Top 5 Best Hockey Sticks For Beginners (2021 Reviews)

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Best Hockey Sticks

For hockey players, hockey sticks are as important as their right hands on the game, how they perform and improve depends greatly on their choice of stick. Hockey sticks, to adapt to the intricate skills and movements of the sport, come in many types regarding blade, flex, shaft, and length.

So, what is the best hockey stick for you? And how can you know it is the best? If you are struggling to find the answer, you are in the right place. I have some suggestions on the top 5 best hockey sticks and also a few tips that can help you to find what you need. 

Top 5 Best Hockey Stick Reviews 2020

People lean on big brands to find good hockey sticks, however, the price they offer is not a joke. Besides, expensive sticks do not mean good. The point is to find the ones suiting players. Here are what I have found as the best.

#1 Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick

Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick (Wood/Black, Right, 43 -Inch)
  • 43" Solid Wood Shaft
  • Patented Jet Flo Blade
  • Two piece design with 2 screws for...
  • Replaceable jet flo blade
  • Great stick for the driveway

Firstly, I would like you to know some fundamental information about this Mylec stick.

Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo is a two-piece and the maker suggests that the blade is changeable. The shaft is 43” long so with the curved heel blade, I recommend this to players who are no shorter than 4”8 and no taller than 5”7. It is more for junior hockey but adults at the beginning phase with hockey can also take advantage.

I find this stick one of the most affordable items to buy, especially for junior players or non-professions. And, therefore, the stick offers adequate quality to help you feel comfortable and inspired during the game.

The wood shaft is made of wood so grip is not too intense but just right for newbies. Its blade is also an easy form- little curve, and lightweight synthetic. Overall, the feel for the puck is acceptable and little flex also grants players a better chance to control the puck. That’s why this item is better for the driveway. If you are experienced in the game and know well your strength and obtain specific tactics, you might need something more flexible.  


  • Two changeable pieces
  • Sturdy but lightweight wood
  • Terrific price 
  • Easy to fit in 


  • Little flex
  • Easily worn-out blade 

#2 Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick

Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick | Right, A92,...
  • A92 curve and 85 flex - The Envy...
  • Made for You - Designed for the...
  • Any Ice, Any Rink - Arsenal Envy...
  • Quality - Built on the same...
  • Stick Handling & Shooting - Feels...

The Arsenal Envy Hockey stick appears with a 60-inch shaft (66 inches from top to toe) with a medium 85 flex level. The flex, in my opinion, is adequate for players to take control and perform individual signature strategies. That means this Arsenal Envy is made for those who are aware of their strength and understand their capacity.

The length of the shaft will perfectly for senior players taller than 5”. However, it also depends on if you can manage running with it.

The one-piece stick by carbon fiber assures better feeling to the puck, then, support you to produce accurate slap shots. The material will give the whole item a bit of extra weight but not much. Some will find it even more solid with a heavy stick but most people consider lighter the better. To make up for that, the price is very good. Who wants no cheap but durable hockey stick?

 The overall design tends to simplicity so this stick is good for both ice and court hockey, indoor or outdoor. I can say, it is whatever you want it to be at a time.


  • Sturdy material (carbon fiber)
  • Flexible 
  • Multiple-use
  • Optimum balance
  • Smooth matte finish
  • Affordable
  • Warranty included


  • A bit heavier

#3 Mylec 57-Inch Ultra Curve Air Flo Pro Stick

Mylec 57-Inch Ultra Curve Air Flo Pro Stick - Right
  • Mulit laminated shaft provides...
  • Feature Mylec's Original Air Flo...
  • lightweight, fiberglass reinforced...
  • Precurved for left handed player

Coming back with Mylec but for a longer shaft. The Ultra Curve Air Flo Pro stick is 57 inches- compatible with players around 4’11 to 5’’4. 

Among budget saving options, Mylec always gets a spot as they provide the best bangs for the buck, like this Ultra Curve Air Flo Pro Stick. I do not suggest you bring it on in important tournaments unless you are professional and familiar with the stick. However, it is amazing for practice, around-the-house hockey, or little games. 

I love the material. Fiberglass is lightweight but sturdy plastic, hence, it creates a comfortable stick weighing only an ounce. The item is quite stiff as it focuses on determining slap, not driveway. Stiffness seems to match quite well with beginners who are learning from scratch.

The one-piece design also promotes a better feeling for the puck.

The plastic blade is not very good to play on the ice. I think it is the only limitation of Mylec Ultra Curve Air Flo Pro stick. However, you must have understood due to a friendly price. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Terrific price 
  • Reinforced blade
  • Strong blade and shaft


  • No ice hockey with a plastic blade

#4 Accufli Floorball Hockey Stick Xoro

ACCUFLI Floorball Tricks Stick XORO Z80 (Orange - Left...
  • XORO blades with ball pocket for...
  • Lightweight durable shafts and soft...
  • Enjoy your floorball acrobatics,...
  • The awesome off-ice training gear...
  • No approved for official IFF...

If you are just playing hockey for fun, this Accufli Zoro will bring you a blast.

The Zoro line by Accufli includes different sizes from 31 to 43 inches, therefore, you can equip your whole family. The maker used a lightweight composite to produce shaft so the feeling is nothing different from holding other hockey sticks. Moreover, you even get an extra PU grip handle.

This model focuses on tricks and practices. They made a blade with concavity so that players can keep track of puck better. The molded ball and enlarged juggler contribute more fun to the game. 

You are not supposed to use it for big tournaments but practicing with Accufli Zoro will enhance your reaction and balance, get you ready for more serious training.


  • Lightweight 
  • Durable
  • Boost grip shaft 
  • Good for both floorball and hockey
  • Concavity blade
  • Different shaft length


  • Not allowed in tournaments

#5 STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick

STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick, Senior, Right, 100,...
  • Peregrine: an innovative, ergonomic...
  • Precision flex II: the lower...
  • Silver Streak: an innovative, new...
  • Ultra high balance point: amplifies...

STX Surgeon RX3 hockey develops quite a strange idea about this sports item. 

First, instead of traditional grip boosts like pads or rubber cover, STX makes shaft with ergonomics on the back. I found this design quite interesting because you can control your grip. The slipping is no way but you do not feel hindered when moving the grip up and down along the shaft.

Besides, the flex is insane. The upper shaft is stiffer than the lower section. The idea here is to maximize responsive hit but also keep the shot in control. By doing so, the handle must be stiff enough for eliminating vibration while the lower is expected to be more flexible.

Due to a one-piece design on lightweight materials, the feeling for the puck is quite impressive. 


  • Ergonomic back shaft 
  • Engineered flex 
  • Stable blade base
  • Lightweight 


  • Needs the practice to get used to

What to Consider While Buying Hockey Sticks?

A hockey stick is a complicated choice to make. It is not as easy as picking shoes or shirts as the stick affects significantly how the player performs. It is difficult but I still have a way through. There are some features to consider before you buy any stick.

1. Feel for Puck

You will kick, slap and lead the puck on the floor with that stick, therefore, it must convey the feel of the puck to you. The feeling depends on materials, types of the stick, and experience of users.

The most important thing is you are comfortable with the stick and accurately perform your move on the puck.

2. Price Ranges

As mentioned before, cost hardly defines the suitability of a stick to a player. You should know your need and then decide how much you could spend on a hockey stick.

For example, if you are in junior team and your performances are only around schools, them a medium-priced stick would be enough. Or, if you just go for hockey recently and have no idea what suits you yet, them a more affordable stick with fundamental good features should be a call. However, in case you are playing for professional teams and your tactics require to complicate moves, sticks with specific focuses and high quality will help you a lot.

3. Types 

Hockey sticks come in one-piece and two-piece. One-piece will be more stable, certainly, because the whole item is solid while two-piece ones contain joints that can affect the accuracy and the feeling to the puck. It will be harder with two-piece sticks but these have changeable blades. 

Best Hockey Stick
Best Hockey Stick

There are wood and composite sticks. Wood offers more natural grip and durability, meanwhile, composite offer less weight added on your loading stick. The trend now is composite as the material is changeable to maximize advantages.

4. Features

There are other features to examine when you buy hockey sticks such as shaft length, curve, flex level. If you have played hockey for years then you surely know how long your shaft would be, what kind of curve you want, and how flexible the shaft must be to you. Nevertheless, people can confuse those features.

The shaft length varies according to the height of the players. Therefore, you have to change your stick when you get taller or you must change your conventional position. at the moment, length can be changed so it becomes less vital.

The blade curve also affects your position, movements, and actions. The most popular curve is mid curve because it offers neutral skills.

Flex is the most important here. Flex scores from 35 to 110 depending on how much force you need to put on the stick to get it bent. Therefore, the higher the flex is, the stiffer it gets. Stiff sticks can produce responsive slaps on the buck and easier to drive yet limit personal movements. More flexible shafts will offer rooms to driveway and tricks. 


1. How to choose the correct shaft length?

Based on the weight and height of players, people calculate the ideal length. People usually focus on height but the eight of the body also play a role.

2. Is the lighter better?

Yes. Because the lighter the stick is, the more easily to control, swing and load it. You will want to save as much energy as possible for running and fighting, not for holding the stick.

3. How should hockey players choose their sticks?

Usually, beginners or non-professional should focus on the feeling as they need to be comfortable before conducting any moves. 

Professional focus on strength. They adore any items that can praise their strategies more than just a good feeling.


Picking the right hockey stick is more important than picking the most expensive. The one suits you will be the best hockey stick ever. 

To meet the hockey stick of your life, it is crucial to know what you need and what can maximize your talent. 

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