Top 9 Best MMA Headgears: RDX, Sanabun, Venum (2021 Reviews)

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Best MMA Headgear
Best MMA Headgear

It seems that the main concern for those doing MMA is trauma, especially to the head. That is the reason why many people look for the best MMA headgears to avoid unnecessary injuries. But, how can you choose the right one among many headgears available on the market?

Do not worry, you can find much useful information about the best MMA headgear in this article. Besides, you will know more about some types of headgears and tips when buying them. Let’s get to them now!

Top 9 Best MMA Headgear Reviews 2021

#1 Best Overall: Sanabul Essential Professional Boxing MMA Kickboxing Head Gear

Sanabul Essential MMA Boxing Kickboxing Head Gear (Green,...
  • Just What You Need: Sanabul...
  • Tested By Pro's, Created For You:...
  • Ready For Any Sport: Essential...
  • Full Coverage: Be fearless knowing...
  • The Perfect Fit: Other equipment...

Sanabul brand is famous for top quality products at reasonable prices. Therefore, you will not have to break the bank to own the brand’s items.

The first advantage of this choice is lightweight. Although the Sanabul Essential Professional Boxing MMA Kickboxing headgear is light compared to the common ground, it can protect you fully.

The model’s Dura shock impact protection foam can help you avoid any impact from the excellent shock absorption. From there you will focus more on your performance.

You can adjust the cap a bit but choosing the right size will be a lot easier. So, check the MMA hat size chart provided by the brand. A fitted hat will not slip and ensure comfort.

Thanks to its unique design, the Sanabul Essential Professional Boxing MMA Kickboxing headgear keeps you cool. With Sanabul, you will no longer worry about sweating a lot. Velcro strap and hemming system keeps it always in the right position.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Protection from effects
  • Distinct colors


  • Only two sizes available

The uncompromising quality of perfect materials made the famous Sanabul Essential Professional Boxing MMA Kickboxing headgear. This hat is worth buying. Discover the amazing quality of this product by adding it to the cart.

#2 Best for Intermediate: RDX Headgear for MMA Training

RDX Headgear for Boxing, MMA Training, Head Guard with...
  • RDX Head Guard is contrived with...
  • Tri-slabs of impact attenuating...
  • Quick-EZ hook-and-loop strap offers...
  • Removable Face grill ensures you...
  • EVA-Lution sheet delivers eventual...

It’s undeniable that RDX Headgear for MMA Training gathers all the features that MMA fighters need. If you are looking for a suitable headgear, then you should consider this form.

If you’re following the path to becoming a professional MMA fighter, then RDX Headgear for MMA Training is more than enough for you. Its impressive features will surely make you satisfied.

With a three-pole shock-absorbing foam cushion based on the included shock-proof casing; this headgear allows you to enjoy intense shock absorption.

For customization, it’s great that this protector comes with an adjustable hook and loop closure. Therefore, it will remain the place that you have placed during the sparring session.

Another outstanding feature of RDX Headgear is the Maya Hide leather structure. The manufacturer uses this technology to ensure a long lifetime for the product, you will not have to replace it for a long time.

RDX also integrates shock-absorbing gel technology into the buffer. This design helps you get more safety and performance.

Besides, for added protection, the RDX Headgear has a removable high-quality plastic-encased face-grill. Making shots without sacrificing vision is a wonderful thing.


  • Budget-friendly
  • 100% genuine leather with slip resistance
  • Giving a broad vision


  • Few colors to choose from

With these significant advantages, RDX Headgear has become a famous product on the market. If you want to find out more information about this hat, visit the link in its name.

#3 Best for Budget: Everlast Everfresh Head Gear

Everlast Durahide Headgear (EA)
  • Speed bag made of rugged and...
  • Cheek protectors provide optimal...
  • Adustable chin strap for secure fit
  • Adjustable closures fits most adult...
  • Comes in brilliant black

Everlast is a world-famous brand of top-quality sports equipment, especially MMA. Everlast Everfresh headgear is one of the great products that make this reputation.

If you’re looking for an affordable MMA headgear, check out this Everlast option. The feature that makes the difference of Everlast Everfresh headgear is the accompanying cheek protector. This design not only provides optimal vision but also excellent safety.

In terms of customization mechanisms, there’s nothing to worry about with this model. Surely you will be happy to know that Everlast equips its products with closed buttons and an adjustable chin strap. Although it’s only available in black, that doesn’t seem to affect the choice of most people who have purchased it.

Everlast Everfresh headgear still has many outstanding advantages and guarantees to provide a range of peripheral vision. It is suitable for most competitive events. That’s because this model offers wider visibility and perfect protection.


  • High-quality
  • Provide ventilation
  • Robust design with modern technology.


  • There is only one color

Everlast Everfresh headgear is a great hat for both beginners and professional fighters. Don’t hesitate, try this hat today!

#4 Best Sparring: Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear, Black/White
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Triple density contoured foam
  • Flexible two way Velcro closure
  • Skintex leather construction
  • One size fits all

If you are looking for a top hat with impressive features, you should not ignore the Venum Challenger 2.0 caps. This is the top hat that many champions choose. Therefore, its quality is unquestionable.

Venum is a famous brand specializing in the production of sports goods. Therefore, they always focus on every little detail in their products, especially for MMA.

With a super lightweight, Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear still ensures your absolute safety. Powerful hits will no longer reach you.

Venum also designed this model with triple density foam with firm contour on the outside. This combination works like a great shock absorber, helping you avoid powerful effects from opponents.

They fit no longer matters because there is a Velcro closing mechanism that handles it for you. Thanks to this design, Venum’s hats can fit any size.

Besides, the manufacturer uses synthetic leather material not only to reduce the risk of slippery but also to improve the quality of protective hats.


  • Comfortable and fit in a perfect design
  • Excellent protection
  • Good price


  • Few colors to choose from

Venum Challenger 2.0 caps have all the advantages compared to many other types on the market with full protection. Experience the significant advantages today by adding them to the cart!

#5 Best for Competition: MaxxMMA Headgear Black

MaxxMMA Headgear Black L/XL Boxing MMA Training Kickboxing...
  • Approximate Dimensions: 9.25” x...
  • Great Visibility
  • Thick, shock-reducing closed-cell...
  • Multi-layered and shock absorbing...
  • Size L/XL

MaxxMMA Headgear Black comes in two sizes: L / XL or in particular from 9.25” to 9.75”. The first outstanding advantage of this model is its excellent visibility. This helps you to protect yourself from an opponent’s attacks as effectively as possible.

The cheeks have laminated foam and shock absorption. Besides, MaxxMMA also equipped this protection mechanism in the forehead, chin, ears, and behind the head of the wearer. This helps MMA fighters receive enjoy incredible protection during the game.

Through user reviews from this product, you can easily clean it and it can please any customer.

Medium-sized users responded that they fit the dimensions of MaxxMMA Headgear Black. This headgear is for adults, not for children.


  • Perfect protection
  • Provide clear vision
  • Many sizes to choose from


  • May not fit tall people

Headgears are a wise choice for any fighter. With impressive features, this model will be your precious companion. If you want to find out more information about this product, visit the link at its name.

#6 Best Lightweight: RDX Headguard for Boxing, MMA Training (CE Certified Approved)

RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing MMA Headgear UFC Head Guard...
  • RDX Head Guard is manufactured with...
  • CE certified and SATRA approved...
  • Jumbolon shock-absorbent padding...
  • Quick EZ Hook-and-Loop with lace-up...
  • Densely padded chin bar offers...

Another high-quality product from RDX is the CE Certified product line. Like the headgear above, RDX Headguard for Boxing, MMA Training (CE Certified Approved) is one of the most outstanding options on the market today.

With a complete cushion with a super absorbent closed-cell and an integrated G-core Gel cushion, the design of this model is prominent.

In particular, this 4-way adjustable design gives you one of the most important benefits. It is customized so it meets your needs. Two other outstanding features you should consider are the adjustable chin strap closure mechanism and the head pad.

This RDX headgear gives you more ventilation – something you need while fighting.

With this model, your vision is always as wide as possible. This advantage helps you observe the movements of the opponent when moving. The thickness of this product is solid to provide more cushioning for the wearer.


  • Superlight
  • Good price
  • Complete protection


  • Size may not fit some fighters

Overall, RDX Headguard for Boxing, MMA Training (CE Certified Approved) is a highly rated headgear on the market. This will be a suitable option for you. For more information about this product, visit the link in its name.

#7 Best Protection: Hypnotik Pro Max Head Guard

Hypnotik ProMAX Head Guard - Grey-Black - Large
  • Engineered Leather
  • With cheek protection
  • Inside lining with quick...
  • 7" hook and loop strap closing
  • Chin fastening system without metal...

With synthetic leather, Hypnotik Pro Max Head Guard is durable and can last very long. Therefore, you can freely use it for a long time and save a lot of money.

Also, to increase the ability to absorb the impact of vigorous attacks from opponents, Hypnotik opted to use high-density EVA foam.

The manufacturer has a hook and loop system on the back of the hat. Combined with a non-slip cloth, Hypnotik Pro Max Head Guard provides great certainty for the wearer. Even in intense matches, it is always in a fixed position on your head.


  • Absolute protection with high-density foam
  • Stay where you are
  • Provide a broad perspective


  • Only one color to choose from

These amazing advantages have made Hypnotik Pro Max Head Guard become the first choice of many fighters. Don’t be afraid to try this product. Maybe that’s exactly what you are looking for.

#8 Best Innovative: TITLE Gel World Full-Face Headgear

TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear, Black, Large
  • Gel lining and multi-layered design...
  • Fully padded cheeks, forehead, ears...
  • Hook-and-loop rear closure with...
  • All-leather build in full-face...

TITLE Gel World Headgear is undoubtedly the perfect head guard for any combat sport. Outstanding design with genuine leather structure and padding inside.

Thanks to the spacious pads and gel liners, Title Full Face will help you absorb many attacks with varying degrees of pain. Even the slightest blow to the cheek to the most violent attacks is not the problem. It will help you stay balanced and confident until you are strong enough to resist.

The combination of the outer foam layer and the inner gel layer ensures a better force distribution for the wearer. Although this model does not have a chin strap, in return it has a large Velcro strap on the back. This design will bring you the perfect fit.

Unlike conventional security keys, the chin bar is not useless, it ensures minimal protection. The manufacturer creates a medium-sized cheek pad to make your nose feel more comfortable.


  • Good force distribution
  • Special design
  • Brings a perfect fit


  • Poor chin coverage

With a longstanding reputation of excellence, TITLE always produces high-quality products that can meet the needs of everyone. Let TITLE Gel World Full-Face Headgear become a close companion in every match today!

#9 Best Durable: ProForce Thunder Vinyl Head Guard

ProForce Thunder Vinyl Head Guard w/ Face Shield - Black -...
  • Features a removable plastic face...
  • Made of shock-reducing closed-cell...
  • Padding on the top of the head...

Last but not least, ProForce Thunder Vinyl Head Guard is an indispensable product in this review.

ProForce Thunder Vinyl Head Guard protects your head but also confuses your opponent with its aggressive appearance. The design is unique, both eye-catching and more confident for the wearer. Surely you will become the most outstanding with this headgear.

Even if a fighter has fought hundreds of battles with ProForce Thunder Vinyl Head Guard, it will still be as good as the original. Long service life helps it stick more closely with the wearer.


  • Durable
  • Shock-reducing closed-cell foam
  • Durable vinyl material


  • There may be some pressure on the cheeks

ProForce Thunder Vinyl Head Guard is getting more and more popular than ever. Get it now or cry later because it’s easily out of stock.

What to Look for When Buying the Best MMA Headgears?

1. Style and Discipline

The headgears in combating look similar in all aspects. However, they are different in the usage as well as the effectiveness. So, what is the difference between these headgears?

1.1 Boxing Headgear 

In boxing, the major target in your head. The best boxing headgears can allow better visibility for you to see the punches and movements of the opponents. This means that you can react in time. 

1.2 Sparring Headgear 

This type often has more pads than the real-fight helmet. You can differentiate them from others based on additional features. These styles can bring the most protection from the cuts and bruises on the face. However, they impede greatly the visibility. 

1.3 Muay Thai Headgear 

The Muay Thai headgear is relatively similar to the boxing headgears. In other words, you can use either even if you are into Muay Thai or boxing. However, the headgears for Muay Thai are equipped with slightly harder padding owing to the additional techniques for fighting. 

1.4 MMA Headgear (Mixed Martial Arts Headgear)

MMA headgears are the most different. They are dissimilar to the other types regarding the padding amount and the construction. As you may know, in MMA, there are numerous techniques including catch wrestling, boxing, or holding. 

Accordingly, MMA headgears have to possess firmer padding. You can compare them with Muay Thai or boxing headgears which are less dense and notably softer.  

2. Materials 

Leather seems to be the best material. It is obvious that leather is durable, breathable, and brings overall great feeling. The only disadvantage is the high initial cost. 

Another option is synthetics. This material offers a reasonably high-priced alternative. Put it differently, it is suitable for those who operate on a budget. Although it cannot last you as long as leather, it gives you a better value for money along with great care. 

3. Fit and Comfort

These two criteria have to go together in MMA headgear. A helmet fitting you perfectly will enable you to focus on your defensive and offensive techniques. In some situations, you may not find a headgear conforming to the shape of your head. But, choose the one that will not stress you. 

When shopping, you can try some headgears in advance. It should not be loose as it can prompt the gear to move around when you receive a head punch. Moreover, the inside lining is another common annoyance for many people. 

Though it is the preference of each individual. For instance, somebody like smooth interiors. While others think that furry lining can hide dirt, particularly in borrowed or communal helmets. 

4. Padding

As the headgear is used to protect you from potential cuts or bruises, good padding is so important. The padding amount in a headgear will depend on some factors such as the brand and the intended use. 

Best MMA Headgears
Best MMA Headgears

For example, a competition headgear may have thinner padding as it has to be lightweight. So, it can allow you to move your head rapidly. Conversely, for sparring, models are thickly padded. From that point, it will keep you out of scratches when training. 

5. Closure System

The last feature to consider is the closure system. There are often two major aspects including the Velcro closure system and the chin straps. However, out of the two, there is a far more secure which is the buckle chin strap. Also, the laces or hook and loop are worth considering. 


1. Can I use the competition headgear for training?

Yes, you can. But it may not be advisable. The competition headgear is often crafted with mobility and speed, so it will have less padding. In other words, it offers minimal protection, particularly in hard sparring. 

2. How can I choose the right size for my MMA headgear?

It truly matters here. Some people say that small headgear makes them a headache after a few minutes of wearing them. Whereas, the oversize headgears make punch evasion impossible and give a larger target to your opponent. 

Almost brands offer different sizes regarding head circumference while others feature just one size fitting all design. Normally, the sizes range from the smallest size to XL. But you have to note that the true size differs from a brand to the other. 

Bottom Lines

The most apparent reason when buying the best MMA headgear is to spare your brain. After reading this article, you may know some features including materials, closure systems, or comfort when buying an MMA headgear. Hopefully, you will get your guarantees when having the right decision. 

Lastest MMA Headgears Bestselling ON SALE

Bestseller No. 1
MaxxMMA Headgear Black L/XL Boxing MMA Training Kickboxing...
  • Approximate Dimensions: 9.25” x...
  • Great Visibility
  • Thick, shock-reducing closed-cell...
  • Multi-layered and shock absorbing...
  • Size L/XL
Bestseller No. 2
RDX Headgear for Boxing, MMA Training, Head Guard with...
  • RDX Head Guard is contrived with...
  • Tri-slabs of impact attenuating...
  • Quick-EZ hook-and-loop strap offers...
  • Removable Face grill ensures you...
  • EVA-Lution sheet delivers eventual...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Boxing MMA Sparring Kickboxing Headgear for Men, Elite...
  • SECURE FITTING – Pre-curved...
  • INCREASE YOUR SPEED – With our...
  • VERSATILITY – Elite Sports...
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