About The Song

Conway Twitty. Now there’s a voice that could soothe a rattlesnake and make a honky-tonk weep. A true giant of country music, Twitty straddled the line between rockabilly rebellion and heartfelt sentimentality with a mastery few could rival. Today, we delve into a song that exemplifies this perfectly: Don’t Take It Away.

Released in 1979, Don’t Take It Away wasn’t penned by Twitty himself, but by the songwriting duo of Troy Seals and Max D. Barnes. However, under Twitty’s masterful delivery, the song becomes a deeply personal plea, a desperate lover’s lament that resonated with audiences across America.

Now, this isn’t your typical, wide-eyed declaration of love. This is country music, folks, and there’s a healthy dose of regret simmering beneath the surface. The narrator readily admits to a transgression, a misstep that threatens the very foundation of his relationship. The title itself, Don’t Take It Away, becomes a desperate mantra, a plea for forgiveness and a second chance.

We can practically hear the tremor in Twitty’s voice as he sings lines like “I can’t give you cause, you made love so good for me.” It’s a testament to Twitty’s storytelling ability that he doesn’t shy away from the blame. He doesn’t paint himself as the innocent victim of circumstance. He owns his mistake, and the raw vulnerability in his voice makes the song all the more powerful.

But Don’t Take It Away isn’t all about regret. There’s a flicker of hope, a desperate clinging to what remains. The narrator pleads, “Take it away, hush, love don’t come easy darling,” acknowledging the difficulty of forgiveness while simultaneously begging for it. He even goes as far as saying he’d “follow you to the ends of the earth,” showcasing a newfound commitment, a willingness to fight for what he’s thrown away.

Don’t Take It Away is a masterclass in country songwriting and performance. It’s a song that lays bare the human condition, exploring the complexities of love, loss, and the desperate hope for redemption. So, sit back, put on your favorite pair of boots, and let Conway Twitty take you on this emotional rollercoaster ride. You won’t be disappointed.