About The Song

Conway Twitty’s iconic ballad, “It’s Only Make Believe”. This 1958 single transcends genre, holding a special place in the hearts of both rock and roll and country music enthusiasts. For those unfamiliar, Twitty wasn’t always the rhinestone-suited king of country duets. He began his career with a rockabilly swagger, and “It’s Only Make Believe” stands as a prime example of this electrifying era.

The song itself is a masterclass in capturing the bittersweet pangs of unrequited love. Twitty’s smooth, expressive vocals narrate the tale of a man helplessly smitten with a woman who seems oblivious to his affections.

The lyrics paint a picture of stolen glances and whispered dreams, all tinged with the melancholic awareness that these feelings are, as the title suggests, just a fantasy. Lines like “People see us everywhere / They think you really care” showcase the protagonist’s yearning for a deeper connection, a connection that remains frustratingly out of reach.

However, “It’s Only Make Believe” isn’t simply a wallowing lament. There’s a spark of hope that flickers beneath the surface. The repeated refrain “My one and only prayer / Is that someday you’ll care” reveals the man’s unwavering devotion. He clings to the possibility that his love might one day be reciprocated, a testament to the enduring power of optimism in the face of heartbreak.

Musically, the song is a delightful blend of rock and roll energy and country heartache. The driving rhythm section, courtesy of a prominent bass line and crisp drumming, keeps your toes tapping.

Meanwhile, the melancholic twang of the electric guitar adds a touch of country sorrow to the mix. Twitty’s vocals seamlessly navigate these contrasting elements, conveying both the desperation and the underlying resilience of the lovelorn narrator.

“It’s Only Make Believe” proved to be a turning point in Twitty’s career. The song became a massive crossover hit, topping both the pop and country charts in the UK and reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.

It established Twitty as a rising star and demonstrated his remarkable versatility as a performer. While he would later become synonymous with country music, “It’s Only Make Believe” serves as a potent reminder of his rock and roll roots and his undeniable ability to capture the universal language of love and longing.