Top 5 Best MMA Shorts For Fighters (2021 Reviews)

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Top best MMA short fighters

MMA is a demanding sport for the equipment and the participants. That is why you should have the right gear. They can allow you to feel comfortable and boost your performance. 

This article can provide you with the list of best MMA shorts whether you are a beginner or an MMA veteran. Besides, it also contains some useful buying tips for you to make the right decision.

Let’s get to them now!

Top 5 Best Shorts For MMA Reviews 2021

#1 Best Overall: RVCA Men’s Grappler Short

RVCA Men's Grappler 17IN Short, Black, M
  • Medium-rise straight jean with...
  • Recycled quick dry fabric
  • Elastic waistband
  • Interior draw cord closure
  • Velcro tab front closure

RVCA Men’s Grappler Short is one of the highest-rated MMA boxers pants on the market today. With outstanding advantages, it is not surprising that these pants have become the first choice of many customers.

The first advantage of RVCA Men’s Grappler Short is the durable fabric material used for MMA competition. The material of RVCA Men’s Grappler Short is derived from 90% polyester and 10% spandex. This is a flexible material, capable of hygroscopic with perfect compression.

These pants can give the wearer the most comfortable and breathable. Thanks to its four-dimensional elasticity and fabric, it also supports flexible movements.

Thanks to a tight velcro and RVCA’s patented waist system, these shorts are comfortable yet safe. You will not feel uncomfortable or these pants slip.

Besides, each short comes with an elastic pocket inside at the bottom. This makes it more convenient for contain your mouth guards. Therefore, hygiene will be better. You do not need to put your mouthguards on the surface of the gym while eating.


  • Excellent durability
  • Budget-friendly
  • Diverse designs


  • Slightly small size

The uncompromising quality with impeccable materials made the popularity of RVCA Men’s Grappler Short. These MMA shorts are worth buying. Discover the amazing quality of this product by adding it to the cart.

#2 Best Comfortable: Venum Technical 2.0 Fitness Shorts

Venum Technical 2.0 Fitness Shorts - M, Black/Yellow, Medium
  • Sublimated prints, for better...
  • Slim fit leaving no grip on your...
  • Reinforced seams
  • Rubber band located at the waist to...

For combat clothing, Venum is one of the leading brands in this field. With innovative technologies, their products quickly lead to the market. Since then, Venum has been getting more and more positive reviews with desirable products.

With a truncated hybrid design, the Venum Technical 2.0 Fitness Shorts can satisfy the needs of any serious fighter. Thanks to microfiber material, these shorts are super comfortable. Also, the side slots allow you to move freely without being uncomfortable in the most flexible way. Velcro on elastic and drawstring to ensure the wearer is always in the safest state.

Manufacturers create the slender design of these shorts with inspiration from the combination of traditional table shorts and Velo tudo shorts. Venum Technical 2.0 Fitness Shorts looks sleek and modern. Surely these wonderful MMA shorts will not disappoint you.


  • 3-stage mechanism to improve durability
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Original sizes and designs to choose from


  • Although you can adjust it yourself, change it if you gain too much weight

Overall, this is an outstanding short MMA with top quality. Become the champion with today’s top-quality shorts!

#3 Best Value: Bad Boy Men’s Legacy Evolve Shorts

Bad Boy Men's Bad Boy Legacy Evolve Shorts, Black, Medium
  • 4D stretch fabric: fourth dimension...
  • Low profile: 17 inch outseam for...
  • Super-stretch lycra: durable,...
  • Micro-mesh hip panel: stretch...
  • Sublimated graphics: Sublimated...

Perfect shorts will give the fighter a big match. Bad Boy Men’s Legacy Evolve Shorts is a product that is confident enough to prove this. You can wear these shorts for combat sports like MMA, Muay Thai or BJJ.

Perhaps the Bad Boy brand is no stranger to the market today and they carry an upgraded version better than the previous product. This is a great update, so it’s no surprise that Bad Boy Men’s Legacy Evolve Shorts is included in this review.

With a comfortable waistband, these shorts can make you happy. A safe and comfortable fit is confident that it will keep you safe a long way.

The material of these shorts is derived from Vastk bamboo charcoal fiber to help keep heat in your muscles. This amazing advantage promotes intramuscular blood flow. You will stay in a longer state of toughness and minimize the effects of lactic acid.

Thanks to the patented 4D stretchy material, these shorts provide great flexibility. The manufacturer has redesigned a short closing system to create maximum comfort and safety for the wearer. The side is reinforced and comes with a mouthguard.


  • Outstanding design and comfort
  • Top materials
  • Comfortable customization with drawstring


  • Only two colors

If you are a beginner and are looking for a short MMA, then Bad Boy Men’s Legacy Evolve Shorts is a very reasonable choice. Get an impressive experience with this short today!

#4 Best Durable: Clinch Gear Performance MMA Shorts

CLINCH GEAR Performance MMA Shorts, Crossfit Shorts -...
  • CROSSFIT SHORTS – The #1 choice...
  • JIU JITSU SHORTS – Our Pro Series...
  • MMA FIGHT SHORTS – Constructed of...
  • Clinch Gear Performance PREMIUM...

For those who have been involved in MMA games for a long time, the Clinch fighting brand is familiar. They are back with MMA shorts that bring the updated version superior to ever.

Featuring high-tech 360-length shorts, the Clinch Gear Performance MMA Shorts is the perfect choice for struggling and striking work.

Besides, the moisture-absorbing technology of this model will keep you in a cool state. Even the most difficult conditioning is not a problem.

Clinch Pro Series MMA shorts have custom suede microfiber fabric. They are so light that you will feel almost like you are not wearing anything! Although Clinch Gear Performance MMA Shorts is soft, it is durable and fits perfectly for jiu-jitsu, MMA, and CrossFit.


  • Top quality at reasonable prices
  • Velcro waistband
  • Diverse color schemes


  • It is difficult to choose the size

Clinch Gear Performance MMA Shorts is becoming more and more popular than ever. Get it now or cry later because it’s easily out of stock.

#5 Best Well-Made: Meister MMA Crown Vale Tudo Fight Shorts

Meister MMA Crown Vale Tudo Fight Shorts - Blue - 30/31
  • Sturdy Lycra Microfiber build &...
  • Ideal for both Grappling and...
  • Low-profile waistband and leg cuffs...
  • Flawless Fit - Shorts conform to...
  • Inner Drawstring for the option to...

Last but not least, Meister MMA Crown Vale Tudo Fight Shorts is an indispensable product in this review.

Meister uses top quality double microfiber fiber to make this short. It is both cool and durable. This is the ideal choice for both struggling and standing up.

Meister MMA Crown Vale Tudo Fight Shorts is very suitable for MMA, BJJ, and Kickboxing training. Besides, these shorts are very suitable for beginners because they are wallet-friendly and very portable.

In particular, the inner drawstring of Meister MMA Crown Vale Tudo Fight Shorts creates many options to adjust to fit the waist. The best feature of these shorts is the great value that goes beyond such a cheap price.


  • Prime Quality
  • Chief strength with double stitching
  • Low profile belts


  • Only two colors to choose from

Meister MMA Crown Vale Tudo Fight Shorts is a wise choice for any fighter. With its impressive features, this short will be your precious companion. If you want to find out more information about this product, visit the link at its name.

Why Should We Use MMA Shorts?

When doing martial arts, it is compulsory to wear specialized MMA shorts. The regular sports shorts cannot last long with you after several sparring sessions. That is the reason why you need to use MMA shorts. 

Normally, MMA shorts can endure the tear and wear coming with practicing MMA. They allow the wearers to move flexibly, freely, and also bring good looking. With the features of the flexible gusset, MMA shorts enable more flexible and unrestricted movements. 

Likewise, almost MMA shorts have a Velcro strap or an inside drawstring to fasten the shorts at once. If you have worn regular shorts for martial arts before, you may aware that they do not work effectively. Especially, when you roll on the ground, the regular shorts cannot stay up. 

Some Specific Types of MMA Shorts

1. Vale Tudo Shorts

This type of MMA shorts is extremely similar to regular shorts. The goal of the manufacturer when designing it is to provide you with faster movement with less friction in the fighting. 

However, Vale Tudo shorts require some bravery to wear. In other words, you always have to buy the compression shorts along with a cup. And you need to use this to secure your modesty. 

2. Board Style MMA Shorts

It seems that the board style of MMA shorts is very popular. You can frequently see them in some professional fights such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The manufacturer designs this type upon the traditional shorts. However, they also alter to make them more suitable for combat sports.

Best MMA Short
Best MMA Short

The length of board-style MMA shorts is up to the knee. It is characterized by an internal drawstring along with a Velcro strap. The waist is elasticated to make sure that the shorts can stay up when you are sparring or training. 

3. Hybrid Shorts

The name says it all. This type is the combination of the two styles mentioned above. So, it seems to be the best of both world shorts. It has the vale Tudo’s compression style and the modern design of board-style MMA shorts. So, these hybrid shorts can offer more comfort, practicality, and flexibility. 

Features to Consider When Purchasing MMA Shorts

1. Price 

Most people expect to buy durable shorts, so spending money on some popular brands is a good idea. Some of them may cost more, but they will provide better quality and last for longer significantly. 

2. Material

Materials often entail with the price. Several expensive MMA shorts are made from comfortable and flexible materials. More specifically, typically high-end shorts often implement flexible gussets and use poly-directional fabric to provide various movements. 

When looking for high-quality MMA shorts, you should notice the reinforced stitching along with the seems. This reinforced stitching can make shorts more durable and surely last longer than the cheaper ones. 

3. Size 

Sizing will range from brand to brand. Several companies opt for small, medium, and large sizes while others use the traditional sizing chart. As you may know, buying the right size for MMA shorts is very important. 

For example, a small pair of shorts will restrict the movement of your leg. This may harm your performance.

4. Design 

Another feature for you to look at is the overall design. You can choose a pair of shorts with an elasticated waist and internal drawstring. Nowadays, shorts having split seems are getting more popular. The reason is that fighters implement frequently high kicks, so they choose this type of shorts. 

Final Thoughts

Even if you are just training or a professional fighter, you still need proper shorts. But if you prefer the best MMA shorts to the regular compression shorts, you should ensure to have the right decision. 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now can consider some features such as size, quality, or price. Good luck with your choice in the future.

Lastest MMA Shorts Bestselling ON SALE

Bestseller No. 1
ROAR MMA Fight Shorts UFC Grappling Muay Thai BJJ Training...
  • Made of 100% Micro Fabric stretch...
  • Ergonomically designed with unique...
  • Split out seams allow more kicking...
  • Adjustable Strap closure plus an...
  • Multiple Flex Panels for excellent...
Bestseller No. 2
SOTF MMA Boxing Fight Shorts Mens Stretch Sports Training...
  • 1.Velcro and Drawstring help you...
  • 2.Stretch fabric is more...
  • 3.You can put phone or keys in the...
  • 4.WAIST:XS=30inch,S=32inch,M=34inch,...
  • 5.Purchase Guarantee, If you have...
Bestseller No. 3
LAFROI Mens MMA Cross Training Boxing Shorts Trunks Fight...
  • 【Double Secure】Velcro plus...
  • 【Anti-Tear】 Tear-resistant...
  • 【Multi-Use】 The Cross Training...
  • 【Lightweight & Quickdry】 You...
  • 【Optimize the...
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