Top 5 Best Oils for Baseball Gloves: Wilson, Rawlings or Mink (Reviews 2021)

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Best Oil For Baseball Glove

If you are a baseball defender, you will know how important it is to own a high quality pair of gloves. They normally use leather to produce those because only leather is strong and durable enough to withstand the strong hits. 

But, like other leather-made sportswear, they need a lot of maintenance to be in pristine condition. You can use oil to do this. Moreover, good oil not only helps you break in the new gloves, but it also contributes to proper care for the old ones. 

There are a lot of great brands on the market but in this article, I will review the top 5 best oils for baseball gloves. Let’s dive in!

Top 5 Best Oils for Baseball Gloves on the Market 2021

In this list of 5 best oils for baseball gloves, I mention each product’s pros and cons for you to consider. 

#1 Rawlings Baseball Glove Oil 

Rawlings Baseball Softball Glove Oil Conditioning Kit -...
  • Baseball Softball Glove...
  • Glove conditioner oil great for...
  • Use the Covey Sports applicator...
  • Glove oil comes in blister pack for...
  • Glove oil is from Rawlings whom has...

The Rawlings Baseball Glove Oil can make you satisfied for couples of reasons. This oil is good for both breaking in new gloves and preserving the old products. For more information if you don’t know. This brand is from Rawlings who has experienced serving baseball customers since the 1800’s. 

This oil is very lightweight. It doesn’t make your leather darker nor create a greasy film like a few other oils. To make the cleaning process easier, you can use the microfiber cloth to apply the mitt oil. 

Once you apply the oil, you will see the significant change in your gloves and constant usage can bring a bigger impact for a longer time. This oil has a blister pack to give extra protection to itself. 

You can use the Rawlings oil for all kinds of gloves. However, this brand has a little higher price than other products on the market today. 


  • Best for breaking in and preserving 
  • Lightweight 
  • Doesn’t make your gloves darker nor create a greasy film 
  • A microfiber cloth is provided 
  • Blister pack for extra protection 
  • Can use for all kinds of gloves 


  • Higher price 

#2 Wilson Premium Baseball Glove Oil 

Wilson Premium Glove Oil Original Version, 4 oz.
  • Easy to use spray applicator
  • Softens and aids glove break in
  • Glove oil is a compound of...

The Wilson Premium Baseball Glove Oil is one of top rated products by customers. This can be a great choice for its affordable price and high quality. 

It is very easy to use. There is a spray applicator which helps control the amount of oil that you use. You don’t need to worry about your mitt getting too much oil. It works great for new leather and old leather. After a few times of spraying, your gloves can smell like a brand new product. 

The Wilson oil doesn’t discolor your gloves as much as some others. The oil formula consists of neatsfoot and other beneficial oils to soften your leather. And above all, it costs only as half as other oils. 


  • Highly rated by customers 
  • Good for breaking in new gloves and preserving old leather 
  • Spray applicator is included 
  • Easy to use 
  • Fast effect
  • Doesn’t discolor the product 
  • The oil formula consists of neatsfoot and other beneficial oils to soften your leather
  • Affordable price 


  • Small container 

#3 Griffin Mink Baseball Glove Oil 

GRIFFIN Mink Oil - Leather Conditioner, Leather Softener,...
  • PREMIUM MINK OIL: Griffin's Mink...
  • CONDITIONS AND SOFTENS: Our premium...
  • Made in the USA.

The Griffin Mink Baseball Oil is a top-quality product that serves both purposes, including break-in and preservation. 

The premium formula is used to make this oil. This is to keep your gloves soft and durable. It is perfect if you use after cleaning your leather. You can just apply a thin layer of oil, then leave it for a night. You will feel the difference on the day after. 

This oil has a very good performance. You might need to condition your gloves only one time. Until the rest of the season, you don’t need to do anything. This oil is safe to use on high-end leather. It ensures to bring you 100% satisfaction.

The Griffin Mink oil is added with waterproof ingredients to protect your gloves from rain, water or snow. If you haven’t used your baseball gloves for a long time, and ridden with mold, apply this oil to it. 


  • Suitable for both break in and preservation 
  • Premium formula to keep your leather soften and durable 
  • Good performance 
  • Safe to use on high-end leather 
  • Ensure 100% satisfaction 
  • Waterproof ingredients to protect your gloves from rain or wet. 
  • Can be used to clean and maintain your leather 


  • Might darken your leather 

#4 Bickmore Baseball Glove Oil 

Bickmore 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil 8 oz - Leather Conditioner...
  • MADE IN THE USA: Bickmore is proud...

Neatsfood oil is well-known for being good for conditioning and polishing the leather material. The Bickmore has followed that tradition to create 100% pure Neatsfood without petroleum distillates.

This oil can break in the new glove, soften the old ones in order to give them the expected feel. The constant use of this product can enhance your glove’s longevity. It naturally repels water which can protect your leather from the elements and extend its life. 

You should be aware that applying this oil frequently can darken your leather a bit. However, the feel and the grain will not change any. This oil is also very good for shoes, belts, boots, etc. 

It has a very reasonable price. This made-in-USA product is also very easy to use. The Bickmore is one of Amazon’s choice products. 


  • 100% pure Neatsfood without petroleum distillates
  • Great for break-in and maintenance 
  • Naturally repels water 
  • Good for shoes, belts, or boots, etc  too
  • Made in USA 
  • Amazon’s choice 


  • Not suitable for suede leather

#5 Fiebings Mink Baseball Glove Oil 

Fiebing's Mink Oil Paste, 6 Oz. - Softens, Preserves and...
  • Fiebing's Mink Oil is a natural...
  • Also helps protect leather and...
  • Great for use on automotive...
  • Fiebing's signature product.
  • 6 oz. Made in the USA!

Fiebing’s Mink Oil is a natural byproduct which is trusted by many generations. This Mink oil is also Fiebing’s signature product. 

The oil features a thicker paste than some other spray ones, but it is great to soften the leather and maintain your gloves in good condition. This product looks quite attractive and convenient to store. 

The Fiebings Mink oil is quite versatile. It is great for automotive interior leather and vinyl, shoes, furniture, etc. and of course for baseball gloves. It is super cheap for a box of 6 oz like this. 

This oil is very easy to apply. I suggest you warm your gloves before putting the oil on it to have the best effect. This product is a great example for the case that you don’t need to pay a high price to get a good quality item. 


  • Natural byproduct 
  • Well-trusted by customers
  • Thicker paste but soften the leather very well 
  • Good look and convenient 
  • Great for other products apart from baseball gloves 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Super cheap 


  • It might be greasier than some other oils 

How To Apply Glove Oil To Your Baseball Glove

Factors you should think through when buying oil for your baseball glove 

1. Ingredients 

A good baseball oil is the one that consists of natural ingredients. They normally add petroleum distillates to manufacture glove oil. The purpose is to keep the price low, however, the quality will reduce. 

I recommend you read the ingredients that are printed on the label carefully to assure it has Neatsfood, beeswax or mink oil. Sometimes, they combine some of these ingredients together. 

The natural ingredients can boost the effectiveness of the oil. Moreover it is very healthy too. It keeps you skin away from rashes or allergies. 

2. Water- resistant 

You are not buying oil just to break-in your gloves. Of course, you would expect them to maintain your gear too. A high-quality oil should feature water-resistant to it. This can help avoid the cracks that baseball gloves normally have after some time. The oils that contain mink oil or beeswax are usually very good at offering the water-resistance to a baseball glove. 

3. Easy to apply

I think another factor that you should care about is how easy your oil is to apply on your gloves. The best oil is the one that doesn’t ask you to do any special actions to apply. The bottles that come with applicators are preferable. 

You can also pick a spray version that you don’t need a cloth to work on that. But if you prefer touching and maintaining your gloves by your own hands, then go for it. 

4. Effectiveness 

After applying the oil, you might not see the effects right away. The cheap oils containing lots of synthetics often fail to maintain the leather in a long time. They can be good at breaking in new gloves. 

That is why I have said above that you should go for natural- ingredients oils. They provide constantly good conditioning effects. Remember that a soft baseball glove which is broken in properly can offer you very good grip for the game. A well-conditioned baseball glove can enhance the chances of catching the ball. 


Should you oil a new baseball glove?

Don’t forget to oil your baseball during the whole season. You should apply the oil to take care of your gloves often. It is a great habit to keep your glove more durable and retain its performance. 

Can I use coconut oil on baseball gloves?

Basically, you can apply coconut oil on your leather glove. You can do this if you don’t have any professional oil or conditioner. But just take a small amount, apply on it then rub in the oil well.

What are the differences between baseball oil and conditioner?

People normally use oil when their gloves are too stiff, particularly when they are new. When you use oil, you should put it on the right spot. The baseball conditioner is more for maintenance. They can be used to break in, but not as effective as oils. The fact is that the conditioner is a petroleum- jelly based product.  

How do MLB players break in their gloves?

Some break in their gloves by putting them in water. Some put in the microwave. And like  Rodriguez, he lathers them with shaving cream.


To sum up, before purchasing a baseball glove oil, you should know your purpose and preference. If you want to break-in, go for oils. If you want to maintain your glove, go for conditioners. There are some oils that can do both too. And make sure that you will follow the guideline carefully too because a wrong action can destroy your glove. 

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