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krav maga self defense

When I first learned krav maga self defense in high school, my teacher gave us a lecture about “intentions.” Violence could only occur when someone made the conscious decision to physically attack another person. Then he called out some students on the front row and explained that if they put their hands on him, they would be punched in the face so hard that there was no coming back. This is just one example of how violent intent can be prevented by understanding self-defense techniques.

1. Self Defense

Today, self defense is very important to many people. It’s been difficult for females, in particular, to be able to defend themselves against attackers. Groups like Take Back the Night and the work of women who have been assaulted are making vocal efforts in this field of safety. Women can now learn how to defend themselves through classes, online courses, lectures, and demonstrations around the world.

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2. Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a combat self-defense system of fighting created by Imi Lichtenfeld. It was based on the concept that smaller, weaker people can protect themselves against bigger stronger opponents by using their opponent’s strength against them. In Krav Maga, practitioners learn how to throw and use grappling techniques to restrain and throw an opponent as well as strike him with palm strikes, elbow strikes, headbutts and knee strikes. Organized training in Krav Maga includes stand up styles such as boxing or kickboxing with movement drills on the ground. As of 2016 there have been 10 million practitioners of it worldwide according to telegraphmagazine.com. 3. Intentions
When we use violence we are making a conscious choice to attack someone. When you punch someone and they fall over, you knew it was possible to cause damage when you did it. I’m not going to say that there might be a tiny shred of doubt in your mind that what you’re doing is wrong but if you punch someone, your intentions are usually extremely clear. People can get hurt from self defense techniques if they aren’t used correctly or if the defender doesn’t have correct intentions.

3. History of Krav Maga

Imi Lichtenfeld was born on the 28th of November, 1918, and was first introduced to judo in 1932. He began training in judo with a famous coach by the name of Anton Abrachamovich Zadikian. His interest in fighting expanded when he emigrated to Palestine during World War II where he became involved with nationalistic self-defense training among his people. After the war, Imi returned to Czechoslovakia where he continued his involvement with judo and self-defense programs. He later emigrated again to Israel where he became a physical education teacher for young school children and adults alike throughout Tel Aviv which is now known as Tel Aviv-Yafo.

In 1968, Imi opened the Israeli Krav Maga Association and began to teach the techniques he had developed with his students. In 1972 the IKMF (Israeli Krav Maga Federation) was formed and in 1978 Imi’s system of Krav Maga was officially named and recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education under the name, “KRAV MAGA”. Today many organizations have been formed that offer courses in Krav Maga.

4. Attackers in Different Situations

Krav Maga is a method of self-defense that isn’t limited to one size fits all. Since we have various kinds of people and various kinds of attackers, Krav Maga has ways of dealing with them. Krav Maga’s practices include: Attacking someone from behind, fighting multiple opponents, and fighting against assailants in a crowd.


Is Krav Maga effective for self-defense?

Yes. Krav Maga is a proven, battle-tested martial art and self defense system that has been taught to over half the elite fighting forces in the world. Krav Maga has been proven effective in real life – not just in sport or tournament environments – situations where your life could be at stake.

Is it for everyone?

No, as with any type of physical activity, some people are better suited than others for its practice.

Is Krav Maga the deadliest martial art?

The most effective martial art is the one that you use to defend yourself when you are attacked. Some people prefer Krav Maga because they believe it will be the most effective in an actual fight. Krav Maga is a defensive system and therefore, is not designed to win fights or win them quickly. It is intended for real-life defense where you do have a chance to get away or make a strategic retreat – any time that might be necessary.

How long does it take to learn Krav Maga’s self-defense?

The Krav Maga Worldwide curriculum is composed of simple, direct, and easy-to-learn techniques which can help you protect yourself in any situation. Some schools have developed this system so that individuals who complete it are confident in their ability to defend themselves. You’ll be able to start defending yourself against common attacks after about 5-10 classes.

How dangerous is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is not necessarily more dangerous than any other self-defense system. Many people feel that Krav Maga’s emphasis on “self-preservation” makes it more deadly. However, this approach promotes avoidance of conflict whenever possible, rather than using force to end a conflict, and only when absolutely necessary to use the amount of force needed to neutralize an aggressive act.


Krav Maga is a modern martial art that provides self-defense skills and practical awareness in a world of danger. It teaches every individual on the battlefield and outside of it how to protect themselves from attackers, whether they are large or small, male or female.
Krav Maga is not just a martial art, but a complete system of self-defense that teaches students how to defend themselves against armed assailants, multiple attackers, and attackers from behind. It is ideal for anyone who is concerned about personal safety and needs to fight back against individuals who may be bigger or stronger than you are.
By now, I guess you have know more about Krav Maga and want to start your training. Or, you have some questions that I did not answer, you can leave me a comment or just search Google you will find all the related information.

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