supportive: Bauer Vapor X300 Youth Skates

Bauer Youth Vapor X300 Skate, Black/Silver, R 08.0
  • Skate with more agility in this...
  • The Vapor X300 skate comes with...
  • Includes a TPR outsole and a TUUK...

Bauer covered the Vapor X300 with a full Tru-Form case for added stability compared to the past. Besides, the blades and brackets of this model are of excellent quality and enduring. However, you cannot disassemble the blades on this model.

In particular, to increase the stability of the heel, Bauer designed the TPR outsole to be injected and the X-rib rear design. Two-piece white felt blades come standard – 40 ounces with high-density foam-pumped foam. This is a huge upgrade compared to the previous models.

The microfiber lining material and AnaForm ankle pads ensure total comfort and protection. The lining helps absorb sweat to keep your feet open during the game.


  • High-quality racks
  • Good for the money
  • Protective closed sponge ankle


  • Some sizes are not available

Uncompromising quality with perfect materials made the famous of Bauer Vapor X300 Youth Skates. These hockey skates are worth buying. Discover the amazing quality of this product by adding it to the cart.

#8 Best Sturdy: American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates

American Athletic Shoe Boy's Ice Force Hockey Skates, Black,...
  • YOUTH Sizing (see size chart...
  • Top selling hockey skate for all...
  • Light weight composite mold giving...
  • Indoor and Outdoor skates, perfect...
  • Stainless steel hockey blade

If you need a skate for simple or entertaining matches, this is exactly the model you are looking for. Although the American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates does not have an enormous amount of cushioning the ankle area and other areas of the shoe ensure wonderful support.

The blade quality is also excellent, assisting you in inflexible movements. Do not worry about being uncomfortable or hot because even if you play a long game, you will still feel comfortable.


  • High-grade nylon outer layer
  • Ankle support
  • The insulation is good enough


  • Quite heavy

These amazing features have helped American Athletic Shoe Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates receive countless positive feedback from users. For more details about this product, click on its name above.

#9 Best Well-made: Bauer Vapor X400 Ice Hockey Skates (Junior)

Bauer Vapor X400 ice skates have become the top priority for countless customers with incredible performance and durability. The durable casing supports the Bauer Vapor X400 Ice Hockey Skates to provide the wearer with high rigidity to prevent wear and tear. Besides, this design increases the life of this hockey skateboard.

Special X-rib design can provide excellent ankle support. You will get better stability and acceleration in stressful matches. In particular, Bauer is also equipped with microfiber lining to absorb all moisture easily and keep feet clean.


  • Huge ankle support design.
  • Comfortable on the feet.
  • Provides excellent stability and acceleration.


  • Difficult to choose a size

Bauer Vapor X400 ice hockey skates deserve the title of one of the best hockey skates on the market. Try it today and you will probably enjoy it!

How to Look for The Suitable Hockey Skates?

1. Playing Style

Normally, the way you play hockey also influence the type of skates you should get. There are two main types of players including reserved players and aggressive players. 

In terms of reserved players, some traditional fitting skates can be a good choice. These skates are also suitable for those in defensive positions. 

Conversely, aggressive players often tend to put heavy pressure on the skates. So, skates having a forward pitch in the area of the ankle can be useful. They can provide you with a deeper knee bed. 

2. Level of Skill

If you are a novice, you can choose products at a reasonable price. You do not need to go with the most high-performance or expensive skates. You may need stable boots that can support your ankles and prevent injuries. The skates’ top is not very stiff as it is harder to manoeuvre. 

Best Hockey Skates
Best Hockey Skates

When you buy the skates, you had better do a squeeze test. They do not collapse completely inward but should move a bit when you are squeezing. If they do not, they may be too stiff. 

So, it will be more beneficial when going to stores, try on some skates, and have someone measure your size. Mind that you do not buy used skates in any conditions for your safety and comfort. 

3. Construction

There are often three major parts in the construction of a pair of a hockey skate. They are the boot, the runners, and the holders. 

Firstly, about the boot, you will put your foot into this part and lace-up. The boot is usually low or how and in several types of stiffness to match your style. Keep in mind that your boot needs to fit your feet well so that you can perform greatly on the ice.

The second feature is the holders that are a connector between the blade and the boot. More specifically, it is the part below the boot. The holders are made of composite material or plastic. 

The last feature is the runners. As it is the part touching the ice, it is made of stainless steel. It is also referred to as the skates’ blade. It means that you should get the runner sharpened regularly to keep them sharp enough for you to skate well. 

Some Parts Making Up the Hockey Skate Boot

  • Footbed: your foot will sit on this part. It seems like an insole when mentioning street shoes. 
  • Liner: this part lies inside your boot. Its usage is for moisture management, so it is made of leather or a water wicking material. 
  • Quarter Package: this rigid area runs along your midfoot, from the toe’s front up to the ankle. And it can be baked often. 
  • Ankle Padding: this padding is so important as it will protect your ankle. It is often in the form of foam to give you more layers and keep the ankle in place. 
  • Heel Support: its name can say its position, it will be at your foot’s back. And it will support well your heel and ensure it not to slip around. 
  • Outsole: this part can touch the holder. It is made of leather, so it is very durable. 
  • Tongue: the tongue is similar to any other shoe. It is made of dense felt to give you protection. 


Can I Replace the Blade on My Skates?

Yes, you can replace the steel blade on your hockey skates. You also should keep the runners out of rust or burr and sharp them regularly to get the best performance. After being sharpened a few times, the steel may wear down which makes new blades essential. 

You can feel the runners are wearing down as skating will be wobbly. Besides, the skates might not be turned as sharply as they used to be in the past. So, it is better when you get new runners from a store or buying online. 

How Stiff Should My Skates Be?

Two factors are determining the stiffness of the skates. They are your level and the skating type you will be doing. For example, if the skates are too soft, no stability sets you up for injuries such as the sprained ankle. 

In contrast, some advanced players will choose stiff boots that cannot offer much flexibility around the ankle. If you buy thermoformable skates, they can give you the incredible softness when being heated up. But when they cool down, they can regain a stiff appearance. 

How Can I Break into My New Skates? 

You may expect your skates fit well when you put your feet inside. But the fact is that you have to give time for yourself to break into your skates. And the stiffness may influence on the time to break. For instance, a stiffer boot allows you to break in more naturally. 

Besides, you can try on some different types before you settle on one. So, you may have a greater break-in time. Another factor is that some high-end skates can often be baked. In other words, they will be fired to the point that they can be mouldable around your feet. 

It will dramatically reduce your break-in time. Normally, baking can be conducted at home or with hockey professionals if your bought skates allow this. And you should make sure that you can do it exactly. 

Final Words

Above are some useful information about the best hockey skates for beginners and some tips. When you buy hockey skates, you should remember some factors such as your skill level or your feet type. The frequency of your playing also needs consideration. 

Even in case your friends prefer a type of skate and introduce it to you, you still examine carefully. There is still the possibility that they are not the right option for you. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can find the perfect hockey skates. If you have flate and wide feet, then read through this article.

Lastest Hockey Skates Bestselling ON SALE

Bestseller No. 1
CCM Super Tacks 9360 Senior Ice Hockey Skates (9)
  • CCM Hockey is constantly pushing...
  • Starting out with the Quarter...
  • Up at the tongue of the Super Tacks...
  • Finally down on the bottom section...
  • Skate size is typically 1.5 sizes...
Bestseller No. 2
Botas - Attack 181 - Men's Ice Hockey Skates | Made in...
  • Recommended use: Recreation; Upper:...
  • Recommended care: wipe clean after...
Bestseller No. 3
Bauer Men's Field Hockey Shoes, Black Schwarz Weiss Rot Si...
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Lining: Textile
  • Upper: Synthetic
  • Fastener: Lace Up
  • Material Composition:...
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