Top 6 Best MMA Mouthguards To Buy (2021 Reviews)

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Best mma mouthguard

I hope you know that mouthguard is one of the most essential accessories that an MMA fighter should own. Whether you are playing for fun or training as a professional, you should bear in mind a slogan –  “safety first”. I am sure you don’t want to see a dentist to get your teeth fixed. This would be expensive and painful. 

To sort it out, you can just purchase a high-quality mouthguard. I know it can be tricky for you to decide on which product. To make it easier, I have summarized the list of top 6 best MMA mouthguards in this article. 

I will mention clearly each product’s pros and cons. A buying guide will be provided, so read till the end. Let’s start!

The top 6 Best MMA Mouthguards 2021

Among several items on the market today, I have picked the 6 best MMA mouthguards that you must try. Check it below!

#1 Venum Challenger Mouthguard 

Venum "Challenger" Mouthguard, Red Devil
  • Nexfit Gel Frame for a better...
  • Advanced design for an optimal...
  • High Density Rubber Frame for a...
  • Delivered with its protective case...
  • CE Certification/Norm: SATRA...

The Venum Challenger is one of the most popular and to a lot of people it is the best fit for MMA. Its advanced design helps the fighters can breathe normally during the game (through a breathing channel).

The bite surface features a unique pattern to keep the mouthguard tightly in place. But you still feel comfortable thanks to the Nexfit Gel. It has a high density rubber frame to manage the shock and protect you the most. A bonus point of this mouthguard is its good look. And you can still talk easily even when you are wearing it. 

You don’t have to do any extra adjustment. It is also very easy to wear and clean. You can follow the directions, you can mold it in your mouth. This product is very reasonable. 

The Venum Challenger has CE certification. In the combination with all the qualities that I mentioned above, this deserves to be one of your choices in the game. 


  • Easy to breath during the game 
  • Fighter can talk normally 
  • Well-fitted 
  • Good looking 
  • Very comfortable thanks to the Nextfit
  • High density rubber frame to manage the shock and protect the wearer
  • Very easy to clean and wear 
  • Reasonable price 
  • CE certificatation
  • A protective case included for a better hygiene


  • Not suitable for those who have small mouths

#2 Impact Custom Professional MMA Mouthguard

Impact Custom Professional MMA/Boxing/Muay Thai Mouthguard...
  • WEAR IT LIKE THE PROS! We will...
  • THE DESIGN: Maximum protection with...
  • HOW IT WORKS: Once we receive your...
  • MATERIALS: Finished product is BPA...

The Impact Custom MMA mouthguard is one of the most common- used by professionals. It is well-known for high quality, durability and ultimate protection. This mouthguard is suitable for all ages and all levels. 

It gives you a very comfortable feeling. You might forget that you are wearing a mouthguard sometimes. This product has a 6 – 7 mm thickness which assures the heavy impact absorbance. The player can breath and talk with ease during the game. 

They use BPA free material to build which is more long-lasting. They produce very diverse designs and colors for your choice. 

The most outstanding part of this mouthguard is its customized fit. So it works like this: when you are done with your order, they will send you a super simple fit kit. You will need to make an impression of your teeth, then send it back. The Impact’s craftsman will create your guard then send you the final one. How wonderful!

So I have to say the Impact Custom’s price is a bit higher, but it is really worth your money. 


  • Suitable for all ages and levels 
  • Comfortable, durable and protective 
  • Player can breathe and talk with ease in the game 
  • Heavy impact absorbance 
  • Customized and handmade to assure the perfect fit 


  • Higher price but worth it 

#3 Opro Power-fit MMA Mouthguard

OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard, Adults and Junior Sports Mouth...
  • DENTIST MADE - And not just any...

The Opro Power-fit is well-trusted by professionals. This brand is the official mouthguard of several top organizations, such as the UFC, Pop Warner and AYF, New Zealand Rugby, England Hockey, and more. 

The unique Power-Cage, which is performed in a 2-piece system helps mold the wearer’s gum following the contour of their gums and teeth. More than that, the dual layer outer shell can absorb high impact and offer extra protection to your mouth. 

It is super easy to fit, and doesn’t take you that much time either. The unrivaled Custom Fit to hold your teeth in places so you can speak, breathe and enjoy the game.  

This mouthguard is suitable for all ages and different games apart from MMA. They offer you an extended 18 month $20,000 Dental warranty.  


  • Well-trusted by professionals 
  • 2-piece system to mold the wearer’s gum 
  • Dual layer outer shell to absorb the impact and protect totally
  • Easy to fit 
  • Unrivaled custom fit 
  • $20,000 dental warranty 


  • Not for those who are wearing braces

#4 Fairtex MG3 Gel MMA Mouthguard 

If you are in the MMA world, I am sure you have heard of the Fairtex MG3. This brand is one of the most popular boxing gear in Muay Thai and MMA. Their products are made for beginners and professionals.

The Gel Fit Liner offers a comfortable and tight fit between your teeth and mouthguard. This product features a heavy duty rubber shock frame and internal support wave to maximize the protection for your jaw and teeth. This helps absorb the impact perfectly too. 

The Fairtex MG3 comes in 2 colors: black and white. And this product has a CE certificate. It offers a very reasonable price. 


  • Good for all levels 
  • Comfortable and tight fit thanks to the gel fit liner 
  • Extra protection through an internal support wave and heavy duty rubber shock frame
  • Impact absorbance 
  • CE certificate
  • Reasonable price 


  • It might take you a while to mold 

#5 Redline MMA Mouthguard

Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard w/Case | Youth -...
  • One Size Fits All - You'll find the...
  • Safe Materials - We take your...
  • Carrying Case Included - Rest...
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - If...
  • Trusted - Join the tens of...

The Redline is super convenient thanks to the one-fit-all sizing system. On the other hand, it can be one advantage because people’s mouths are not the same. 

Let’s look at the benefits this mouthguard offers you. Its easy-to use boil and bite design is very suitable for kids and adults. This mouthguard features a dual layer and gel-lined design which is extremely protective to men, women and children. 

They use 100% BPA, latex, and PVC free materials to produce this. This assures safety to your health. There is a carrying case included for free. You bring your mouthguard everywhere without worrying about it getting dirty. 

This product comes with various colors to choose. There are many good looking ones. The manufacturer guarantees their product by 100% refund policy, meanwhile the product price is quite low. If you are not happy after purchasing, just drop them a message.  Amazing customer service!


  • One size fits all 
  • For all ages 
  • Dual layer and gel-lined design to provide extra protection 
  • 100% BPA, latex and PVC free
  • A carrying case included to keep it clean and convenient to bring around
  • Various colors 
  • 100% refund policy 
  • Low price 


  • Molding capacity should be better

#6 Shock Doctor Max Airflow MMA Mouthguard

Shock Doctor Max Airflow Lip Guard/Mouth Guard. Football...
  • PROTECTION – Meets national and...
  • COMFORT - Our design is made to...
  • BREATHABILITY - The Max Airflow is...
  • STYLE – Impose your style on the...

Let me tell you good news. The Shock Doctor Max Airflow works for those wearing braces too. Yeah! Their design brings the ultimate comfort and protection to the wearers. 

They reinforce the outer frame to increase the protection. The high-impact tech can absorb the shock quite well. With a large breathing channel, you can breathe and talk easily. Moreover, the Max Airflow design provides ample air so you don’t need to take off that often to breath. 

This mouthguard is good for kids, youth and adults. It comes with different colors and patterns. The company offers you a $10,000 dental warranty. 


  • High tech impact to absorb the shock 
  • Large breathing channel 
  • Good for kids, youth and adults 
  • Various colors and patterns
  • $10,000 dental warranty 
  • Work with braces 


  • Some people claim it is not very durable 

How to get the best MMA Mouthguard

There are a few factors you should follow to get the best MMA mouthguard.

1. Protection and comfort 

Always remember that don’t choose a product that you don’t feel comfortable with. You should buy a mouthguard that gives you both comfort and great protection. When looking at the mouthguard, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Can I talk and breath without any difficulty?
  • Does it fit my mouth and stay in securily?
  • How much coverage this mouthguard offers?

2. Size 

When you are practicing MMA, either for fun or serious training, you should get a mouthguard that fits your mouth. When you wear the correct size, you can breathe and talk properly. It also provides you with better protection. Too big or too small size is not good. Picking a right size matters. 

3. Boil and bite or Custom mouthguard?

I introduce you to 2 common types to compare: boil and bite & custom. The boil and bite type is more popular on the market today. They offer a reasonable price. You can get the product right when you purchase. It is easy to use and comes with diverse styles.

The custom mouthguard fits you more properly because it is tailored according to your size. It gives the best protection. You have to wait a while or even some weeks for the manufacturer to customize it. 


1. Should a mouthguard be tight?

The tight level should be enough. So if you have to bite to keep your mouthguard in position, then it is not good. A mouthguard should be secure and tight on your upper teeth without shifting. However, it shouldn’t be too tight so your gum won’t be hurt. 

2. How many times can you remold a mouthguard?

About 20 times. After using, you can put the molded mouthguard in the hot water, let it straighten out and soften, then you are done!

3. Can a mouthguard damage teeth?

If you wear a night guard and it doesn’t fit you properly, then your teeth might shift. It might be painful and sore. 


To sum up, I want to repeat that it is very very important to wear a mouthguard that fits you makes you comfortable and protected. There are different ranges of products with various prices for you to choose. You don’t have pay a big amount to own a good mouthguard. 

Best MMA Mouthguards
Best MMA Mouthguards

Thank you very much for staying till the end of this post. I hope you find this article helpful.  

Lastest MMA Mouthguards Bestselling ON SALE

Bestseller No. 1
Venum "Challenger" Mouthguard, Red Devil
  • Nexfit Gel Frame for a better...
  • Advanced design for an optimal...
  • High Density Rubber Frame for a...
  • Delivered with its protective case...
  • CE Certification/Norm: SATRA...
Bestseller No. 2
SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard Slim Fit, Adults and Junior Mouth Guard...
  • GREAT FIT – SAFEJAWZ offers...
  • JAW PROTECTION – We have a...
  • ANTI GAG! – Do mouthguards...
Bestseller No. 3
DAMAGE CONTROL Extreme Impact Mouth Guard, Mouth Guard for...
  • Includes Built in Reinforcement...
  • Most comfortable, best fitting and...
  • The Extreme Impact Mouth guard is...
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