About The Song

Conway Twitty and “From Seven Till Ten”. Now that’s a song that takes you back to the heart of classic country storytelling. Released in 1978 on the iconic Honky Tonk Heroes album, it marked another chapter in Twitty’s reign as a duet king, this time alongside the inimitable Loretta Lynn.

“From Seven Till Ten” isn’t your typical, wide-eyed love ballad. It delves into the darker corners of desire and stolen moments. We hear a man’s plea, his voice laced with a desperation that’s both thrilling and heartbreaking. The lyrics paint a picture of a clandestine meeting, a brief escape from the constraints of reality.

“Wait here for me, I’ll get the key,” Twitty sings, urgency dripping from every word. The place they’re going to isn’t grand, but in that stolen time, anywhere becomes a haven.

This isn’t just about a physical rendezvous, though. The song hints at a deeper connection, a love that can’t be openly acknowledged. “I know she won’t mind,” Twitty pleads, his voice cracking with emotion. We can only guess at the “she” he refers to, the one who stands in the way of this forbidden passion. The stolen hours, the “from seven till ten” timeframe, becomes a poignant symbol of the limitations placed on their love.

Lynn’s response, delivered with her signature sass and vulnerability, adds another layer to the story. She understands the pain, the longing that drives this clandestine meeting. “Look in my eyes, can you see how I cried?” she sings, her voice a raw counterpoint to Twitty’s desperation. Theirs is a love story tinged with regret, a stolen moment born from a situation they can’t control.

“From Seven Till Ten” is a masterclass in country music storytelling. With its simple melody and evocative lyrics, it captures the complexities of forbidden love, the bittersweet joy of stolen moments, and the pain of longing. It’s a song that resonates with anyone who’s ever felt trapped, who’s ever yearned for something just out of reach.

So, put on your boots, pour yourself a glass of whiskey, and let Twitty and Lynn take you on a journey into the shadowy world of love after dark.